Saturday, 9 July 2016

Not a Good Day for OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret back here again!

It has been rather warm today, in fact a big muggy, which means rain later!

We didn't see any rain, so, it may arrive tomorrow!

Up good and early this morning and after The Missus headed off to her Master Class, we headed off to the beach!

We met up with Barney the Pointer who we hadn't seen for ages. He said that he didn't come out until nine nowadays but today his Two Legs were out so he got the 'early Morning Call'!

Down on the beach May and April had a good roll in the sand and sea weed!

I did miss this yesterday!
 I found a super 'Rolling Sniff' and April wanted to use it once I had finished. Old Two Legs told me to 'Get Up' and as soon as I did April dived in!

Come on April, give this a go!
 OTL was playing with the camera and trying some 'Macro' type shots but the camera is not as good as the big one and although the colour was there, the detail wasn't!

Pretty but no depth of field or sharp focus!
 Around eleven thirty OTL had finished all the cage cleaning and Fred and Wendy said they really could do with a run out 'cos they didn't have one yesterday and might not get one tomorrow!

OTL said it wasn't good for them to go 'Stir Crazy' so he piled us all in the big car and headed off beach again!

We were heading for the beach when Holly spotted a flower that was full of 'Soldier Beetles' having a party!

Hey! Have a look at this lot!
OTL went into 'Fiddle Mode' with the camera and tried to get close to see what they were doing!

It's a 'Speed Dating Party'!
 While he was doing that I went off to see what ships were about but there were none! Not even a rowing boat!

No ticks today!
 Being Saturday there were loads of Two Legs out down the sea side over in Sheerness and across the river in Southend on Sea.

We knew this 'cos we could sniff the Fish & Chips and Kebab sniffs coming wafting over on the breeze!

Hey! Get that Donna Kebab with Salad Cream Sauce!
 Holly is more into the Fish & Chips and could even tell if they had vinegar on the chips!

Mmmm! Three shakes of vinegar and two of salt!
On the way home the big car sort of lost control of the Sat Nav and the control buttons. Nothing he did made it better, so, he decided to call the car shop on Monday. After settling Fred and Wendy down he got us in the car and tried to start the engine. A couple of 'Error Messages' came up on the screen and the car refused to start!

That was it, no Kent County Show today!

We will still be going tomorrow and TM will be coming as well 'cos she wants to have a cuddle of the young ferrets that OTL has fallen in love with!

Who knows what we will get to eat up at the show but at least we won't be hampered by a muzzle like poor Archie Babe!

I wonder if he has to wear that when he goes into the new garden to chase a frog or two?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.