Saturday, 6 May 2017

And it's Still Windy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back with you again!

I just don't know what is happening with the weather, little or no rain but loads of wind coming in off the North Sea and this is supposed to be May!

More White Horses heading our way!
When we go down to the beach for our walk, Old Two Legs carries the ferrets in his arms, just until they wake up. In the morning it is Freddy and Wendy who get the first walk of the day and over the last week or two Freddy has been asking to get down for a walk pretty soon after we have left the car!

A short while later Miss Wendy is doing the same thing!

Now, normally we wouldn't worry but a ferret is not as quick as us woofers and that means Holly and I have to wait until the catch up with us. On the way back they are still on the ground running along!

I tell you, these ferrets must be the fittest ferrets in North Kent!

When we get to the beach Wendy and Freddy are straight into the sand digging for all their worth!

If we keep on we could dig a hole to Sheerness!
This morning it was Freddy who was digging for all he was worth.

Freddy, doing a Holly Dog, Stick yer nose in and Run!
Going back to the car can be fun, especially when the ferrets decide to get a spurt on, they run up behind and Holly and I end up falling over them!

Shift yer butt woofers, Ferrets coming through!
It was in the afternoon that I got a chance to have a dig as well. You know it's great fun shifting sand at high speed!

Who needs a JCB when you've got a Woofer!
It must be a 'Digging Day' 'cos when we took May and Eric for a walk, they both had fun digging as well!

Shove your nose in and...........!
Today The Missus has been up the Village Hall with her Master Class where they have all been 'Glue Slapping'!

So, we have been having fun around the place today, OTL has been busy with the paperwork while Holly and I have been snoozing on the sofa!

We got served up with this 'Posh Nosh Doggy Scoff', this time it wasn't too bad, but then, we were starving!

I don't think we have any chance of pinching OTL's dinner tonight 'cos it's Curry & Rice!

With a bit of luck we may get a bit of Naan Bread dipped in curry juice!

Holly reckons we may get chicken tomorrow so keep your claws crossed!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little windswept and interesting maties. It's been quite windy here as well. I went out for a ride in the car then came back and had a walk, I must admit it is warmer in the car. I've had lots of cuddles today, firstly with Louise down at the vets, well, I had to go visit cos she normally takes care of my butt but because I saw Thea the vet yesterday, she had the pleasure of my butt but I knew Louise would miss out on her cuddles so I decided I'd pop along and give her a cuddle and a kiss even though my butt didn't need doing. I had a wander up the shops and managed to mug some ladies for some cuddles then on the way home I bumped into 2 of the neighbours and mugged them for cuddles as well. So I've had a busy day tarting with the ladies. Looks like you've all had a lot of fun on the beach today, did you find any super rolly sniffs to roll in? I'm glad todays scoff tasted a bit better but I suppose when you're starving, anything tastes good. Paws crossed for you tomorrow that you do get chicken. How is Holly chops tum today, I hope she's over her grumblies. Loved all the pictures today. I've been quite busy because there's been quite a few squirrels in my garden so I've had good fun sneaking up on them and chasing them out. Poor OTL fancy having to do paper work on a Saturday. I bet Mrs TM enjoyed her glue slapping classes today. I hope you manage a bit of dipped naan this evening. Me and my mum are having an early night cos she's working in the morning. Have a good evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. The man on the weather forecast said that some of us were looking for the rain as it had been so dry, I checked that we weren't playing a recording and we weren't. Who I ask is asking for rain, it had better not be you who has applied for some wet stuff. It has been dry and even sunny at times but that wind is not good. Lovely pictures of the digging but such a waste of time hobby because you dig it out and it falls back in, a bit like TLs who run on a treadmill. I think it bad enough to go for a walk with no purpose so I have to buy something, bread, milk, potatoes, everything that makes go walking worthwhile. Hope you got the chicken, we had Smoked Haddock, I don't suppose you would have liked that so I didn't save you any. Love to hear about you all going out and what you get up to, Archie has plenty of squirrels but rabbits and frogs seem to have gone quiet.
    I have a story to tell: This morning our neighbour opposite told us that the electric wire from our van was unplugged and on the lawn. Michael ventured out in his dressing gown and discovered that the wires had been pulled out of the big round joining socket, the electric 13 amp plug was nearly out of the socket on the house. Why would someone do that, it must have been very difficult to pull the wire out of the plug, he went to check that our neighbours caravan hadn't been interfered with, all was fine there. Then telling our other neighbour, the neighbour noticed that there were sharp teeth marks on the thick blue wire. Answer: A fox had gone under the van, got caught up in the cable and pulled so much to escape that the wires came out. £6 later replaced the cable with the teeth marks, fortunately for Mr or Mrs Fox the power was switched off or we would have known immediately the culprit would have been electricuted. What do you do with a dead fox on your lawn, so far we havn't needed to find out?!
    Hope you had the Naan bread and nice dinner tomorrow, we have turkey if you are hungry. xxxxxx