Thursday, 28 January 2016

It's the fault of OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, first the good news!

We have spotted Wendy cuddled up to Freddy in the tray next to the poo tray! OK, not the most desirable residence but it is warm and cuddly in the blanket!

Then today she picked on him again but this time he turned on her hand held her down on the floor with his teeth clamped firmly around her neck. Old Two Legs had to prise them apart and tell them both off!

Will she learn the lesson I wonder?

Yesterday OTL was down the dentist early evening having two fillings done to his teeth. Painful and expensive!

Then he had to take Miss April down to see the vet 'cos she seems to have lost her sparkle and gained a few grammes in weight around her tummy!

The vet couldn't feel any lumps or fluid and was a bit puzzled, just like OTL!

That also messed up the blog yesterday 'cos OTL didn't get back until late and by the time he had his dinner, he was too tired to help me on the laptop!

Too many passwords for my little claws!

We have got to take Wendy back on Friday morning for an x-ray and an ultra scan to see if there is anything wrong.

It may of course just be her putting on weight 'cos she eats too much, but OTL wants to make sure!

This morning on the beach May was playing 'Bulldozers' in the sand, even though it was a little wet and she got 'Buzzed' by a couple of woofers!


Lunchtime it was all rush and tear 'cos OTL had to go out working all afternoon, I mean, at his age he should have given up work years ago.

I didn't even start working 'cos it's a nasty habit to get into!

So, back he comes at six thirty, tired and ratty!

So it is his fault we are all behind like a Woofers Tail!

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Claws crossed for April tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.