Saturday, 6 August 2016

Deep, Deep Poo!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

What a day we have had, well, holly and me anyway!

You see, we headed off to the beach this morning, all good and early but met up with all the other woofers when we got to the beach!

That means Old Two Legs was in panic mode keeping the ferrets away from the woofers!

Holly tried to help out a woofed that Bozo Pup Marley away and he got all upset and ran off!

One nil to Holly Chops!

So, Old Two Legs not very happy 'cos he didn't take any pictures!

We got back to the car park when Holly and I caught a sniff on the breeze that just called for some serious investigation!

While OTL put the ferrets back in the car and made sure they had a drink, Holly and I were in doggy heaven!

We rolled and then dived and then rolled and the dived and then rolled again!

Then OTL arrived!

We were covered in fresh poo from our ears to the tip of our tails!

You know we were not allowed into our bed on the way home and instead we got tied up to the metal loop in the back of the car and driven home, with all the windows open!

Holly and I got a bath like wot we have never been given before!

OTL had to wash and scrub and wash and scrub and that was just to get the poo off his hands before he started on us!

It was not the best way to start the weekend, getting washed I mean!

By the time OTL had finished we had gone through four washes and a good rinse!

If it was a washing machine it would have been called 'Intense'!

We were packed of to the 'Naughty Room' while OTL cleaned the ferret cages and when we were let out OTL wasn't talking to us, at all!

We stayed well away in case he decided to wash us again!

Getting on towards midday I went up to OTL and in my best 'Woofer Language' told him we were sorry and wouldn't do it again!

Mind you, the lunchtime walk wasn't much fun, I mean, the ferrets on a lead to one side while Holly and I were on a lead to the other side!

Anyone would think he didn't trust us!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Yooooohoooooo little smelly nelly maties. Wow Daisy, that sniff sounds like it was the best. It's so satisfying to find a really good sniff and have a deep roll and a dive around in it. Don't worry too much about OTL, he'll come round, he can't stay mad at his favourite woofers for long. Shame he washed it off you though, I do love a girl with a good pooey odour. It don't sound like he trusts you very much, I mean, putting you and Holly chops on a lead along with the ferrets, it's not really on is it. I'm quite surprised that Holly joined you in the roll, she's become a bit of a goody two shoes lately. Don't sound like OTL was very grateful after Holly woofed away the naughty woofer this morning, bathing is not a good way of saying thank you. Are you going to see if you can mug him for a bit of his dinner tonight? I reckon Mrs TM will take pity on you both and give you a snackette. Now I've been a good boy today, well, most of it, well some of it, oh alright then, yes I was in the doghouse for a little while cos I found an interesting sniff in the garden that needed thorough investigation, now as you and Holly know, the best way to find out wot it is and where it came from is to.......... roll in it or on it. Mind, mine was only a little sniff, I didn't manage to get any stuck on me cos my mum spotted me as soon as I got into sniff diving mode. It's been very hot here again today so I've had a fair few snoozes in between investigating the garden. Have a good evening all and good luck with the muggings. Love, licks, wags and oooohhhhh sniffy sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oooh dear! That OTL spoils all your fun. I mean, what's the point of rolling in a super strong sniff if it gets scrubbed off you because you get a chance to go hunting smelling like Mr Foxy. Our TL'S spoilt our fun too today. They put up a fence to stop us getting to our favourite digging pit. It's also where Molly cat likes a wee so it has fantastic sniffs and now we can't get to it. Mum says it's because they are going on holiday next week and that we can twist the nice Pet Sitter lady around our little claws so they are taking precautions! The little fence will also stop us from seeing the other woofers going past the back gate. Hamish does like warning them that they shouldn't dare come into our garden. He also tells them that he is a big rottweiler but no-one ever believes him. Hope TM gave you some top match scoff tonight to make up for OTL'S bad treatment. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx

    1. That should say...BEFORE you get a chance to go hunting notch scoff. These computers think they know what a woofer wants to say and changes it xxx

  3. I am so late today that it is tomorrow already but here I am and what a tale to tell, I even read it out to Michael and we had a good chuckle, ssshhh don't tell those minders of yours. Lovely day we had in Weston-Super-Mare, great sunshine, walks, chips, coffee and ice creams but this morning it is raining. Morning coffee is at 11 o'clock with the promise of biscuits so after that we will decide whether to go on another bus ride, this time Bristol. Good to meet all your mates but I can see why OTL worries about the little ones. Hope you have been forgiven for your slight oversight and normal treats and snacks are resumed as soon as possible and have a super lazy Sunday. xxxxxx