Monday, 31 October 2016

Eric de Ferret got introduced to the vet!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy de Ferret and Eric de Ferret have returned again!

I feel I must explain about the de Ferret line!

You see, Freddy is a big grown up boy of about three years and because of his markings he is known as a Pastel Polecat Ferret. Now young Eric is also a Pastel Polecat Ferret but he is only six months old and his markings are not fully displayed yet, so he looks sort of 'Dusty' around the face. However, because they are both from the same line we have decided to give them both the same surname, de Ferret!

Wendy on the other paw is a Pastel Polecat Ferret but she says she is keeping her own name and that is Miss Wendy and Nuffin' Else!

It is so difficult keeping up with them all!

Now, Eric has been with us for three days and things have to settle down in the cage, him and May have to get used to each other. It started off with May getting a little concerned that Eric was in her cage and looked on him as a bit of an intruder. So, the first night Eric slept on the blanket on the floor. Then Old Two Legs put a 'Cuddle Cup' bed in and the second night he slept in that.

Miss May slept both nights on a hammock slung across the cage, keeping watch on Eric's movements!

Last night she felt relaxed enough to get into the 'Corner Bed' which is a bed hung from the cage bars but locates in the corner of the cage. She used to sleep in there with her sister Miss April.

Today Eric is still in the cuddle cup and May is in the corner bed but no fighting or chasing about in the cage. So, although they are not cuddled up together, like Fred and Wendy, they are living together with a certain degree of relaxation!

So, it all looks good for a peaceful future, it's just that they have got to get used to each other!

OTL had made an appointment with the vet today to get Eric injected against Distemper and off he went with OTL to see the vet.

OTL had brought along the bottle of Ferretone so, when the vet arrived with that whacking great needle to stab into him, he was slurping away totally oblivious of the danger!

Too late he realised what was happening but as he couldn't do anything else, he went back to slurping away the last of the Ferretone!

That was it, the vet got to stroke Eric and Eric decided not to bite the vet, this time!

We went out with Miss May for a walk this morning and there was a heavy foggy mist everywhere. There were no ships to be seen and all we could hear was the long mournful moan of the fog horn over in Sheerness!

Still, we got a couple of ethereal photo's!

Spooky or Wot?
 OTL says he likes this one 'cos it is 'Artistic' and also 'cos he took the shot by just holding the camera and pointing it at the sun and flower, it was just too low for him to look through the view finder!

Who's a Clever OTL?
 By the time we went out at lunchtime most of the mist had gone, so no more 'Ethereal' photo's!

Holly got into a bit of trouble, you see she has had the 'Grumbly Tum' and has to get cleaned up before she is allowed into the car and then she gets a really good wash when she gets home.

Today she got a really grubby butt and OTL decided to wash it off using sea water!

Now, you know what it's like regarding Holly and water!

So, OTL took the ferret bag off his shoulder and left the ferrets peeking out of the bag at what was happening to Holly.

Holly got dragged down to the shore where the water was just about high tide. OTL reversed Holly into the water so her back legs were in the water, then, when the wave lapped onto the beach, OTL took a handful of water and began to rub and scrub at Holly's butt!

Last night Holly was enjoying a cool carrot and lunchtime to day it had reached Holly's butt!

There was OTL, grabbing a hand full of Holly and a hand full of water and giving Holly a good rub and in turn getting a hand full of half digested carrot!

The ferrets thought it was a great joke and Miss Wendy wanted OTL to give Holly another wash!

Oh! Come on, One More Time!
 Freddy seemed a little concerned and wanted to know if OTL was using the sea shells to scrub Holly's butt!

Your not really using sea shells, are you?
 Of course OTL wasn't using sea shells, it was just the water washing onto them and making a noise!

Mind you, OTL was using the sand to scrub his hands after finishing with Holly Chops!

I think it's a good job that we are off to the Parlour tomorrow for a 'Shampoo and Set'!

OTL says it will be 'Short Back and Sides' around the tail tomorrow!

Eric de Ferret has just discovered 'Ferret Bits' that contain malt paste to help prevent hair balls.

I love them too and I've never had a hair ball!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!


  1. Evening little maties wot live by the seaside that's useful for washing grubby butts. Poor Holly chops, how embarrassing, now when I have a grubby butt my mum uses baby wipes, cos I've got a sensitive little butt. Maybe OTL needs to keep a packet handy, don't worry Holly chops, your days of freezing cold salt water are nearly over, Santa paws is coming. How sweet of Freddy to be so concerned about Holly's butt. Glad to hear that Eric wasn't put out at the vets this morning. Now my mum reckons that Miss May might be like a lot of ladies, perhaps she's making Eric sleep on the sofa until he proves he's a decent chap. Glad to hear there hasn't been any fisticuffs between the pair of them. Love OTL's pictures, he really is very clever. Have a lovely evening all with plenty of muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Ah, poor dear Holly getting a sea bathe, does this mean carrots are off her menu from now on, what present do I bring next time? Wonderful news about Eric, it is looking good, I can't wait to hear tomorrows news regarding the pair of them. How kind of him not to try a taste of "vet", you can tell him that vets don't taste like chicken. Misty shots make a change and I like the flower, if I may say so. Here's to a pleasant cosy Tuesday for you all and hope OTL doesn't have the lovely sea bathing job again. xxxxxx