Monday, 24 April 2017

We hear a Cuckoo!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here once again!

This morning it was rather warm, especially as the weather man had said we were in for some cold weather and snow and blizzards!

No Snow Here!
 I celebrated by going in for a swim!

No Icebergs here!
 Freddy was in a good mood and showed us all how to dig a trench by using only his nose!

You just sticks yer nose in the sand and run at it!
 Impressive or wot!

 While we were on the beach we could hear a Cuckoo calling out. We looked at all the tree tops and the bushes but just couldn't pick him out anywhere.

I'm sure that in the end Holly fell asleep!

I can't see the Cuck-a-Doodle-Koo!
 Back home Old Two Legs had a few orders he had to get out today so we left him to it and went off looking for food!

Young Freddy fell asleep in his Cuddle Cup with Miss Wendy and only woke up when OTL bashed the side of his cage!

OK. Just Who Did That?
 We reckon that tonight it will get cold, so we have got our places reserved on OTL's bed tonight and we will make sure The Missus doesn't take up too much room either!

See you tomorrow.



Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties, lovely pictures. Isn't Freddy good with his nose, wot a smashing trench. Freddy looks well upset at being woken up, poor little chap. Do these cuckoos taste like chicken? It was very chilly here first thing when my mum let me out for my first wee at 4 o clock. It got a tad warmer but I've seen warmer days. It's started raining this evening and it's definitely getting colder so like you, I've booked my spot right next to my mum so that she can snuggle me when we go to bed tonight. I'm not right happy about this diet my mums got me on, the lack of scoff is making me feel very weak. My mum is off to the dentist tomorrow afternoon so I'll be guarding for a little while. Any burglars better watch out cos I'm in the mood for an extra bit of meat. I don't know how you could get in such cold water, getting wet is bad enough but cold water is just too bad to think about. Hope you all stay warm and snuggled tonight. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. You don't have much joy with finding the rabbits and squirrels and the chances of finding a cuckoo are even less, they are smaller and have little wings and just laugh at you. It wasn't too cold here this morning when I went out but Michael keeps telling me that it is going to snow so you must watch out. TM has been quiet today, I never heard a mumour from here, I think she spent the day watching television from what I saw. Take care of the ice tomorrow and don't go loosing any of those little ones in the snow drifts. xxxxxx