Thursday, 4 August 2016

Freddy plays Fetch!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back with you!

You will be glad to hear that Miss April had a good night, no coughing and she was still in her bed, in the same sleeping position she was in last night when Old Two Legs said 'Good Night' though I'm sure she must have got up for a wee during the night!

When we went out this morning, both ferrets decided that they wanted to be carried to the beach. Miss May settled down in the ferret bag while April opted for the inside pocket of OTL's coat!

Easy as you go OTL!
 OTL was walking softly and Miss April almost fell asleep on the way to the beach!

Warm, comfortable and half asleep!
For Miss April it was the same on the way back, sitting inside the pocket and watching the world go by!

She did however, walk the last bit back to the car but only 'cos she wanted a Wee and a Poo before getting to the travelling cage!

Lunchtime OTL decided to change the camera so he can take pictures using the Yellow Filter!

We had a look out the window and saw the clouds were all fluffy and calling out for a 'Yellow Filter'!

I was quite surprised that the position of the sun made a difference to the photo!

Another good thing was he could switch from B&W to Colour, clever or wot?

This one with the sun over his right shoulder.
Next he took a picture with the sun behind his back!

Looking towards Southend on Sea.
 When we got down to the beach the water was close to High Tide, so that means I get a swim!

OTL had brought the rubber ball and I had a great time chasing in and out of the water.

I got the ball, again!
Now, Freddy said he wanted to join in the fun and grabbed the ball when I dropped it and he tried running off with it!

I got it!
Freddy said he didn't mind the ball being wet but there was no way he was going in swimming to fetch it!

When he got to the top of the grass path he said he could have done with a splash in the water just to cool him down a bit!

This is Hard Work!
Both Freddy and Wendy got carried some of the way to the bench on the hill and OTL said we could all have a rest while he pulled the burrs out of my fur!

Freddy crept inside the bag to get out of the sun!

This is better!
Miss Wendy slipped off the bench top and landed on OTL's lap where she found some shade.

Holly and I ended up under the bench in the shadow!

After a while Freddy said he was ready to carry on back to the car where he knew OTL had a fresh bottle of water for the drinking bowl!

OK, I'm ready to get going again!
Back home for some Posh Doggy Scoff and then a snooze before OTL's dinner time!

The Missus is out tonight so we will have fun watching a DVD and nibbling biscuits on the sofa!

Poor Archie Babe, all that washing will make him transparent before long if he keeps going on like this!

Mind you, if no one can see you, just think of the nibbles you could pinch without anyone seeing you! 

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening little maties. Sounds like you've all had a nice day down there. Miss April looks very cosy in OTL's pocket, it must be a nice way to see the world, not too low down and high enough to be safe from wandering woofers. Hope Miss May enjoyed her ride today as well. Now that Freddy is just plain crafty, I hope you got your ball back from him, if I'd been you I'd have made him chase it into the water. He looks right cosy as well in the bag by the bench. Miss Wendy isn't silly, getting a soft lap to sit on. I hate those rotten burrs, they do stick in your hair don't they. You're right Daisy, I will either be invisible or I'll shrink so that I'm so small, no one will see me, but as you say, I could sneak up and mug without being seen. You know you're a very clever woofer, I like the way you think. Hope Holly chops had a good day as well today. I bet you have a good evening watching a DVD and having snackettes with OTL, hope Mrs TM enjoys her evening out and my mum says she hopes that Mrs TM's paw isn't too sore after catching the hot glue this morning. The men came to put a new window in the garage this morning, they took the old one out, then went away, they've been back a little while ago to put the old one back and will come again tomorrow to take it out again and put the new one in. Then my boys new mattress was coming this afternoon, then we had a phone call to say it wasn't, then we had a phone call to say it was, then we had a phone call to say it was on it's way, then it turned up. The car man came first thing this morning, brought the car back lunch time, he'll be coming back on Monday to take it away again, then he'll be bringing it back. I dunno, it's all come and go here at the moment, these TL's are making my head spin. Anyways, have a good night and I'm looking forward to your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little ( I will, I won't, I might) Arch and Mr ( will they, won't they, do they, don't they) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oooooohhhh forgot to say we loved OTL's cloud pictures and the pics of the rest of you. xx