Sunday, 9 April 2017

A Seriously Sunny Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

You know, the things we do for The Missus, just so she can have a fun time!

Take today, there we were being woken up at four in the morning while TM was stomping all over the house, switching on lights, banging pots and pans and running up and down the stairs and crashing around in her store room full of crafty junk!

It got to five and we gave up trying to sleep.

Old Two Legs got up and had his shower and washed his bald spot then got the breakfast ready for him and the ferrets.

So, there we were off down to the Sea Wall for our very early morning walk and both Fred and Wendy were still half asleep as they wandered along the beach!

I don't know where we are, open your eyes and have a look!
 We got back and after doing some tidying OTL got the car out and took Auntie Shelia and TM off to the train station 'cos they were off to Ally Pally for a day of flashing the credit card and gassing!

Lunchtime we were back down the beach again but our normal car park was jam packed with visitors and there was nowhere to park!

OTL, being a sneaky TL parked up in the 'Overflow' car park across the other side of the football pitch!

May and Eric just got all spaced out 'cos there were no bushes to dive into for a wee!

So where are the bushes?
 This was a bit of a worry to Eric 'cos like me, he likes to hide away when  he has a wee out doors!

No Bushes! This is getting scary and I need a wee!
 Lucky for them, and me, OTL took us around a different path and we ended up on our normal path. So Eric got his private wee and I got to cover my tail in the pants as well!

Bet you can't see us in the bushes!
There were loads of TL's on the beach together with their woofers. I went down onto the beach then went in for a deep paddle followed by a swim! Holly, OTL and the ferrets stayed up on the Sea Wall away from any trouble while I got a couple of TL's to throw stones in the water for me to chase!

There were a couple of woofers on the beach who didn't like getting their paws wet, a bit like Holly Chops, and one of them dropped a ball into the water then wouldn't go in and get it. So, me being a good little woofer, went in, picked it up and brought it back to the beach where the woofers picked it up!

OTL and the ferrets wanted to go play in the bushes so I got called off the beach, even though I was covered in sand that had stuck to me when I rolled in the sand to get dry!

Back on the football field the ferrets had a little run around while Holly and I sniffed the sniffs!

Back home OTL was playing on the computer trying to get the Internetty thing to work and the Email to go to the right place but after spending all afternoon doing that and uploading TM's video, he didn't get anything sorted. So it was just as well when he got the telephone call from TM to go and pick her and Auntie Shelia up from the station!

The link for TM's video is  A Quick Card  but she does go on for ages, so the card might be quick but the description and story is over fifteen minutes long!

Tonight OTL has been promised a Kofti Kebab, so Holly and I are preparing for some serious mugging 'cos we have spotted the tin of Doggy Scoff on the kitchen work surface!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well wot a super sunny day it's been. I've been playing football in the garden with my mum, I won. Now that car park should have a sign saying "only for the locals" make everyone else go and look for somewhere else to park. I know wot it's like to want a wee or a poo and not like people looking, I'm very private and I don't like spectators when I go. Glad you managed to get a swim in and wot a good girl to go after another woofers ball and get it back for them. I hope they said thank you. Now this getting up at 4 in the morning is a bit much, I've told my mum that I don't like getting up that early but she still makes me get up and go out into the pitch black garden when she's working, the only thing is at least I can wee without anyone seeing me. My mum nearly popped up to Ally Pally today, she was walking home from work thinking about it but she said she just felt to cream crackered to go. Good job really cos I would have been home alone. Did Mrs TM bring home any treats? My mum watched the video that Mrs TM made. I bet that kebab will sniff good tonight, hope you manage to get a mug of it. Have a good evening all and I'll be thinking of you when I get up at 4 tomorrow morning. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper, p.s. loved the pictures today. xxxxxxxxx

  2. It is your fault that I am late, by the time you had posted and I read it we had a visitor who drank endless cups of tea and so now I am here to comment. Still it is Sunday so I am not that late, we are getting excited because in the morning we have another visitor who is staying for a few days......Daisy Girl is arriving at 9-30 am with her dad and when he goes off to work we are going to Teapot Island to see the hundreds of teapots, the last time we took Daisy she was smaller so won't remember too much about them. You have had a super day and TM has been having a super visit too, I hope she brought you back some nice treats to make up for her going away again, she can't keep leaving you like this, not fair, no it isn't. You were very kind to get the woofers ball back and not running off with it, were you tempted? The football field looks a bit big for the little ones and nowhere to hide, all expossed to the world, glad you were able to get to the beach for a bit of privacy. Was the kebab lovely, I expect TM had been eating all day so there was more left for you two especially after rampaging around in the early hours before she went off and left you. You tell her to be quiet in the morning, you need your sleep, how can she expect you to be alert and guard when you are half asleep? xxxxxx