Thursday, 3 November 2016

Last Days of Autumn?

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

We were expecting a windy day and a few degrees lower but today seemed to be quire balmy!

We had a great game on the beach this morning, May was in 'Hyper Mode' and was dashing about all over the place! In fact Old Two Legs could only see where she had been!

A Ferret has been here!
Mind you, OTL did get out the rubber ball and kicked it up the beach for Holly and I to chase!

High speed intercept by Holly!
Mind you, I was doing great and managed to pinch the ball from Holly and I did my trick of 'Dig a Hole and Bury the Ball'!

Well, that was until May decided she wanted the ball and she came racing over to my deep ball burying hole!

Ferret Law........I see it, therefore it's mine!
Now, you just don't argue with a ferret and in the end I just had to back off and watch her having a roll!

Mine! All Mine!
 Miss May was amazed at the amount of grass that had been cut when she poked her head over the Sea Wall!

Wot The?
 She did say that it it made it easier to sort out the sniffs!

This makes a change!
 Lunchtime we had another game on the beach and I found a super salty sniff that I just couldn't refuse!

Oh! Yessssssssss!
 Holly sat up the beach watching the fun. She of course didn't join in the fun 'cos she said it looked undignified for a woofer to act like me!

I just don't believe it!
 Not that I cared, it was a super sniff!

Hey, I don't like the sound of Jack Frost! Archie Babe can keep him up there, we only want warm weather down here! OTL says that there is a 'Cold Front' heading our way this weekend, so Holly and I are looking for our woolly coats!

I'm off to see what's for dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties down near the seaside where there's a cold front coming. Loved the pictures today. That Miss May is a right little bossy boots, fancy demanding your ball, wot a cheek and then to do a victory roll when she's got it, well that's just plain rude. Hope young Eric teaches her some good manners. You and Holly chops look lovely after your bath and groom, I hope OTL didn't spot you having a salty roll, he might decide to give you a wash. Jack Frost was here again during the night, but he must have got scared off cos he didn't leave quite so much crunchy stuff around. I think you're very wise to dig out your warm coats, I'm getting mine out soon, not that I like wearing them cos I don't but I don't like a cold butt either. Just think Daisy, when you wear your coat you can roll in all sorts of sniffs and you don't need to be washed, you just take your coat off and hand it to Mrs TM and tell her to wash it on a delicate wash please and dry it so it's nice and fluffy. I'll be up early tomorrow cos my mum is working so I might just catch that Jack chap in my garden, I'll bite his butt if I catch him, I nearly caught a cheeky squirrel today, it was burying things in MY garden, I'm not having that. Anyways, hope you find some decent scoff and have a good evening snuggled in the warm. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. If there is a cold front don't turn around or you will get a cold front as well. That was a big hole you dug but I do hope your weren't trying to loose the ball again it looks like ferret law pays off because you still have the ball. Lots of ferret footprints, wonder if someone came down to the beach this afternoon and tried to work out what sort of creature had ventured onto their beach after Halloween. I do think Archie should let the squirrel bury what ever he likes in the garden because it might be something worth having, a bit slow there Archie lad! It is much colder now, I even got my scarf out today and at this rate I will resurrect my woolly hat, the one with the movement sensor in the yellow woolly star. I was a sensation with the Japanese tourists in Prague two years ago, they all wanted me to move about so that they could film me. You will have to get one Daisy then you will take your rightful place in Godwin Towers. How is Eric, you didn't mention him, or have I missed something. xxxxxx

  3. Meant you will get a cold BACK as well!!!

  4. Ello, thought I would put in an appearance and see wots been going on on this ere blog with all those ferrets about. Looks like you are all having fun so I will let you get on with it.