Tuesday, 7 March 2017

TM's Spending Spree!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Spring is here, we know that 'cos Old Two Legs gets the caravan fully serviced ready for our holidays!

The Service Man has been here all day pushing, poking and slapping on the grease. Every so often Holly and I rush up to the window and give him a good woofing, just to make sure he isn't slacking!

We have been served up with Doggy Scoff today, so, food wise we are not too happy! However, we did get a super Rawhide Chew each and we have spent most of the day having a good old chew under OTL's desk!

Down on the beach there was enough sunshine to brighten up the beach a little but not enough to go sun bathing!

Next stop Hamburg!
 There was just one ship heading out to sea, which was rather boring, so we kept to the Sea Wall and made the most of the sunshine!

It's good out of the wind!
 Lunchtime it was warmer and a little less windy. Holly decided that she would try some sunbathing on the beach while the ferrets did some digging.

It's no good, there's just too much noise!
Holly said that the noise made by May and Eric was just too loud for her to have a decent snooze, so she joined in a game of 'Dig and Whizz' and a race along the grass path!

Both ferrets were on leads but that didn't stop them from chasing Holly Chops, in fact Eric thought it great fun to run up behind her and give her back legs a nip, just to get her moving!

That's one brave ferret!

'Left Hand Down A Bit Mr Eric'
 We had a communication from The Missus saying she was off to the National Park and was trying to decide on the mode of transport, first they thought they might try something mode 'Traditional'

Three Wheels on My Wagon'!
 Then she thought she might try something with a little more oomph!

Do you take credit card?
Yeah! OK, but can you tow a caravan with it?

TM says that she has seen road signs saying 'Watch Out For Snakes'!

OTL said that Rattle Snake Stew is very tasty!

I won't tell you what TM said, but she wasn't asking for the recipe!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well that Mrs TM certainly has a cheek to be showing pictures of her posing next to a posh car when you're on doggie scoff. Next time she speaks to you, tell her you'll be trying out ferret stew soon if the scoff doesn't improve. I believe that rattlesnake tastes like chicken, but then again I've never tried it. I've had a good look round the garden this morning and there was no signs of any snakes for me to bring in and get my mum to stew. I had a nice walk up to the shops this morning and mugged my friend Brenda for a treat or two. My boy has gone to work now so I'm man of the house and on guard duty until he gets home sometime around 6 tomorrow morning. Me and my mum have been getting the spare room ready so that we can sleep in there when Mrs Boy arrives at the weekend. I'm quite pleased with the bed, it's quite low down and I only have to step up on it which saves me having to jump up. I think I'm going to be quite comfie but I'm not sure where my mum is going to sleep because there is only a single bed in it ......... hmmmm maybe she might fit in my little woofer bed, that's probably why she's put that in there. Glad to hear you all had fun on the beach today, poor Holly chops getting her sunbathing interrupted by noisy ferrets digging. Glad you kept an eye on the man who was checking out the caravan, some of these TL's need an eye kept on them or they sit down for coffee breaks all the time. Loved todays pictures. Hope you've got better scoff tomorrow but at least you had a tasty chew today. Have a good evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Well Archie's comments cover it all, trust TM to choose the sporty car but I don't see it getting accepted by Customs, I know you can't bring foodstuff or seeds and it definitely doesn't count as either but somehow no. There is always UPS they carry excess luggage but then ............ no. We saw some deer today nibbling grass non stop, do they taste like chicken, I don't think Knole Park would be agreeable though so Michael just took pictures. Doggie scoff! This can't be happening when TM is into Buffalo Steaks and OTL is having dinners served with red wine sauce, I wonder what the ferrets are eating, probably plastic plates. Tomorrow is forecast rain so don't say I didn't warn you and I hope the culinary experience is better. xxxxxx