Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sunday is for resting and Counting Flogs!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

You know, today started off just super, sunshine, balmy breezes and more blossom on the trees!

Talking of Barmy Things, just look at these two, I mean, we couldn't imagine a more dodgy looking pair of tourists inn the world! We reckon they are working out how to get the wheel on the plane back home!

One Wheel on my Wagon!
We were doing better things, like digging up the beach and chasing sniffs!

OTL spotted SIX Flogs in the pond this morning! They were all sitting there sunbathing but as soon as OTL moved the door to take a picture they all went SPLOSH and disappeared under the weeds. Except one who was fast asleep and got woke up by the sploshing but didn't know what or why, so OTL got a picture of that one instead of all six!

Did I miss something?
Just like Ratty, OTL will get a picture in the end. That makes me think, we haven't been putting out any seed for the birds since The Missus left for the U.S.A. and of course, there hasn't been piles of seed on the floor and we haven't seen Ratty either.  Maybe he has got fed up and gone off to the Chip Shop to mug the patrons there!

Unfortunately, we were served up Doggy Scoff today, not our usual old muck but a new tasting muck! Well, for a change both Holly and I woofed it all down and came back for a treat afterwards!

This afternoon we all had a cuddle on OTL's chair, after he had repaired it! One of the screws holding it all together had fallen out so armed with a big screwdriver he reinstalled it and tightened up all the others he could find!

So, we are off to see if the flog count has gone up but as it has started to rain we think the flogs will go into hiding 'cos the don't like it when it rains, strange that is!

See you tomorrow!


 Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Please send OTL round to me as my chair arm is very wobbly and Michael keeps saying he will fix it! He did fix the kitchen cupboard door yesterday with a neighbours help so I mustn't rush him. That is a pretty frog you have in your pond, keep trying and we will get to see them all, it looks enormous but I suppose it is quite small. TM and her friend did find a nice wheel, it would be ideal for that boat you are making in your front garden! Maybe it won't fit in the suitcase, pity but you could take the picture to a blacksmith and have one built for you, perhaps a little smaller as it might be too big for you and Holly to drive. So pleased you have had a nice run on the beach and it could be that you will be getting a visit from some little woofers. We had a good dry day, it didn't rain until the homeward journey from Faversham but then the car got wet. Wishing you good scoff tomorrow, it sounds like today's wasn't that bad as you ate it all or were you so hungry from yesterday? xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties down by the seaside with the flogs in your garden. I've noticed that our flogs get out of the pond and hop across the garden and go and hide when it rains, I reckon they're like me and don't like getting wet. That's a smashing picture of Mrs TM but like Sue says I don't think she'll get it in her case. Mrs Boy has arrived and I'm getting lots and lots of cuddles. Mrs Boy got an upgrade on her seat in the plane and travelled business class in comfort. I wonder if Mrs TM might get an upgrade coming home, fingers crossed. It's rained quite a bit here today. That's a good picture of your frog, shame the others were camera shy. Well the blow up bed is still up, it was very interesting sleeping on it last night and my mum did moan a bit cos I found it very springy and I was enjoying a bouncing around on it. I'm a bit miffed at the moment cos my boy and Mrs boy are cuddling on the sofa and they're not cuddling ME! OTL is very clever to mend his chair. Sorry to hear about the doggie scoff again today. You can always move here and live with me, trouble is, you'd probably get doggie scoff here as well. I think it's time us woofers went on strike for better rations. Have a nice evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx