Saturday, 2 April 2016

OTL has been a right boring old Two Legs today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Wot a super sunny day today!

Summer is on it's way!
 We got down the beach good and early 'cos Old Two Legs and The Missus were up at some terrible dark time in the morning to get the little car down to the menders before TM went off to the Village Hall for her Master Class today!

We got woken up, then told to go back to bed again while they went off with the cars. No explanation, just 'Sit' and 'Stay'!

OTL came back and then it was off down the beach.

There was no one about, just us and May went into 'Woofer Mode' and dug a big hole in the sand while April went sniffing along the waters edge!

This is a 'Hole' lot of fun!
Following Aprils lead, May went dashing off to play with the waves, running in and out in time with the waves and this time she didn't get her paws wet!

Can't Catch Me!
 Holly and I were patrolling up and down the beach looking for sniffs but couldn't find any new odours to excite us!

Sniff Patrol!
Back home we had a super bowl of Lambs Heart which Holly and I devoured in no time! Now we always get a treat after finishing off our food. TM normally gives us a carrot or a teeth cleaning chew or even a big Jumbone Chew, which Holly and I think is the Dogs Do Dar's!

Well, there he was, OTL, in his office working away on some electronic box of bits and the computer.

I went up behind him, jumped up and gave his chair a good shove!

Then, when he had turned around, I started to 'Talk' to him!

After a short while he got the message!

Off we went down stairs and he got out three teeth cleaning chews.


Holly and I both thought we were in luck but OTL gave one each to Holly and me then he chopped the remaining one into four.

Of course, they were for the ferrets!

OTL says that the ferrets teeth have improved no end by chewing the chews and while they won't get rid of a discoloured tooth it will help to get rid of the tartar build up!

So, off we went chewing while OTL went back to his box of bits and computer. Now I don't know what all the words were that he was using but we worked out that the electronic box wouldn't  listen to the computer or the computer was talking to the box who didn't understand what the instructions were!

It ended up with OTL calling the box 'The Biggest Pile of Poo' he had seen in a long time!

Holly did suggest that OTL maybe wasn't typing the correct instructions but by the look on OTL's chops we both decided to go and have a snooze downstairs until the air had cleared!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again with Freddy and Wendy who both had a great time.

Freddy dug an enormous hole and was shouting 'Woof Woof' into the bottom expecting Holly and I to hear it!

'Woof, Pigging Woof!'
What he didn't realise was we were up on the grass path enjoying some sniffs, newly arrived in the grass!

Freddy and Wendy were in the ferret bag and on top of the bench, where we always stop for a few minutes. He and OTL were playing a game where OTL would waggle his finger in front of Freddy and he would grab hold of it with his teeth and hold it still!

OTL would then rub his nose on Freddy's nose and Freddy would let go of the finger and lick OTL's nose!

Then Freddy would laugh and grab OTL's finger again!

The pair of them play this game all the time and they think it great fun!

Well, I suppose it keeps them out of trouble!

Back home again and OTL was being boring by playing with the computer and the box until it was time to fetch TM back from her Master Class.

TM was saying that her 'Girls' had produced some fantastic work and how she was 'Tickled Pink' with their results!

We got a rawhide chew each tonight so we have spent ages making the ends nice and soggy!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and 'Fun Time' Freddy de Ferret!