Monday, 26 September 2016

Describe a Ferret?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret hear again!

Now, have a look at this list! It is describing the Harrietsham Ferret Show in November. All the normal classes except for two!

The annual show is to be held at Harrietsham village hall on November 26th- look forward to seeing you all there!
The address is
Harrietsham Village Hall
Church Road
ME17 1AP
Booking in from 09:30, judging to start from 11:00
Class list
Albino Hobs - 1st-4th
Albino Jills - 1st-4th
Polecat Hobs - 1st-4th
Polecat Jills - 1st-4th
Pastel Polecat Hobs - 1st-4th
Pastel Polecat Jills - 1st-4th
Sandy Hobs - 1st-4th
Sandy Jills - 1st-4th
Silver Hobs - 1st-4th
Silver Jills - 1st-4th
Coloured Hobs - 1st-4th
Coloured Jills - 1st-4th
Kit Hobs - 1st-4th
Kit Jills - 1st-4th
Angora’s - 1st-4th
Disabled - 1st-4th
Not quite Hob – 1st-4th
Not quite Jill – 1st-4th
Veteran Hobs - 1st-4th
Veteran Jills - 1st-4th
Matched Pairs - 1st-4th
Young Handler - 1st-4th
Judges Favourite
Reserve  Best in show
 Best in show
Just to explain the 'not quite' class - this is for those that have minor things such as chipped teeth, cauliflower ears, small ailments or something that doesn't affect their everyday life particularly.
The disabled class is for ferrets that have a significant disability- something that has an significant impact on their daily life - such as a missing leg - hope this makes sense!

Hey! Did you spot the 'Not Quite' class? We reckon Wendy is going in for that 'cos she has a brown tooth and a 'Folded Ear'!

Old Two Legs will put her in for the Polecat Jill section as well, just for the experience!

Miss May is a Silver Jill, so you can see where she is going. Freddy is a Polecat Hob so he is in with the big boys!

Enough of this ferret show stuff we'll remind you again later.

Do you think they have a section for 'Friendly Woofers'?

It rained this morning!

We haven't seen rain for ages down here in North Kent!

Luckily for us it rained after our morning walk.

May was digging when she spotted rain clouds in the distance.

Wot's That?
 It was a good thing she spotted the rain clouds 'cos we could have got caught in the rain if we had stayed on the beach!

OK, I think I'm finished with digging!
 We headed back to the car and although we found some good sniffs, we didn't hang about too long!

Sniffin' Indian Style!
 On our way back the rain arrived and we had to use the windscreen wipers for the first time this summer!

Back home Fred and Wendy didn't even know what was happening out side 'cos they were fast asleep!

Not raining here!
 Lunchtime came and we let OTL wake Freddy, Wendy was awake and waiting to get dressed in her harness!

We got down on the beach but I must say, it didn't look very inviting!

Wendy saw the rain cloud out to sea and suggested we start for home!

What happens if the cloud does a left hand turn!?
 Well, we found out 'cos all of a sudden there it was all big and dark and looking very wet!

Now what do you think OTL said?

I really could do with a yellow filter!
That was it, no hanging about, let's get back to the car and we can watch the rain from inside the car!

Well, it didn't rain, even after we got back home it didn't rain but at least the ferrets got a good run back to the car!

Poor Freddy was exhausted!

Still, it was a good excuse for a cuddle and a snooze!

It's tiring work being a Ferret!
See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside where it rained a bit today. Wow, look at all them classes, them ferrets must be very clever to have all them classes. I'm still not sure what this not quite is, either you is or you isn't. I'm mean Miss Wendy is, Miss May is and Fabulous Freddy definitely is. I hope they win prizes, they deserve to, Miss May should win most helpful ferret, Miss Wendy could win putting up with Freddy and Freddy should just win most handsome. I think they should have a prize for best two woofers with ferrets as well. Loved all the photos today, specially the one of Wendy and Fred curled up together after their exhausting run back to the car. Miss May is getting almost as clever as Holly about knowing things. Hope you're getting decent scoff while Mrs TM is away, I'm sure you are cos I know OTL cooks your chicken just the way you like it and I bet you're both getting spoilt in the evenings with shortbread and muggings. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. I tried to work out which was which bit in picture number four, we need a Master Class in Ferret Classifications, there were several feet and some fur, when I tried looking sideways the I-pad turned the picture so I gave up. Interesting stuff with all the Show Classifications, the not quite is a strange one, you can't imagine Crufts having a Not Quite Bulldog group, Not Quite Poodle, although one of those new Poodley breeds would count for that. We have noted the date for the Harrietsham Show and didn't realise there were so many Classes to judge. That nasty rain came down and rewashed my washing so I had to respin it and keep it indoors. urghhhh. You were lucky with spotting the rain clouds before you were too spotted by them, good. Hope you are enjoying the turbo free life, don't make too many crumbs or you know what to expect. xxxxx