Thursday, 26 January 2017

Wot with the wind as well, it has been Icking cold down here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again.

I don't know what it's been like up your end of the world but down here it hasn't got above freezing all day!

When we got to the beach it was minus two degrees and with a stiff wind blowing we reckon the windchill added two or three minuses to that!

It was so cold that Old Two Legs didn't get the camera out 'cos it was too cold to take his paws out of his pocket, having forgotten his 'Winter Gloves'!

Wendy and Freddy were in a hurry to get back to the car and I must admit, Holly and I didn't hang about either!

Lunchtime it was May and Eric's turn to come out for a walk. They had a walk on the grass path as they headed down to the beach. Mind you, they kept on climbing up OTL's leg to get back into his arms for a cuddle!

On the beach Holly spotted a Wormy Man waiting for the tide to recede so he could start digging.
Has he stopped for a wee?
 Of course he had just stopped to watch the water!

If I had a wee now those woofers will see me!
 Eric wasn't hanging about either 'cos the wind was still blowing and it was still one degrees below freezing!

Normally Eric would hang around and maybe do a 'Freddy' by rolling on his back or sniffing around but today it all Go Go Go!

Out of my way, these rocks are cold!
We were sad to read about Storm yesterday, so, we are keeping our claws crossed he gets sorted out!

We were told that we may get a visit on Saturday by three little woofers called Alfie, Oscar and Louie! Yep! It looks like they have got over being stabbed with needles and now are protected against all those nasty bugs!

Mind you, we will have to be on our best behaviour 'cos they are bound to have a wee or a poo on the carpet and we don't want to get blamed!

OTL says he will be there with the camera to take some photo's!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the icking cold seaside. Yep it's been icking cold here as well, in fact, I decided I didn't want to go out for a walk even with my fleece on, so I went on strike. I've been diving out to the garden when I can't keep my legs crossed anymore then diving straight back in, my mum has saved a mountain full of treat trying to get me to come in quickly. My mum didn't see Storms mum today but she reckons she'll see her tomorrow when she goes to buy her paper, so my mum will ask her how my big mate is going and I'll report back to you, so we're still keeping our paws crossed here and hope that he might be back home very soon, I mean, you do get good service at the vets and some of us get lots of cuddles, but I reckon my mate Storm is to big to be picked up and snuggled on a nice nurses lap like wot I am. My boy has got a few days off so I'll be busy in charge and guarding him tomorrow when my mum goes to work, it's hard work but someone has to do it. You lot are very brave going down to the beach in this cold weather, hope none of you catch cold down there, I reckon the ferrets aren't daft trying to get a carry and cuddle from OTL. Poor you and Holly chops though, I bet you don't get a warm carry back to the car. Tell OTL he must remember his gloves, his scarf, his hat, his thermals and an extra coat if he's going out in this weather, we don't want him getting a nasty chill. Now that wormy man needs to have his head tested, doesn't he know the little worms will be hiding right down in their holes and he'll need an ice pick to get them out, he best leave them snuggled in the bottom of their holes where they're snuggly. Sounds good that the 3 little woofers are over being stabbed and will be visiting, I look forward to seeing the photos. Make sure you tell OTL who did any wees or poos on the carpet so that he knows who the culprit is. Lovely photos today, although I'm not too sure about the wormy man, if he was or wasn't having a wee. Stay warm and snuggly and have a good evening. Love, licks, wags and licks from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. I did go our today but in a warm car to the shops that didn't have what Margaret or I wanted so we to make do with a cup of tea at home. Michael and I are planning to go out on Sunday in the pouring rain, well that is, we are planning on going out and the weather is planning a pour. We must wait and see! Those ferrets have it made, a warm bag for when they want a carry, your fault, you should have been a ferret but then I think the computer would have been too difficult for you and we wouldn't have all these diaries to read and smile at. Keep up the writing, I expect OTL misses having his camera with him, Michael belongs to a Group with a weekly challenge and the new one is "Vibrant Colours", I don't think your beach will feature. Have a lazy weekend, no rushing about while that poor man does all his work. You had best lay on the day bed to check out for intruders xxxxxx