Tuesday, 25 October 2016

We are Home!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here all safe and well!

We had a long trip back on the A1 motorway and there were times when there was loads of traffic but it all kept moving so no real problems there then!

We shouted out for Archie Babe as we passed but he must have been asleep 'cos there were no reply to our woofs!

We got back around three in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours unloading the van and getting the ferrets back in their homes!

We were chatting about the difference between Yorkshire and Kent.

Well, for a start off, we got bigger rivers!

 But down here in the South we got.........

Kent, and that's with the tide out!
 OK, so some of their hills are bigger than the bumps we have down here but the sniffs are better!

You know what? I've really missed these sniffs!
 We have had the ferrets out with us and they agree that while Yorkshire has big rocks to ferret under, down here there is more chance of catching a shrew or mouse 'cos they like the long grass which Yorkshire didn't seem to have!

We met up with a few of the lads who brought us up to date with the news and location of sniffs on the top path.

Old Two Legs has been tearing around like a ferret with its tail on fire! The pile of paperwork is as high as it normally is when he comes back from a holiday, so we don't expect to see him for at least a week!

I've got to take some small tablet to help me get over my soggy butt problem and OTL cuts a small bit of chicken strip and buries the pill inside. At the moment he is winning but sometimes I do manage to eat the chicken and still spit out the pill!

A bit later this week OTL will telephoning the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue to see about introducing Miss May to her new boy friend, let's hope she doesn't try to beat him up like Wendy did when she first met Freddy!

In the end it worked out very well and now they are inseparable, so claws crossed for Miss May! 

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties back home. Well Daisy, my mum was running a bath yesterday before she went back to work for the 2nd time and I thought I heard you and Holly chops singing, I did woof back but I'm guessing because of the noise of my mum singing in the bath, you didn't hear me. I'm pleased to hear you're all home safe and well. Poor OTL, with his big pile of paperwork, now, I suggest he sits on it and waits until it squashes down a bit then it won't look such a big pile. I bet you were pleased to meet up with the boys and catch up on all the local news and I bet they were pleased to hear all about your holibobs. I might be having a holibob next year, it seems that your Mrs TM is thinking of holding a retreat and getting the local caravan park to put up all the retreaters, well my mum says that I could go with her and she will bring my big cage so that I can go with her and watch her flinging the glue and glitter and maybe we could meet you down on the beach for an early morning walk. I've never been on a holibob and my mum hasn't had one for about 6 years. Daisy you need to take your pills, it's ok now and then to spit one out so that you get a bit of extra treat to munch it in but you don't want a soggy bott, I have to take some pills every day but I can't have them in a treat so my mum has to put them straight down my throat, it's quite horrible but it's keeping me well. Ask OTL if he's selling tickets to watch Miss May sort out the boy ferrets, we are sure she'll come away with a black belt even if she doesn't find a suitable chap. We've had a bit of a lazy day today, we went for an early walk, then my mum went to buy a pressie for my vet Catriona who is leaving, she made a card for Catriona with a picture of me on it. I know Catriona is going to miss me. Then we had a nice siesta this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm off for a bath (yukky, yuk, yuk) and a trim (yuk) but at least I'll look my best for Catriona on Thursday, that will make her miss me even more. Have a lovely evening all with some muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Welcome back to Kent glad the homeward journey wasn't too bad, you have treated us to some nice scenes whilst away maybe you will find some more to treat us to. TM has been busy so I hope she manages to have a bit of a rest before diving back into the glitter pot although I expect she is all strung up and inspired. That Archie must have been dozing when you past by, a missed opportunity for him to woof his little lungs out. Now Daisy you take those tablets you don't want any soggy bottoms, how many pennies do you still have to spend in Yorkshire, did you get a Season Ticket? Have a nice rest tomorrow and I hope that Harrietsham come up with a nice boyfriend for Miss May. xxxxx