Saturday, 14 January 2017

Saturday Sort Out.

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Today we have been with Old Two Legs 'cos The Missus has been out at one of her 'Master Classes' at the village hall.

One of the best things about her going out for the jet powered carpet sweeper!

We took Miss May out with us this morning, much to Eric's disgust.  He is still not allowed out until we get the OK from the vet, so early next week OTL will get the vet to have a look and make sure it's all going well.

One thing we did notice today down on the beach, the high tide had washed a load of the sea shells further down the beach and exposing the roots to the Sea Kale plants.

Look! Half the roots have got washed away!
 There were parts of the Sea Wall that were exposed like wot we have never seen before!

This is normally covered with shells, and just look at the roots!
 Back home OTL decided that it was Deep Cleaning Time for the cages. So, rather than an hour or so rampaging on the beach and in the grass, they got an hour rampage around the house!

OTL changed all the bedding and now, instead of a cushion bed with a folded blanket on top, they have 'Cuddle Cups' 'Hammocks' and 'Ferret Sacks' on the floor!

Now it is always interesting moving their stuff about 'cos they need to explore their cages again working out the best way to duck and dive in a race to the front door when OTL brings in their breakfast!

The only problem with this deep cleaning stuff is that Holly Chops and I have to stay in the bedroom, on the bed, sleeping.

Such a hard life we have!

Lunchtime we left the ferrets at home and had a walk with OTL on our own, which is good fun and we can go along at our own speed, instead of 'Ferret Speed'!

We had a good look at all the Sea Kale and was amazed at the number of plants there were on the beach and just how much of the sand had been washed away to expose the roots!


Normally this is almost all buried!
 OTL got all arty again and got down on his knees to take this shot, which again shows just how much of the root or tuber was exposed!

We reckon a good three inches of sand had gone!
 Of course, there we were studying the plants and OTL just had to take a picture of us sniffing the freshly scoured sand!

Did you hear a click then?
Back home OTL cleared up all the bedding and put it in the pile for washing and finally got to sit down for an hour before heading off to pick up TM from the hall.

It was good to read that Archie Babe is feeling better, can you have a hurricane 'Archie'?

TM came back and said that she has to give Eric a 'Special Cuddle' from Auntie Di who was all sorry to read that Eric has been through the wars. Well, if not the wars then certainly through the mangle!

That's about it for today, Sunday tomorrow, which means a 'Lazy Day' and we are getting ready for OTL's birthday party.

We reckon his birthday starts around midnight on Sunday and lasts until midnight on Monday, so Holly and I will get the whole thing started with a good ear licking around five past midnight Monday morning!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the freshly washed beach. Sounds like you've had a hard day, fancy being made to lay on the bed and sleep, that is a hard life. Loved the pictures today, nice view of your butts ladies. OTL does work hard on a Saturday with his cleaning chores while Mrs TM is out and about slapping glue and flinging glitter. I bet you all need a good lay in tomorrow and a good rest. I'll remember about OTL's birthday and I'll ask my mum to help me send an e-card. I've had a day of resting and being cuddled, I always like being cuddled. Have a good evening and put your paws up, stay warm and snuggly and enjoy any muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. That was surprising how much sand had been removed, I trust the plants are strong enough to survive. Eric is probably happier rampaging around the house than on the icey beach, try and swing another couple of days, Eric! OTL so busy with his deep cleaning, I wonder if he found any woofer biscuits, I felt so sorry to read that you and Holly had to spend all that time sleeping on the bed. Michael has had a fun day or two with our friend who bought a new computer running Windows 10 but didn't know the right passwords for the right things, he spent hours on the phone and had to do a complete factory reset which took about four or five hours before ringing the computer retailers technical support again. Oh the joys he said, or something like that. Hope TM had a lovely glueing, inking and noshing day so glad that you didn't have the bad weather. Ours is going but still clumps of ice around. Like Archie I had to remark on the doggy ends, how super, what a picture, that needs an A3 print on the stairs! Have a good rest tomorrow after all the hard work xxxxxx