Thursday, 11 May 2017

Me Balls Gone!

Yo Woofers!!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Wot a change in the weather! One moment it was sun shine and gentle breezes and today it's all wind and waves!

We reckon that Miss Wendy had the right idea, stay in bed!

Leave me alone, I'm sleeping!
 First thing this morning it was sort of misty and clouds that had a 'warning', like, bad weather is coming!

The Missus has been promising to slosh weed killer all over the weeds in front of the garage and on the front drive but because it threatens rain, she has put it off. Today it didn't rain but the weather people are talking about thunder and lightening in our area. Holly Chops won't like that!

So, where are the thunder clouds?
 Lunchtime the tide was in and was getting a helping hand from the wind to blow all those waves up the beach!

I thought about it but decided that a swim was maybe not the best idea today!

Erm, maybe not today!
 Instead, I went off looking for my ball but it was nowhere to be seen. I reckon another woofer had found it and taken it home!

Miss May did have a look under the sea weed, just in case it was hiding but had to give up 'cos the waves were getting perilously close!

Wot's that rushing sound I can hear?
 Holly Chops sat on top of the Sea Wall and told us all that we were potty getting too near the water and that there was no way she was even going dip her claw in the wet sand, never mind the water!

When I put my ears back like this it means NO!
 As we headed back along the beach the tide got to it's highest on the beach and even tried to climb up the steps to the Sea Wall!

Maybe Holly was right after all!

Those waves really look angry!
 This afternoon, OTL has been looking at Astronomy Telescopes on the InterNetty thing. He says he fancies trying some photography of Planets and Nebulae and Little Men from Mars!

We are going down to a place near us on Monday to have a look at load of telescopes. Who knows, he may decide to put an offer in for Jodrell Bank or maybe just the Lovell Telescope!

If he is any good he may even put some on here, if I let him!

Mind you, he can stand out in the dark on his own 'cos there is no way I'm freezing my tail off for a couple of passing Martians!

Bambi Burgers tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Daisy I am sorry some tea leaving woofer has stolen your ball, wot a shame, next time you find one make sure you take it home with you. We haven't had a bad day here, some sun, mostly dull but quite warm until about five minutes ago, then the clouds came over. Me and my mum were in the garden but my mum reckons it's going to rain any minute, I must admit a big dollop of wet did land on me so I was off and in before another one could get me. Smashing pictures today, doesn't Holly chops look refined in her pose. Wots this I hear about Mrs TM getting up in the middle of the night for glue flinging? I hope she didn't wake you up, she told my mum you were all snoring your tails off. Sounds like Miss Wendy heard the forecast and decided not to risk getting rained on, I don't blame her. Bambi burgers sound good, are you and Holly chops in mugging mode? Me and my mum are off to bed early cos she's working in the morning, it's a shame she has to wake me up, I mean, I wouldn't mind but I don't have to go out. We'll be looking forward to OTL's pictures of little green men from mars ........ I wonder if they taste like chicken? Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. You had worse weather than us, it was lovely and warm, Michael worked outdoors without his jumper on and I hung out two loads of washing and brought it in dry and warm. Lovely pictures, everyone looks alert and awake, a pity you lost that ball, I expect another woofer has put it in a secret hiding place. What am I reading TM waking you all with her glue throwing, that's bad news and now she has it in for some poor little unwanted weeds. Hope you had some Bambi Burger and don't go near that weed killer stuff. xxxxxx