Saturday, 18 February 2017

We meet the Ladies that Craft!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Now, you know that Old Two Legs has left us for the weekend, so, that means we have to fit in with The Missuses plans which include spending hours up at the village hall 'Crafting'!

Well, Holly and I did the expected thing of saying 'Hello' to everyone and seeing if we could snaffle any food that may be left unguarded!

We both got nibbles!

The ferrets got a run around at home while TM was cleaning the cages. Crafty TM shut the ferrets out of the office while she cleaned the poo out and prevented Miss May from doing a 'Ferret Boo'!

When Freddy and Wendy were out, Wendy got lost behind the filing cabinet and had Old Two Legs not warned TM about the hiding place, young Wendy might still be there!

OTL is having fun and we believe he has got a couple of books to read over the next few weeks.

I'm not too sure on what has upset me but I've got a 'Grumbly Tum', Holly reckons it is the chew I have kept hidden in the office for the last two weeks, just 'cos it has some green furry stuff on it!

I think it is because I'm missing OTL, still, I've got one of his coats to sleep on so I still can pretend he is here with me giving me a cuddle while I snooze!

With a bit of luck he should be home tomorrow so I will have the 'Real OTL Sniff' to cuddle up to!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Daisy I'm so sorry to hear about your grumbly tum, I know if OTL is away you probably are upset but he will be home soon, I hope he hasn't got a grumbly tum cos he's missing you. Hope your tum feels much better soon. Sounds like you've had a pretty good day though, I bet you got lots of nibbles down at the crafty place and I bet the ladies loved you and Holly chops looking at their work, did you give them some tips on how to do things? See I told you those ferrets would be no match for Mrs TM, she knows lots about hooligans and things. Hope OTL is having a nice time but I expect he's missing you very much and can't wait to get back home for his cuddles with his favourite woofers. Have a good rest tonight cos you'll need all your strength to give OTL the Daisy and Holly welcome home tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. A whole day plus gone without OTL, we will never be sure if it was missing OTL, the green furry stuff or over eating at the village hall, hope you are soon feeling better X. Sounds like TM has beaten the ferrets at their own game, maybe OTL will be assigning her to take on his duties while he has a nice sit down with one of his new books. Have a nice snuggle and tomorrow you can tell us all about OTL's journey up the M1. xxxxxx