Friday, 25 November 2016

Miss May's Progress.

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Miss May had a good night and there were no more signs of trouble. She has been sleeping, eating and drinking as normal and looks bright as a button! Her poo is the right colour and consistency as well!

I thought you'd like to know that!

It was a howling gale down on the beach this morning and it was blooming cold!

Old Two Legs decided that it may be best that they stay at home and make up for the lack of exercise by having a rampage around the house!

Another reason was that it was rather earlier than normal 'cos OTL's tooth is still giving him 'Cause for Concern' so he is looking forward to Monday!

Back to today!

We got down to the beach before the sun poked her face over the top of Sheerness and the wind had blown all the clouds away.

So, the wind chill was 'Cold'!

The sun just getting out of bed!
 While the sun was getting up we had a good game of 'Chase and Dig' along the beach and a 'Woof' at the Two Legs walking along the Sea Wall!

By the time the sun was up we started heading back to the car and spotted some ships heading out to sea. Holly reckons it would be 'Choppy' out there!

I'm glad we're on shore!
 Back home the ferrets were let loose and had a great time and OTL was able to have a good game with them. Eric has settled down with OTL and now allows OTL to roll him onto his back and tickle his tummy! What is better, Eric 'Laughs' when OTL is doing it!

Miss Wendy has been practising for the 'Ferret in a Bag' game at the Harrietsham show tomorrow and can now get out of a paper shopping bag in one and a half seconds!

Lunchtime we left the ferrets asleep and headed off. It was still very windy and the tide had gone out but the wind was still blowing it back towards the beach!

There was a container ship heading off to Europe with some of our exports!

It's still choppy out there!
 We didn't see anyone on the Sea Wall, I suppose they were all tucked up under a blanket having a snooze, just like Archie Babe!

This afternoon we got all comfortable under OTL's desk and had a well earned snooze!

We expect to be up early tomorrow 'cos we have been told that The Missus will be taking us out for a walk while OTL cleans the cages and gets everything packed for our day at the Harrietsham Ferret Show at the Harrietsham Village Hall which open at nine 'o' clock!

Who knows, we may see you if your in the area, you can see if any of our ferrets get a prize!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties down by the chilly seaside. So glad to hear that Miss May hasn't had any more symptoms and hope that all is well with her. Hasn't it been a chilly day today, I've been snuggled up under a blanket cos we're waiting for the plumber to come, we have no hot water and something was making a funny noise when the heating was on so my mum has turned it off to be on the safe side. It sounded like a bumble bee trapped in a tin can. Sadly we didn't get to siest to day cos we're keeping our eyes open for the plumber. I bet all the ferrets appreciated not going out for a chilly walk and enjoyed their rampages round the house. Now have you and Holly chops thought of telling OTL you'd sooner rampage round the house than go out in the cold, I mean, even if there are lots of nice pictures to take it's still very chilly out there. Good luck getting up early tomorrow, I think I'll be up early as well, my mum has got to go to the hospital and they're going to take gallons of blood from her. My mum sends her sympathys to OTL and his missing tooth and all the problems he's had. Now, do you remember a few weeks ago when OTL went to have gallons of blood taken, well wot size needle did he say they used? I don't expect it was anywhere near as big as the ones they stab us woofers with. Good luck at the show and we'll all be keeping our paws crossed that you have enough room in the car to pack in all the rosettes the ferrets are going to win. Now I don't know about getting out of a bag in 1 and a half seconds but I do know I can get in to a bag a lot quicker if there's something tastey in it. Do you think the ferrets are doing it back to front? Anyways, have a lovely evening, stay warm and snuggly and good luck with everything. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Quick message as it is time for us to turn in. Good luck and best wishes for tomorrow and hope Miss May carries on getting well. Take care xxxxxx. xxxxxx