Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A day to be snuggled up to a warm duvet!

Hi Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Last night we managed to mug some of the Gammon Steak from Old Two Legs plus some creamy Blue Cheese on a water biscuit!

Holly and I just love that Blue Cheese!

Just of late The Missus has been complaining about the noise that Eric and May make when they have a rampage around the cage in the early hours of the morning. It doesn't bother Holly me or Fred and Wendy, but it does bother TM!

OTL has been closing the office door to reduce the noise but there is a problem with that solution, I can't get to my second bed!

You see, when TM's snoring gets too much, I sneak off to the office and snooze in my bed until the morning when I go back to wake OTL up with a good ear licking!

Well, with the door closed I can't get in and so I do my 'Come and Open the Door' whine that wakes OTL up every time!

Twelve forty five OTL gets up to let me into the office!

Two Thirty I'm doing it again but this time it's 'cos I want a wee and I can't get out of the office!

OTL gets up and let's me out into the garden for a sniff and a wee!

We all get back into bed but by now TM is awake and she is bouncing about on the bed complaining about being woken up by OTL and us Woofers!

There is no pleasing her some times!

We woke up late this morning!

Holly and I were having a chat about it this morning and we reckon that TM should sleep in the office, on our sleeping cushions, while the ferrets, us Woofers and OTL all slept on the bed!

OTL said that TM wouldn't go for that, mainly 'cos the cushions weren't big enough for her.

Holly said she should curl up in a ball to sleep like wot us woofers did but by the look on TM's face I don't think that went down well!

OK, wot about building a kennel in the garden shed for her?
 When we got down to the beach we noticed that the river looked like it was on fire again!

More steamy water coming down to meet the cold sea water or is it the other way around?
Miss May was a bit worried about moving into the bedroom 'cos Freddy and Wendy might gang up on her in the night. Holly said that she would look after her and tell them to Woof Off!

Stick with me girl and I'll sort them out for you!
 May then felt a little better and proceeded to dig a hole to hide that ball in, but I had already done that further up the beach!

Mind you, when Miss May gets digging she can really throw the sand about!

Oi! Watch where you're throwing that stuff!
 Lunchtime Fred and Wendy came with us on our walk and although it wasn't as cold, Freddy still reckoned the shells were too cold for his paws!

It's alright for you lot but I've got tender paws you know!
 OTL picked them both up and carried them to the grass path where it was softer on the paws for them!

The pair ran all the way back to the car, stopping for a couple of sniffs on the way. When they got in the car both were straight into the water bowl for a slurp 'cos as Wendy says, their little legs have to work three time faster than ours and are prone to overheating!

We need this!
Mid afternoon OTL telephones the vet to get an appointment for me tomorrow. Seems he wants to get me checked up regarding my 'Soggy Bottom' troubles and to get a prescription for my medicine 'cos he has found a source on the Internetty Thingy where they are a third of the price he had to pay to the vet for the first months supply!

OTL has said that they won't be stabbing me with any needles, just a poke about around my tummy.

Well, all I can say is 'He better had warmed his paws up before he touches me'!

Cold Paws on your tummy can make a girl jump you know!

Wish me luck for tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy Freddy and Eric de Ferret


  1. Sorry Daisy.. I'm not too keen on your idea of sleeping on your bed in the office and the shed is even worse! How about You,Holly and OTL moves into the office with the Ferrets instead! !
    TM xxxx

  2. Evening little maties and Mrs TM. Now Daisy, I reckon the majority have the vote, it's either the office, the shed or wot about the sofa for Mrs TM? OR she could wear ear plugs. I dunno wot she's moaning about, as long as it's warm, free from spiders and doesn't let the rain in, wot's the problem? Now my mum was moaning the other night cos after I got off the bed for a quick slurp, I was licking the carpet, she even threw her slipper at me, can you believe that? I agree it's been a day for curling up in a duvet, in fact, when my mum changed the beds upstairs, I was quite snuggly in the duvets, how was I to know she was trying to put them in big covers and didn't like it much cos I kept scrunching them up in a comfy pile. Loved the pictures today, but it does look very cold down there near the sea. I'm not sure Miss May has a right to be bothered, she's usually the one that starts off the cuffuffles but Holly chops is very kind to take her side. I think OTL might need to get some little ferret socks for Wendy and Freddy. I hope you get on ok at the vets tomorrow, you tell him he must make sure his paws are warm. I think OTL is very wise to find stuff on the internetty thingy, my mum found that some of my supplements were an awful lot cheaper, the vet charged her £114 for my joint supplements and my mum has managed to find the exact same make and size for £29 on the web. That's an awful lot of treats I can get. Hope you get some decent scoff tonight. You tell OTL that if Mrs TM makes you all move into the office make sure he takes his bed with him. Have a lovely evening all and hope the muggings are good. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  3. Somehow it was never going to be a feasible idea to change TM's sleeping arrangements, I know she isn't a good sleeper or even a quiet sleeper but sometimes she comes up trumps with the delicious food and I am very sure that a change in her sleeping arrangements would not help matters. Miss May and Eric must be told that the Ferretone could dry up if they continue!!! Hope you get on well at the vets tomorrow and hope their paws are warm, good for OTL finding same medicines on the Internetty thingy more money to give the dentist, oh sorry that I mentioned it that. Beautiful pictures you all have such a lovely life by the sea with such caring TL's, well at least in daylight hours, hope your evening was super and you found some supper, sweet dreams and be quiet....... xxxxxx