Thursday, 15 December 2016

Breaking News! Santa is coming to our village, early!

Hi Woofers!

The Gang is back, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Hey! We have just found out that on Saturday The Missus and the Allhallows Croppers are holding their Christmas Bash! Well we will be going up there at lunch time to see what we can get in the way of nibbles!

However, we have also found out that they won't be putting away all the tables and chairs 'cos Santa Paws wants the hall for sorting out all the presents that he has to deliver to the village!

Holly and I are making a plan to get up there after nine and get to see Santa Paws and ask him for a present for Old Two Legs 'cos we reckon he has been 'Nice' more than he has been 'Naughty' this year!

The ferrets reckon we should ask for a new Poo Shovel 'cos he has nearly worn out the old one. I think a new harness for Holly and me would be a better idea but we need to be 'Fitted' for a new harness so that will have to wait until we go to the Kent County Show in July next year!

So, what do we get the Two Legs who has everything?

We will have to think on that!

It was all grey down on the beach today, no exciting sun rise, well if it was exciting the clouds hid it from us!

No Sun today, the clouds got in the way!
Miss May decided that to get warmed up she would have a go at some 'Speed Digging' which started off with he jumping onto the pile of sand and shells at the same time she let out the 'Ferret Yell' which is a bit like a 'Rebel Yell' but a shade more squeaky!

Now Holly and I had never heard May doing the yell but I must say, it got our attention!

What the Woofin' Heck was that?
These ferrets can sure scare the locals!

We got home and enjoyed a good snooze in our 'Day Bed' while OTL was plonking away on the computer doing some 'Important' stuff!'

That was until lunchtime when we set off for the beach again. It was still grey and dismal but the tide was right in. I decided to leave it alone and retire to the grass bank 'cos those waves looked just too close!

No! Not for even a paddle!
 OTL put the ferrets down for a run and a dig but it didn't work 'cos as soon as their paws hit the beach they were demanding the Ferret Bag!

No Way! Bring the bag here, now!
 Holly, who was sitting on top of the Sea Wall, looked disdainfully at it and announced that she was 'Going Home'!

I don't do Wet and I don't do Cold! I'm off home, Now!
That was it, she just upped and waddled her butt back to the car!

Back home OTL spent all afternoon on the computer making a 'Quotation' for one of his customers and was still at it when it was time to publish the Blog!

Now, we still haven't decided if he has been 'Naughty or Nice', Decisions, Decisions!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside. Well it sounds like you've had a pleasant day today. I reckon if you go down the village hall at lunch time you should be able to snag a fair few nibbles and if you go back when Santa Paws is sorting his stash you should be able to persuade him to bring something nice to OTL, cos he is a good chap really. Is Miss May going into commando mode? I don't think I blame Holly chops for going back to the car, some days it's just too miserable to be out and about. Glad you decided against a dip today, I bet that water was chilly. Wendy and Freddie have the right idea, I reckon they should just go for their walk in the bag and peep over the top. Now me on the other paw, haven't had such a good day. My mum went off and left me home alone to get wot she calls stocking fillers and when she came home she went upstairs with a bag of loot to shove into a cupboard until she has time to wrap them. Now while she was doing that, I was very busy sniffing in the other shopping bag and wot did I sniff.......... well I sniffed a bag that was all tied up, now a bag that is all tied up just has to be interesting to a woofer. So I dragged the bag out of the shopping bag, made a hole in it and there I spied an piece of wot my mum called garland, now this garland had these big leaves with 6 holly berries in each leaf, well by the time my mum came back down and found me, one leaf only had one holly berry left on it ...... now my mum accused, ACCUSED me of eating the other berries ...... well just cos there was a few little bits of this white polystyrene stuff on the floor, she said I ate the berries. So that was it, off we went down the vets this evening, I got loads of cuddles and kisses as usual, had a play with a nice Labrador called Henry then had an examination round my tum, I like that, but THEN, just when I thought I was safe, the vet suggested that I have a blood test cos I hadn't had one for a while, so then I was stabbed and all my blood was taken. Well the vet said that my blood was normal and she also said that the berries would probably pass thru ok, so tomorrow I'll be doing little white spotted poos. My mum said it served me right cos if I hadn't eaten the berries I wouldn't have gone to the vets. So at the moment my mum reckons Santa Paws isn't going to come to me. Anyways have a lovely evening with plenty of muggings, though I wouldn't recommend faux holly berries. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Sounds as though Archie is in the poo again, will he ever learn, good job they were faux berries, tut tut Archie or Santa Paws will be taking your address off his list. Today I found out that Four Bird Roast was turkey, chicken, goose and duck all one inside the other, it was alright but I think I will chose just plain turkey next time. The chicken goujons for starters were lovely, all covered in a light batter, delicious and you would have woofed them down. Holly did look fed up with the weather, poor darling, what she has to put up with, at least she hasn't been eating faux berries, beware you finish up at the vets and get stabbed. Archie lost another leg full of blood, fortunately he still has three left. Also, the postman called while I was eating my Christmas dinner and brought me your wonderful card, I think OTL is very clever to produce such a masterpiece, does he have less hair and a little greyer than before? Let's hope we have a sunny day tomorrow and you have Saturday to look forward to in more ways than one. xxxxxx