Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Here comes the rain!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, after the cold day yesterday when the temperature dropped below freezing, today it has been different, rain!

Mind you, the temperature is now up to six degrees, so the rain will stay as rain and not fall as snow, well, down South anyway, where we are!

So, instead of introducing the ferrets to a drop of snow, we all end up with soggy paws and damp tummies!

We know some woofers that have yet to experience all these things, Izzy's pups. All they know at the moment is food, sleep, wee, poo, food, sleep, wee, poo, etc!

I can almost remember when I was a pup and I always seemed to have a full tum!

Happiness is a full tummy!
Holly Chops says that you don't have to be a puppy to enjoy a full tummy and she should know!

We left Old Two Legs working away to catch up with some orders he has had in since the New Year.

Holly and I crashed out in his office and Holly showed off 'cos Miss Wendy came to the side of the cage that Holly was resting against and did a whacking great sniffy poo, just by Holly's ear!

Holly was not a happy woofer!

Mind you, Miss Wendy didn't care!

Lunchtime we went out walking along the beach and OTL left the ferrets in bed 'cos it was a little windy and on top of that we had some errands to do, like take stuff to the carriers, visit B&Q for a light bulb for OTL's clothes cupboard.

Of course all that is sort of close'ish to the Doggy Shop!

Yep! In we went and loaded up with our treats and some stuff for the ferrets and a bottle of disinfectant for the ferrets cage and any spots around the house where they may have an 'accident'!

So, that's our day, we are slowly getting back to work and Holly's tum is getting better, she is taking the ProKolin which sort of 'Bungs You Up' until your butt is better!

She also says that the pills are great when cut in half and mixed up with some creamy blue cheese and spread over a water biscuit!

Just how I like it too!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Oh, how lovely to see my babies on your blog. Little black pup opened her eyes for the very first time today so I shall show her that she is famous! It hasn't rained here today but it is due to be very cold tomorrow. I'll look out for the Brass Monkeys!I'm glad that Holly's medicine is helping bung her up. OTL has found a tasty way to get her to eat them. You were lucky to get a visit to the doggy shop. They have some very tasty treats in there. Our favourite is the antlers. They are delicious and very goid for our teeth. Bella loves them best and sucks our fur into a soggy mess if we have the one that she wants.
    Must go now as pups need feeding. Love, licks, sniffs and woofs from Izzy xxxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties. I'm pleased to hear that Holly chops grumblies are on the mend, poor Holly. That was a bit unkind of Wendy to do a very sniffy poo just by Holly's ear thought, perhaps Wendy thought that Holly needed a clear rather than a bung. Now sounds like them little pups do wot I do, eat, sleep, poo, pee the eat, sleep etc. I must admit the eat bit is my favourite. It's been quite cold here again today, it did rain first thing but tonight it feels like Jack Frost might do the rounds again. You are lucky getting a trip to the doggy shop, it's a long time since I've been to a doggy shop but if I'm a good boy and I don't go to the vets too often my mum might take me for a visit and let me choose something nice. I was home alone for a couple of hours this afternoon, keeping out intruders while my mum went to work, I'm not happy, she is going to be going every Wednesday afternoon. My boy managed to come home early so he gave me some scoff when he got it which was very nice of him. My mum and my boy have both got a day off tomorrow so we might all have a nice lay in. Have a good evening and stay warm and enjoy some of the treats you bought. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  3. Now you are getting recommendations, antlers, I hope they don't have deer attached! The sun came out this afternoon, Michael said it was because the clouds had gone and it was going to be colder. He has put a very low heater into the van so that it won't be over cold, only 5 degrees should do the trick. A trip to B&Q on pensioners day, hope OTL can now see into his clothes cupboard, a pink shirt with red trousers, green socks and purple sandles was not a good combination. Poor Holly but it cleared out her head, she will be breathing easier, I bet Wendy laughed her head off but still poor Holly. he he. The pups are looking chubby and full, well done, I hope they haven't caused too much sleeplessness. Holly is doing well with the big pills but I worry that all that blue cheese will not help! Stay warm tomorrow, coats on, has OTL made any more improvements to the fitting, a girl doesn't want to be "uncomfortable". Hear from you tomorrow xxxxxx