Friday, 17 February 2017

He's Gone!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Well, today's blog is going to be shorter than normal and on top of that, there are no pictures!

We were out early this morning, but not early enough to catch the sun rise, so no 'Ethereal Sunrise' pictures!

In fact there were no pictures at all 'cos as soon as we got to the beach there were loads of the gang sniffing around and Two Legs talking to Old Two Legs!

We took May and Eric out in the morning 'cos Freddy and Wendy, after their morning slurp of Lactose Free milk and a chew of Chicken Strip they headed back to bed for a snooze and OTL said it was terrible to wake them up to go for a walk!

So, instead we took Eric and Wendy!

Wendy was all up for a rampage around the beach and the Grass Path but Eric was a little slow and at one point he even got OTL to carry him!

Back home it was all rush and tear to get the cages cleaned and food bowls filled before OTL had to leave.

We were excited thinking that we were going too but got all sad when OTL waved 'Bye Bye' and left us with The Missus!

Both Holly and I sat by the window for a while thinking OTL might change his mind and come back but he has been gone so long that I think he is well on his way up the M1 motorway!

We are looking forward to seeing what TM does with the ferret cages tomorrow and what the ferrets get up to when they have their rampage around the house with TM to keep them in line!

Some hope!

Now trying to decide which two babies to give away must be terrible but as long as you make sure the TL's that come to take them away are properly vetted, sniffed and looked at make sure they play with the puppy before you let them out of your sight!

Oh! and another thing, make sure you get reports and pictures of their progress!

We all had to leave Mum but as long as we get loved it is OK!

Let's face it, we did alright!

We will have a chat with OTL tonight and make sure he is missing us!

So, see you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little left at home maties. I hope OTL has a safe journey. Now I would think it would be very nice of him to turn round and come home but I expect he's looking forward to his weekend away. Don't see why he couldn't have taken you and Holly chops with him unless Mrs TM didn't want to be without the pair of you. I bet it will be fun tomorrow but I wouldn't worry too much, Mrs TM is good at keeping gangs of hooligans in line so I don't expect the ferrets will be much of a problem. Oh dear, how do you pick which puppy to stay and which ones to let go. I expect Izzy will be very sorry to see them go to new homes but I think you're quite right about checking out the TL's who come to see them. Most important is that they will play with the puppies, love them and snuggle them, if the TL's don't look like good snugglers then I wouldn't let them have a puppy. I don't really remember wot it was like to be taken away from my mum but my TL mum loves me very much and she wouldn't let anyone take me away, she would bite them if they tried. I expect you and Holly are doing guard duty while OTL is away. I find if you snooze a lot it makes the time go quickly then OTL will be back before you know it. Happy snuggling tonight with Mrs TM, make sure she doesn't take up too much of the bed, you guard OTL's side. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. You were onto a slim hope that OTL would change his mind once packed up and off up the road, the call so the North overrides that! So Daisy that leaves you in charge, keep your ears open and try not to laugh at any cage cleaning mishaps. What are we going to do without those lovely pictures, you must get TM to take some for your supporters? Those pups are growing up fast and I am sure the two leaving will find loving homes with lots of snuggles and love. The weather is going to be good for the weekend so hopefully OTL and Alun will be in their element unless they are looking for the snow, I read that it is snowing in Ottawa but I don't think that is up the M1! Take care of TM she means well, does she have the TCP in stock, don't let her get away with anything, I know what she is like when she gets carried away with the glue and glitter. xxxxxx