Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Who nicked Spring!

Hi Woofers,

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back with you again!

Wot a change from yesterday! I mean, there it was all sunshine and balmy breezes and then today, what did we get?

Grey clouds!

Not exactly the brightest day this week!
Mind you, I did make up for it. I found this super pile of stink on the sand and just dived in!

Oh Woofin' Heck! Is she in trouble!
And I was, I got a full wash and scrub and on top of that my harness had to be washed as well!

Mind you, Freddy did a roll but missed out on the poo!

I must say, it does have a sort of buzz to it!
As we got closer to the car, Wendy and Freddy ran onto the 'Ferret Path'. It's funny how all of the ferrets use the same path through grass!

Come on, shift your tail!
Lunchtime it was May and Eric's turn to have a run on the beach and Miss May said she couldn't find any poo to roll in and she felt she was missing out!

Old Two Legs told her she  would only get a scrubbing in a bowl of soap suds!

Oh No! Not the Soap Suds!
Eric had a great time digging a trench down the beach and kept on looking around to see if anyone was watching his 'Engineering'!

McAlpine has nothing on me!
Holly and I had some fun doing a 'Fast Dig' while the ferrets watched and hopefully pick up some ideas on hole digging!

OK, second gear!
 Holly got going and in the end there was sand being thrown all over the place and even the ferrets got covered!

Eric ran off and May asked OTL to pick her up, just to get out of the sand shower!

Quick OTL, save me from the Sand Storm!
Back home we left OTL to finish off his messing about on the computer while we all headed for our 'Snoozing Beds'!

See you all tomorrow when we should look like a couple of poodles 'cos it's our 'Shampoo and Set day!

Now, today is also Auntie Sue's birthday!

We have been working on a new 'Birthday Song' so, take a deep breath and here goes!

Happy Birthday to Sooo!
Loads of sniffs and a poooo!
Happy Birthday Missy Soosey............
Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooooooo!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the cloudy beach. Wow Daisy, I'm really impressed at your roll in the super stink, booo hisss to OTL, seeing as you are going to the beauty parlour tomorrow, he could have let you keep it for this evening, I mean, a super stink is a great find. Loved the pictures today. Wot a shame Freddy couldn't find the super rolly stink, I bet OTL wouldn't have washed him. I can see Eric and Miss May are watching the hole digging lessons you and Holly chops are giving them. Wots this I hear about OTL's meals on wheels? I hear it's not looking up to scratch. Did you do a quality control on it last night? I reckon OTL should complain like wot us woofers do when the scoff is not top notch. I mean you don't want 2nd class muggings do you! Now I reckon all of Mrs TM's crafty ladies should send down a nice meal each then OTL can sample the dinners and give a prize for the best one. You and Holly can be on the judging panel as well. Now I had a word with my boy and he reckons it's easy, Monday Kebab, Tuesday Fish n Chips, Wednesday Chinese, Thursday burger n chips, Friday pie n chips, Saturday bangers n chips, Sunday Indian takeaway, then repeat for the next couple of weeks, simples and you can get the fish n chips in newspaper, the kebab in a box, each the Chinese and Indian straight from the foil containers ........... no washing up. See sorted. I mean, as my boy says, who wants vegetables, you get some salad with your kebab, you get bean sprouts with your Chinese and you can get mushy peas from the chip shop when you get your fish, burgers, pie and bangers. Stick with me OTL, I'll have you sorted. Now don't let the groomer trim you too short tomorrow cos the forecast for the weather isn't very good and you don't want to freeze in the wind. Make sure you find a good sniff when you come out to get rid of the perfume stink them groomers put on. Have a good evening all and remember ....... stinks rule. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Triffick birthday song for Mrs Soooo btw. Happy birthday Mrs Soooo lots of love to yooooo, happy birthday Mrs Sooooooooooo, Daisy rolled in a poooooo xxxxxx

  3. Well thank you for my song, not sure about the loads of sniffs and a poooo bit! unless that was you Daisy, fancy having to get washed when it is tomorrow at the parlour for that. Don't let them cut you too short like that other time when you had a furry tail and short back and sides and like Archie says the weather forecast is for colder weather and OTL doesn't want you and Holly coming down with a chill when TM has left him in charge. His boy has sorted out the menu very nicely but perhaps the second week just change around the menu a little, maybe Fish n Chips on Wednesday and have Chinese on Tuesday, that's sorted good and proper! Lovely pictures today, all looking fit and healthy and sparkling with it, I hope your grumbley tums have gone away. Better be on best behaviour next week otherwise OTL will need to play with the washing machine and as he is giving the dish washer a break he won't want to sitting watching your harness going round and round. Stay warm and out of trouble and I might even come to check up on you to make sure you still look like Daisy Dog. xxxxxx