Sunday, 27 November 2016

The day after The Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, wot a day yesterday was!

We were out at the crack of dawn with The Missus while Old Two Legs stayed at home cleaning the cages out and making them all spic and span ready for when the ferrets come home!

Somewhere around eight thirty we set off for Harrietsham and a day of ferret sniffing!

This year we had four ferrets entering in the competition and we also entered the 'Ferret in a Bag' contest as well.

Wendy is fast asleep in the right hand bag!
The idea is for a ferret to be put in a bag and the quickest one out won! We had high hopes for Miss Wendy 'cos she just flies out of the bags at home, so we reckon that she was going to bring home the big prize of a Ferret Hammock!

Well, by the time the games got going our mob were fast asleep in their beds snoring their tails off!

First Miss Wendy couldn't find the exit so she went back to sleep!

Eric and Freddy didn't do any better, they went to sleep as well!

It was Miss May who tried to save our embarrassment and got through two rounds before being beaten by some tearaway with long legs!

There were loads of ferrets at the show and they were all judged on how fit and healthy they were and if their teeth were clean and coats brushed and clean bottoms!

To show you what it was like, Eric got marked down 'cos he had a bit of ear wax and Freddy got marked down 'cos he had a claw with a little nick in it, so it wasn't perfect!

We had the same problem with May and Wendy, tiddly things but enough to get marked down. In fact in the section that Fred and Eric entered the difference between first and last ferret was just five points!

There were some absolutely super ferrets there and we all agreed that next year we would all try harder!

Some of the raffle prizes, these two from the Allhallows Croppers!
OTL framed a picture of Snowflake he took some time back.

Miss Snowflake.
There were contests to find the Cuddliest Ferret and Fluffiest, and which Ferret you would take Home and Prettiest Face.

Holly said they needed another section for the ferret with the biggest butt and Wendy would win that!

OTL said that if Wendy heard that then Holly was in for a sharp nip on her butt!

We liked the decorations on the cages as well.

OK, but where is the ferret?
There were loads of prizes and even food for the ferrets and special stuff to put in their cages to wee or poo on!

Loads of Food!
 We had donations from other suppliers of ferret food and OTL won a bag for our mob to try!

A new food for our ferrets!
 OTL had been asked to judge the Young Handler section and looked all important as he wandered around with his clip board interviewing the entrants!

In the end it was Holly and her ferret Storm who won first prize!

Holly and Storm!
It was fun watching all the two legs and their ferrets, you could tell that they all loved them and even enjoyed cuddling other ferrets as well!

Sneaking a cuddle!
 OTL says that all ferrets are cuddly!

By the time we got home it was getting on for eight and by the time we had everything cleared away it was ten thirty, so that is why there was not Daisy's Diary yesterday!

Today we were late in getting up and to be honest, we could have stayed in bed even longer! It wasn't raining but the wind was blowing and we didn't hang about too long on the morning run!

Of course, after being so clean and brushed yesterday, Eric and May enjoyed a good roll in grass, just to get their normal sniff back!

It's good to be home!
 Of course, Miss May just had to have a serious roll in a Weasel Sniff!

You just can't beat a Weasel Sniff!
 Mind you, it was so late getting out that instead of seeing the sun rise, we saw the sun set start to happen!
Oops! The Sun just fell of the back of Grain!
 Holly said it wasn't worth hanging about 'cos it was getting colder and anyway, she had left a fresh Bonio Biscuit down the back of OTL's chair!

Hang on, that is My Bonio!
We  are off to watch the recording of the F1 Race and see if Hamilton can win the race but loose the championship!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret


  1. Evening little maties. Well wot a day you all had yesterday. So come on Daisy, tell us all about the rosettes that May, Wendy, Freddy and Eric won? They must have won something cos we all know that they're the best ferrets. Them judges just don't know that a little bit of ear wax is good insulation against the cold, a nick in the nail is good for helping to hang on to prey. Now just tell them judges that they're not very good at judging and we all demand a recount of the points. Miss Wendy must have got very tired in that bag, I don't blame her for having a snooze. Well done Miss May for getting thru so far and how come she didn't get out a tad faster to beat up the winner? Well done in the judging OTL, see a chap who knows wot to look for. Wot did you and Holly chops win for being the best woofers at a ferret show? Make sure you get to your bonio quick before them ferrets nab it. Hope you all get the chance to put your paws up this evening and have a good rest after such a busy day yesterday. Who was the lucky person who won OTL's lovely picture of the beautiful Miss Snowflake? Lovely pictures today. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (I missed you yesterday) Arch and Mr (them judges is fools) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Evening all! Sorry to hear that Godwin ferrets didn't win anything this year. The judging seems very pernickity...a nick in a claw! Do they not know what super rock climbers they are. I bet that Chris Bonington didn't get marked down for a chipped finger nail after he climbed Everest. I expect that Ma'Lord Judge OTL wasn't so pernicious (hope that's the right word, it jumped up on predictive text and I thought it looked good. Anyway, take care of yourselves and all the Godwin Gang. Love, licks, wags sniffs and woofs from Izzy xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh that's a great pity, no medals this year but a food prize, I hope the ferrets enjoy the sample. I nearly telephoned this morning from where we were staying as you hadn't posted to m.check that all was well but decided to wait until we reached home. A bad deal being put in the bag at snooze time, I can't believe that they dosed off, the other contestants must be trained to sleep at night, strange idea, still they have put it all behind them and are carrying on being furries. Lovely raffle prizes and what a wonderful Christmas cage and there's another Holly to meet, I hope she was honoured to meet her four legged namesake and shared a few titbits! Off to have something to eat, be back tomorrow. xxxxxx