Wednesday, 7 December 2016

.....and it came from the Canary Islands!

Hi Woofers!

We're back! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Wot a change from yesterday! It is almost 'Balmy Weather! It got up to 13.3 degrees today! If the tide was in I'd be looking for a swim today!

Mind you, I didn't fancy a swim in the mud, so I stayed away from the muddy bits!

Although it was warmish, there were a surprising large number of clouds in the sky, even blocking out the sun!

Swim Suit or sun hat today?
Miss May was having a great time digging for Weasels on the beach. Eric was more interested in getting back into the ferret bag, he said that during the winter time the only place to be is the bag!

Im sure there are Weasels down here somewhere!
Back home young Eric had a great time diving into the crate full of Ping Pong balls! Old Two Legs did sort of get him wound up 'cos he squeezed all the air out of a rubber ball, hid it at the bottom of the crate and let the air back into the ball, which made a squeaky sound and had Eric diving down to the bottom of the balls!

We didn't get out at lunchtime until a bit later 'cos OTL had to drop a load of stuff off to the accountant, really boring stuff that has come out of the printer machine!

This winter stuff is really strange, like, here we were, just about half way through the afternoon and the sky was getting darker!

It's Winter time that is doing all this!
 Freddy reckons that the days are shorter but the nights are longer but that is OK by him 'cos it means he has more time to sleep!

When he does wake up though, he has a run around hunting stuff! Today on the grass he was chasing a shrew sniff but as you know, shrews are terribly quick if they thing they are being chased!

Any one see where the shrew went?
 While Holly and I were waiting for the ferrets to catch up, we spotted a couple of Yorkie Type woofer in the distance. Holly said that one of them was smaller than Eric!

Now that would be terrible to be smaller than a ferret!

I'm telling you, it is smaller than Eric!
 Both ferrets managed to blag a lift in the ferret bag. We think that OTL just got fed up waiting for them to catch up!

Once we got to the table and bench on the hill, OTL sat down, got the camera out and waited for Wendy and Fred to stick their noses out.

Are we? Oh! I see we are not!
 Freddy didn't come right out of the bag, he just stuck his nose near to the entrance and declared......

No! We're a long way away from the car so I'm going back in!

In fact, he never got out of the bag until OTL emptied him and Wendy out once we got close to the car so in the end they got a chance to run back to the car!

We have managed to get our first holiday booked for next year! Yep, we got booked into a caravan site in Carradale on the Mull of Kintire that has a beach next to it so we can have fun swimming and digging holes!

We will have to pay a bit extra 'cos they charge for 'Second Dogs', one is free but the second is a pound a day!

Good news is, they don't charge for ferrets!

OTL has also sent off a booking form for our second holiday as well. We plan to go to Dorset 'cos The Missus wants to go 'Fossel Hunting' along the Jurassic Coast!

Holly says that if she wants to see a fossil she should have a look at OTL 'cos he is the best fossil we know!

Now, you can bet that for her birthday, TM will want a Fossil Hunters Kit that will include a Rock Hammer and a Rock Chisel!

Still, we might find a dinosaur in the caravan site and then we will get to name it.........mmmm!

What about 'Old Two Leggosaurus' ?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside. Glad to hear you've all had a good day and the weather has warmed up a bit. Now I'm a bit concerned about this holiday where you got to pay for a 2nd woofer to go. Suppose OTL's wallet hasn't got enough in it, which one of you woofers will be staying home alone? Don't worry cos you could always come and stay with me but I haven't got a seaside near me to walk around. Can't OTL just tell them he has one woofer 4 ferrets and one giant size ferret. Poor OTL, fancy saying he looks like a fossil, I wouldn't be saying that if I was going on holiday with him and it was costing him a £1 a day to take me. I bet Mrs TM will have lots of fun on the beach finding fossils while you go for a dip in the sea. My mum likes Dorset, she's been a few times but she likes to visit Monkey World cos they've got monkeys there. My mum hasn't been since she had me cos she reckons I'm all the monkey she needs. Lovely pictures today, you all look very happy out and about, love the one with Freddie just sticking his nose out of the bag. I'm off for a bath and a groom tomorrow, yuk. I really don't need a bath, I had one last month. Have a lovely evening all with some decent muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. It has been much better today but you were wise to stay out of the mud. Love to hear about Eric and the ping pong balls and the flattened rubber ball, he really is a wise little ferret to know that the days are shorter than the nights but in two weeks time things are a changing and it will be heading for the summer. Did you meet the ferret Yorkie, sounds like one of those handbag dogs that are supposed to be carried around. How about that OTL, do you fancy caring for two handbag woofers of the GIANT size? Having to pay a £1 a night for an extra dog I wondered if it is you or Holly that is the free dog, who is free top dog or free elder dog? Now this talk of fossils, you are going to come a cropper by suggesting that he falls into that category and I recon that it is Holly who is free dog while you are stay home alone dog. TM is going to ruin her nails fossil hunting perhaps she should just be satisfied by looking for old fossils on Grain beach! Warmish tomorrow maybe the tide will be in a bit and I have news about dogs and eating at Christmas which I shall reveal to you later so that you can print it out and hand it to your minders. xxxxxx