Sunday, 23 October 2016

Last Noisy Day on the Caravan Site!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Well, today is our last day before setting off homeward tomorrow morning. I don't think we have ever been away on holiday where it has rained almost every day!

OK, I know it is Autumn time and all that but, every day!

Still, we have seen all of the Yorkshire Dales and discovered some serious sniffs and enjoyed listening to the rain falling on the caravan roof at night!

The ferrets have had fun 'ferreting' around under the rocks on the caravan site and found a load of acorns that the squirrels have stored ready for the winter season.

Yesterday, in the field opposite the caravan site the Two Legs were marking out some tracks using plastic poles. Today we found out what it was all for!

It was a Vintage Car Rally! Only this lot decided to make it into a cross country/hill climb sort of rally!

There were loads of Austin Seven cars with different sorts of bodies on them. 

Getting along just fine!
 There were saloon cars full of families who were all bouncing up and down to try to make the wheels grip on the muddy surface!

Come on Dad, Faster!
 There were some seriously large cars as well, this Bentley looked great on the road but didn't do too well on the mud!
Getting ready to Bounce!
 It was all good fun and the small cars seemed to be the ones who got further up the hills.

We've done this before!
 There were even some left hand drive cars there as well, this one just kept on going without much bouncing at all!

Built for speed!
In the end it seemed that the old Austin Seven was the favourite for steaming up the hills!

Austin Seven 'Girl Power'!
Old Two Legs just loves old cars and wished he had one he could drive up and down the hills!

Now we are going to start packing tonight, well we will make sure out 'Treat Box' is in a safe place for the journey home tomorrow!

Bye for now and see you tomorrow when we get home!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties up norf on your last night at the noisy camp site. That car thingy looks very interesting, some of them cars look very, very old, even older than my mums car. It must have been good watching them trying to get up the hills, I bet they don't have 4 leg drive wot us woofers do. I was sorry to hear that you didn't get your plawn clackers last night, so I hope that tonight you get some decent scoff to make up for lack of a birthday dinner treat. Wot a shame that your 2 weeks has gone so quickly. Still it will be good to get back home and see wot new sniffs have appeared since you've been away. I bet the ferrets will be quite pleased to get back to their larger cages although I bet they've enjoyed all the new sniffs and been quite pleased about finding the squirrels nuts. I found a whole jam doughnut in my back garden today but my mum got to it before me, boy can she move when she wants too. I don't know how a whole doughnut got in our garden, we'll be keeping an eye out for doughnut eating nargles. Have a good last evening and we all wish you a very safe and pleasant journey home with no hold ups. I'll be keeping my ears open to hear you singing as you go by on the A1, mind with the new windows it's harder to hear but I'll do my best. I hope you find that big lorry with all Mrs TM's crafty stuff on it, I wonder if it went back and is sitting waiting outside your house? Don't forget to chuck me a treat when you go past the lakes just before the Hatfield turn off on the A1, cos my mum will probably be at work so I can sneak it in my bed ;) Lots of love, sniffs, wags and licks from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Bye bye Daisy & Holly. It was brilliant meeting up with you again. Thank you for making us welcome in your caravan and showing us all the best sniffs in Yorkshire. Have a safe journey home and give TM & OTL a big licks from us. Love, wags licks and sniffs from Izzy and Hamish and Bella xxxxxxxx

  3. Have a good pack up and a safe journey home, it has been a fun two weeks for you all, what with the crafting, the sniffing, the wizing etc. etc. pity it rained everyday but that hasn't stopped OTL from capturing some great shots. It looked very muddy where those old cars were driving, no wonder some had a hard job to get along but somehow all the drivers and passengers looked happy. Don't forget to bring everyone back safely and go see if that tractors has left the village. xxxxx