Wednesday, 15 March 2017

OTL gets a Selfie done!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Wot a super day it's been. Sunshine almost all day long and Old Two Legs managed to get most of his work done in between our walks along the Sea Wall!

Being so warm, the sand really dried out on the beach and of course, Holly Chops just had to do her famous 'Nose Dive' into the sand. Her face was covered with sand and so was her nose! 

Both Freddy and Miss Wendy joined in the game and set about re arranging the sand, ferret fashion! Then once that was done the next was to pick up on the 'Ferret Track' and head back to the car for a cooling drink of water!

Come on Missy, shift yer tail!
OTL pointed out the bushes that yesterday had tight little buds but this morning there was bloom!

OK, so we always have flowers buy just look at our colours!
 The Hawthorn had burst into bloom and most of the flowers were now open!

Now, this is what Spring is all about!
 Lunchtime OTL gave up on trying to keep me out of the water and took my harness off. You know, even Holly got her paws wet and that is a first this year!

Come On! Throw a Woofin' Stick!
 Miss May was showing off, she quickly piled up some sand and made a Sandcastle and finished it off by making a roof of stone!

I should have been called 'Bob The Builder'!
As we came off the beach a couple of Two Legs walked up, all amazed to see ferrets out for a walk.

OTL went into 'Story Mode' about how wonderful ferrets are, especially May and Eric who he was cuddling!

Can we take a picture? Of course you can, of the ferrets, not us!

Blooming ferrets are getting all the attention nowadays!

Then, seeing the TL had a decent camera, OTL thinks it may have been a Leica, he asked if he would take a picture of OTL and the ferrets!

So, here we are, OTL has his 'Selfie'!

Normally we never see OTL in the pictures 'cos he is always behind the camera but today, he gets to be famous!
OTL's Selfie!
It's a pity that Archie Babe doesn't live a little closer to us 'cos every time he has to have a Shampoo & Set, he could go splashing about in the water here and get real sniffy again, just like us!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the blooming seaside. Well wot a lovely day you've all had and loved the pictures specially OTL's selfie. Now Daisy, I'm not too sure about going in the sea to get sniffy again, you know me, I like dry sniffs to get on me. It's been nice and sunny here but I hear that Storm Stella is heading this way. Now Mrs Boy comes from the east coast of the USA and her mum took some pictures yesterday of where they live, all I can say is, if we lived there you wouldn't have been able to see us cos we'd have been covered in snow cos it's so deep. My mum wouldn't have liked it if she couldn't have seen me. Not long now until Mrs TM returns. I hope you got decent scoff today, OTL has no excuses if he finished his work early. Hope he got on ok at the dentists and his wallet isn't empty now. Have a lovely evening all and make the most of the parties cos when Mrs TM gets back there will be no late night singing, no nightcaps and shortbread. Hope the hoover hasn't packed up either. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. It really has been warm, I heard that Gravesend had its hottest day of the year so far but unfortunately it will not last because that cold from New York is heading our way on the Jet Stream, can't it jet off somewhere else. Maybe it will get stuck in Scotland, we won't mind that because we are not in Scotland. Superb selfie of OTL but who was that woofer almost getting into the act, was it you? OTL must have got a move on perhaps it was the warmth that made him get himself into gear and get things finished, more time for cooking and hoovering!!!! Maybe more time for shortbread and idling! xxxxxx

  3. Looks so warm on the beach. It's lovely weather here but cannot wait to see you all again. Hope otl did not find the dentist too painful ! Love and hugs TM. XXX