Tuesday, 5 July 2016

We meet a couple of Shipwrecked Sailors!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret here!

What fun today has been, I've managed to tick off another boat and Holly tries to get a job as a 'Sea Dog'!

We were up early 'cos The Missus had invited Auntie Barbara for a days messing about with the card stuff!

We headed down to the beach and what did we see?

A Shipwrecked Sailor!

Ahoy Matey! Run out of water?
 It seems that they were on their way to Southend but had some trouble with the propeller and had to put ashore for some repairs!

That was last night and they camped overnight on the Sea Wall.

They went Oooh! and Aaah! At the ferrets and even gave Holly a stroke!

When we came back at lunchtime, they were getting ready to leave for a trip to Sheerness to top up on fuel!

Holly had a chat with the Captain and was invited to come on a trip across the Medway and act as the 'Old Sea Dog'!

Let me think about this!
I told her to go but the ferrets reminded that under the keel was a load of deep, wet, water!

She had a think and watched me splashing in the water and decided that she was going to become a 'Land Lubber'!

Thanks for the offer but No Thanks!
 After that I suggested she gets her tail wet by coming in for a dip but she refused that idea as well!

Come on in!
 After I got out of the water OTL got the book out and we ticked off the 'RIB' boat and OTL explained that RIB was short for Rigid Inflatable Boat!

Getting ready for a launching the RIB!
OTL spent the afternoon 'Manufacturing' while Holly and I polished of a big bowl of chicken each and crept off to bed for a well earned snooze.

Holly and I got a Chew as a treat for eating all our dinner but to be honest, both Holly and I were too full up to eat it.

Holly put hers down and rested her chin on it while I gave mine to OTL to put in a 'Safe Place' until I fancy a nibble later on tonight!

All the ferrets are fast asleep, so I'm off downstairs to see what is happening!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.


  1. So now you have a ship wreck to tick off your list, well spotted but I don't see Holly as a Sea Dog, a bit like an Olympic Swimmer who can't swim! Bowls of chicken, well shiver me timbers, is this to fool your visitor into thinking that this is normal food, we aren't fooled. I am looking forward to seeing this big car bed sounds just perfect for your holidays if TM gets sleepy maybe you will lend it to her for a quick nap, that I must see!!! Niceish weather today so let's hope it stays with us, are you going to the Kent Show this year? Trevor is going with his star gazing lot but I don't suppose there will be many stars out. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties down by the seaside with ship wrecked sailors. Wot an exciting day for you and the sailors. Firstly if they hadn't have been ship wrecked they wouldn't have met the most famous family of furries and secondly wot an exciting thing for your ship spotting list. I think Holly chops was very wise to decline their offer, they might have broken down again and expected her to tow the ashore. You must have had a really good feed of chicken to be too full up to munch on your chew, I hope OTL keeps it very safe for you. I bet Mrs TM and auntie Barbara had a good day today. Lovely pictures today. Have a lovely evening, my mum and me are going to bed early cos we've done lots of jobs today in the garden and we've to get up early tomorrow for the garden man, he's going to repair the lean to for us. My mum will be glad when all the jobs are finished then we can have some peace from having to get up very early and go in and out when we feel like it. Have a lovely evening, love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Ahoy me southern maties! I was worried that your shipwrecked sailors might be pirates so I was pleased to hear that you didn't have to walk the plank. But then I looked closely at the photos and I began to wonder whether they could be one of those OO agents like that spy Mr Bond. I remember seeing him speeding down the Thames in a boat just like that one. Did you get close enough to see whether those big cylinders on the side were rockets cos they sure look like rockets?
    Anyway, I'm pleased to say that Bella is expert at playing chase and whizz. We have had lots of games in the garden today. Hamish has never liked this game and it was getting boring playing whizz by myself. Now I have a little sister to play with. I sit ready to pounce with my tail wagging and she takes the bait and gives chase. I then whizz around the garden taking bends like a greyhound with a little white Bella whizzing behind until she gives up. Then I stop and lay down pretending to be tired so that she can catch her breath (she only has little legs after all). Then I give her my play pose again and we're off again whizzing around the garden at great speed.
    I hope you managed to finish your chew tonight, I wonder if you found Holly's too. Hamish and I scored another bowl of chicken from mum when she was feeding Bella. I think that I might get to like having a new little sister - although I don't like sharing my cosy bed with her yet.
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. I wonder what boats you will cross of the list tomorrow. Love, licks, sniffs and whizzing wags from Izzy (champion whizzer), Hamish (boring player) and little Bella (Whizzer in training) xx xx xx xx