Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Stone Walls are expensive!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back again!

We were up late this morning, Old Two Legs didn't sleep too well, until it was time to get up!

It's strange how you always fall asleep just before you have to get up!

We were so late that everyone had been out for their walk and there was no one on the grass path or the beach! 

A little misty but not too cold!
Just for a change the frost wasn't so thick this morning and the wind had dropped right down to nothing!

Holly spotted some Brant Geese by the shore but as soon as Holly went to say 'Hello', they all flew off!

Watch it! There's that woofer again!
I think they remember that Holly Chops likes chicken!

Miss May and Eric came out with us 'cos they hadn't been out for some time and both of them needed a good run along the beach and up the hill.

Back home OTL set to cleaning up the cages and making it all tidy.

Lunchtime arrived and we were set to help OTL 'cos he had to go out and visit a customer and we were supposed to guard the car. Holly, after a jog along the sea wall, said she was in super condition the guard the car and she would woof off anyone who came close!

Come near our car and you're in deep poo!
After our walk we were getting ready to go when OTL's customer rang up and cancelled the meeting! Spoil sport, we were looking forward to a bit of woofing!

So, instead OTL headed off to places we had never been before!

Do you remember last holiday when our car got attacked by a Yorkshire Stone Wall?

Well, it managed to put a couple of scratches alongside the rear passenger door. OTL was not a Happy Puppy and he decided to fund the repair himself rather than through the insurance 'cos he reckons the insurance route would cost him a fortune.

Well, today was the day when he took a deep breath and walked into the menders and said he needed not only the door done but the bonnet as well where some one had scratched when we were up in Tobermory and also the scratches on the rear spoiler where he had scratched getting the ladders off the roof!

Three jobs in one go!

Well, out came the man and did wot OTL does when he has to price up a job, he looks at it, says Mmmm, then did a deep intake of air through his teeth which made it look like the job was more difficult than OTL imagined!

Yeah! We know all about that trick and while the man was looking at the car both Holly and I did a Gggrrrrrrrh! and the ferrets looked out of the cage and licked their lips!

The man got the message and in the end did OTL a good price!

I mean, it's more than his life's worth to try that trick on us!

So all has worked out well and we await a date to take the car in.

Not sure what we got for dinner today but I hope it will be tasty, I just fancy some Lambs Heart!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

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  1. Evening little car guarding maties down by the seaside. Wot a good job OTL took you along when he went for his estimate on the car, I'm sure that chap would have added on some £££££'s if you hadn't been there to warn him off. Sorry to hear that OTL didn't get a good night last night, hopefully he'll be more comfy tonight. I take it you didn't need to call the vet out for Mrs TM and OTL. Perhaps the thought of getting stabbed with a very large sharp needle made them feel a bit better. I've had some blood test results back and my vet rang to say that she was pleased with them. So from Thursday onwards I don't need to take anymore of the dustbin lid tablets, roll on Thursday. Glad to hear that Miss May and Eric managed a good walk this morning on the beach. Holly chops is looking well good, now can we have a picture of you tomorrow please Daisy. I hope you get something tasty for you scoff tonight, I think you deserve it with all the guarding and snuggling you've been doing. Have a good evening all, enjoy any muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx