Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Quiet Day.

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy!

First of all, many thanks for the kind words of support at our loss of Wilma. The Missus Face Book is full of kind thoughts and messages as is our blog page. We didn't know so many Two Legs followed our blog!

It is such a shame that Wilma had to leave us like that, especially as she had such a bright future with us.

We have all been a bit subdued today and OTL hasn't said much at all.

This morning we were late in getting up but as the sun had only just got over the horizon, everyone else in the house was still asleep! Still, it makes a change to get up late especially on a Sunday!

Now, we must apologise to our great mate Archie Babe, with everything that was going on we forgot to sing him 'Happy Birthday'! I mean, all of four years old now he is and still as daft as the day we met him!

So.......pause for deep breath................on the count of seven......One.....Nine..............Go!

Happy Birthday to Yooo!
Loads of Sniffs and a good Poo!
Happy Birthday Dear Archie Babe
Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOOOO!

Holly says she wishes she was four again 'cos she wouldn't be on a diet then and was able to mug Old Two Legs for Twiglets and Shortbread!

I did point out that it was food like that wot caused her to be on a diet in the first place!

When we got down the Sea Front, there was some splashes of rain, so we didn't hang about and even May was galloping along!

Miss April said that she had a wee before coming out and would stay in the bag thank you!

Yucky Start to the day!
Lunch time was better, the sun had come out and although there was a bit of a breeze it was still damp underfoot. Freddy said he was getting cold paws on the Sea Wall and could he try walking on that wobbly stuff over there?

Holly pointed out that was the Sea and it was wet, cold, nasty, and very dangerous!

Well, it looks soft and wobbly!
 Freddy was either trying his best to blag a lift from OTL or trying to keep up with Holly and me. He said he was a bit nervous in case that woofer came back. Holly and I said we would keep an eye open and warn him and OTL if we saw anything.

Come on, I've already sniffed that one!
There was a terrible noise overhead which made Freddy very nervous but OTL said it was a 'Hairy Plane' and it was no danger to us, unless it fell out of the sky!

Freddy wasn't too sure and kept a eye on it until it went to hide in the clouds!

Do they fall out of the sky often?
 As soon as it went he was chasing after us for protection against falling Hairy Planes!

Hang about, I can't keep up!
We all enjoyed a snooze this afternoon, including OTL who managed half an hour before Holly woke him up woofing at the birds in the back garden!

You know TM is already asking if OTL will get a mate for Freddy 'cos Freddy needs company and although OTL is cuddly, he can't squeeze into the 'Cuddle Cup' that Freddy sleeps in!

You need a little ferret for that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy.