Sunday, 9 October 2016

Not Enough Room!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

What a day it's been today!

We have had to listen to Old Two Legs singing some silly song about 'All I want for Christmas is my One Front Tooth'!

Gawd! It has bee Soooooooo Boooooring!

Another thing is I've got a sore ear, like it is all red inside and I keep wanting to scratch it!

OTL did the inspection bit, then he washed out my ear with warm water and some Cotton Buds but there was nothing to see really.

Then, thinking it may be ear mites, he dusted both ears with this Thornit powder that he uses on the ferrets when they look like they have an itch!

Now, seeing as we are supposed to be off tomorrow for two weeks OTL decided that it would be best if the vet took a look at my ear, so, after a phone call I was bundled into the big car and off we went.

I didn't like the vet poking around and even though OTL held my muzzle and wrapped his arms around me, the vet still couldn't get a good look in my ear!

They were looking for bits of grass that may have got in my ear but they couldn't see anything.

I was given some steroid type medicine to last me over the holiday and we got instructions to contact the local vet if anything got worse!

It's bad enough having your own vet poking about without inviting another to have a go!

So, clutching a bottle of pills and a large bill we left the vet to head back home and work out how to fool me into taking the pills!

You know me and pills just don't seem to go together!

Well, I took the first one, wrapped up in a bit of chicken strip so it is 1-0 to OTL!

Down on the beach I was forbidden from rolling in the sand, even thought Holly and May were having a good roll in the sea weed!

There were loads of cloud and even though the sun was up it really didn't explode onto the beach!

Not the best sunrise we've seen!
Not being allowed to have a roll we had to just enjoy the sniffs!

Hey! Save some sniffs for me!
 Lunchtime we just had to get out of the house. The Missus was showing off big time. The Articulated Truck just wasn't big enough to get all her craft stuff in and there wasn't a bigger one available!

TM is not a Happy Woofer!

On the way down on the beach we had to stop a few time 'cos the tourist just had to stop and ask questions about Fred and Wendy!

Just how many times have we got to stop!
 Luckily for us the rain held off and the clouds stayed up in the air! Looking towards Essex there were some impressive clouds floating about!

Well, they look impressive to us!
Back home we packed up the 'Holiday Cages' for the ferrets and loaded up the big car with all the stuff we need to take. So, tomorrow we will be up early and with a bit of luck OTL will be able to blag his way into the dentist good and early to get his tooth sorted before heading up to Yorkshire for our holidays!

We'll let you know what happens tomorrow but it may be a bit late 'cos it all depends on OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!