Saturday, 23 July 2016

It's been wet today, but not here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, today has been all sunshine here in North Kent. This morning we went down the beach with Old Two Legs and the ferrets, unfortunately Little Miss April  had one of her coughing fits which she gets as a result of her heart condition. OTL had to carry her for most of the walk giving her a cuddle. Well that's OK but it means he didn't get to take any photos!

April did her 'I want to get down' wriggle a couple of times which means OTL puts her down and she rushes off to the long grass for a wee and a poo!

Now normally she enjoys a run from the bench all the way back to the car but today she only managed half the distance before giving the 'Pick Me Up' signal to OTL, well actually she scrabbles at OTL's trouser leg and that is the sign!

Once home she and May were rampaging around the house pinching our biscuits and fighting, so April had got over her coughing fit!

Fred and Wendy had their turn at rampaging and both had fun getting their tummies tickled by OTL!

And that was after chasing The Missus around the kitchen!

After the cages were all cleaned the ferrets were tucked up and they had a wet towel hung on the cages, just to keep the temperature down to a 'Ferret Comfortable' level!

OTL was busy 'Manufacturing' so Holly and I got onto the bed with a 'Bonio Biscuit' each and started to make crumbs!

Lunchtime Freddy decided that it was too hot to go walkies and Wendy didn't even wake up, so we left them in comfort while we went off to see what Two Legs had turned up on our beach!

We couldn't go in the water, mainly because it was still on it's way up the beach and the Mud Foam was looking rather Yucky!

Another container ship.
 There were loads of Two Legs on the beach and the car park was almost full but as we walked along the Sea Wall there wasn't one of them who had a sandwich we could pinch!

Not a Crumb to be Found!
 As we got to our beach we spotted another pair of TL's resting on the beach and they had a woofer with them.

We hadn't seen one of these woofers before and Holly went straight up to her to say 'Hello'.

Holly asked what sort of woofer she was and was told that she was a Dachshund!

Holly said it sounds like a foreign name!
OK, come and meet OTL and he'll sort it out!
 We took her to see OTL and she told us that the TL's called her 'Little Sausage'!

She said hello to OTL and even got her tummy tickled when she rolled on her back!

My name is Sausage!
 She was having fun but then got called back to her TL's who were waiting for the tide to come in!

Bye Girls and Bye OTL!
 Holly and I headed off towards the car park. I kept waiting for OTL to catch up but Holly went ahead, just to make sure the way was clear!

Come on OTL!
 I heard Holly woofing but couldn't see her so I did my trick of standing up like a TL!

It didn't work and OTL had to lift me up so I could see where she was!

Sometimes it is handy to be as tall as OTL!

Now, where is that Holly Woofer?
Back home we settled down to watch the F1 Qualifying only to see that it was held up 'cos they had loads of rain!

They should have run the race over here 'cos we got loads of sunshine!

TM is out tomorrow morning good and early, she has another 'Master Class' so that means we can have all day with OTL playing games!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.