Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Quiet Day, sort of!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Why is it that weekends seem so busy and they go so quickly?

Take today, we were up good and early to see if Old Two Legs eyeball was OK, and it was!

He reckons it is still sore and feels like he has got Grain Beach in it!

As well as the sand it also hurts if he goes out in the sunshine. He says it is like getting stabbed in the eye with a sharp stick!

So, before The Missus went off for her Master Class at a local Craft Supplier, we got one of those 'Speed Wee's' around the Farm Fields.

OTL cleaned all the cages and introduced May to the new Travelling Cage 'cos she was a naughty girl and tried to start a punch up with Freddy and Wendy!

I must say, the cage is dead super looking, a bit bigger than the other one and so much stronger and on top of that it is approved for animal transport on a plane!

There was a great fun and games when Freddy and Wendy got let out of their cage to have a rampage, Wendy disappeared for a while then reappeared from behind the furniture. Seems she fell asleep after hoarding some of our Brambles Biscuits!

Freddy was having a game of 'Chase' with OTL and got dragged around the bathroom floor by his front paws. You see Freddy just loves this game. He grabs hold of OTL's finger in each claw and the OTL drags him around in a sort of snake movement and all the time Freddy is chuckling away and laughing his tail off!

Then, when he lets go, OTL proceeds to tickle his ribs which makes him laugh even more!

He can be a right soppy ferret sometimes and so can Freddy!

OTL decided that he wanted to have a sit down and catch up on a couple of programes TM had recorded for him but I wanted to go out for a walk. Now, because he can't drive the car yet and even if he could, TM had pinched the car anyway, we had to go over the fields again.

Now that didn't help OTL.

Although he had his dark glasses on, the sun still hurt his eye and he spent all of the walk with that eye closed!

We didn't hang about too long 'cos the cold wind was also causing the eye to be chilled which hurt as well!

OTL has not been a Happy Puppy today!

This evening little April has had a bought of coughing which concerns OTL and he gets all up set. April is removed from the cage and OTL gives her a cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone, not a lot but enough to stop her coughing and most times the slurping sort of breaks the circle of coughing.

Then she get some more cuddles and goes back into bed where she falls asleep again until the morning!

The coughing is all to do with her heart condition and fluid on the lungs. She has medication to help her get rid of the fluid but there are times when it sort of 'Gangs Up' on her!

I'm sorry there is still no photos but with a bit of luck we might get some tomorrow morning 'cos TM has promised to drive OTL and us down to the beach for a run!

Claws crossed it won't be raining!

Now we reckon that we could have a load of fun if we found a frog in our garden but so far, only OTL has seen one and he was seen just once and never again!

Mind you, we have a rat that appears every so often in our garden. Last year OTL got hold of a rat trap to try to catch it but without success and the rat wasn't seen for ages and ages, until last week!

There it was, bold as brass, nibbling away at the bird seed that had fallen from the bird feeders.

Out comes the rat trap again and this  time OTL baited it up with some Ferret Food.

Seems out ratty chat doesn't like ferret food so today OTL took one of the chicken bones, with a little bit of meat on it and baited the trap again. Claws crossed that Ratty falls for it 'cos if he does, then it will be TM, OTL, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Ratty heading off to Grain Beach but Ratty will be dropped of at the little field that has bee planted with trees, a Barn Owl Box erected in the back corner! The place has been called a 'Wild Life' corner and we reckon that Ratty will be pretty wild when he finds there is no bird seed for him to eat!

Maybe he will find some frogs to pal up with!

Auntie Sue seems to be having fun with the new Motor Home, I wonder how she is getting on with the outside shower? Why do you have to keep your boots on? Strange things these TL get up to!

Right, we are off for a snooze before bed time so Bye Bye form now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the lovely Freddy de Ferret.