Saturday, 13 May 2017

Saturday Snoozing.

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

We have been looking forward to today all week, well, I mean, Saturday is not for working is it?

Except if you are Old Two Legs, he still has his little 'Jobs' to do but by the amount of poo he has to shovel out of the ferret cages I wouldn't say his jobs were small!

Before he gets too involved in all that we get to go down the beach and it's always a race to get onto the beach first, just so we get the best sniffs before the ferrets try to muscle in and pinch them!

I'm first again!
 Holly is almost all of the time in second place 'cos she just can't run as fast as I can!

These steps get bigger every time I try to use them!
One good thing we found on the beach, my missing ball! There was a slight problem, as Holly pointed out, it's only half a ball!

Some rotten woofer has demolished my ball, it was chewed and battered and not good for playing with

It was 'ere and now it's gone and it's just been chewed upon, and it's sore!
 Well, that was it, no ball chasing today!

Holly didn't care, she was too busy catching up on her tan!

Oh! I just don't believe her sometimes, it was just an old ball for woofs sake!
 Lunchtime was better, the tide was in and Old Two Legs  managed to find some wood on the beach that we could have a game with.

We started off chasing it up and down the beach but soon it was floating in the water, so, I just had to rescue it didn't I?

Don't worry StickyWicky, Daisy's coming!
 OTL said that I carried the stick just like Churchill! As if!

We will chase it of the beaches, etc!
On our way back home we stopped off to see the ladies at the Master Class. OTL wouldn't allow Holly and me to go into the hall 'cos I was all wet and soggy and Holly had been rolling in something and she was a bit sniffy!

So, instead of us it was May and Eric that got all the strokes! Auntie Di was there and she gave Eric a tickle on his tummy!

We are now off to watch the practise on the F1 Racing on the TV, so bye bye for now and see you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

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  1. Evening all down by the seaside. Well wot's with the weather today, we've had bright sun the dark clouds then bright sun and then dark clouds, I don't know if the sun is coming or going. Now I had something to tell you today but I've forgotten wot it was. Loved all the pictures, Holly chops will have a lovely tan soon with all that sunbathing. Look at you go to the rescue of that stick, you are brave. Fancy not taking you into the hall, boooooo hisssss OTL, them ladies like to see my favourite girlies, don't matter if they've rolled in a sniff or if they're damp from a dip in the sea. Ooooohhhh yes, I remember now, well in my garden my mum has got some large bronze rabbits dotted around, well one sits on a big tree stump and this morning when I went to do my first patrol of the day, I spotted the one that sits on the tree stump wasn't there, it was laying on it's side in the grass, well at first I thought it was an intruder in my garden, then I realised it was my mums rabbit, on further investigation I worked out that a nargle had been in the garden during the night and tried to fight my mums rabbit, well I reckon the rabbit won cos there was no nargle to be seen when I went out so I reckon the rabbit scared it off. I'm quite pleased about that cos it must have been a big nargle cos them rabbits are heavy and I can't shift them. Mind you, the lady one door away had another theory, she said that there were police helichoppters flying over our gardens for a few hours during the night and she reckons the helichoppter might have made the rabbit fall over ......... now I reckon them policemen in the helichoppter might have been out looking for nargles myself. I think I'll make sure my mum is with me when I go in the garden when it's dark cos I'm only little and if there's a big nargle about, it might want to try and beat up on me. Anyways, don't you worry cos my mum isn't afraid of nargles, in fact, nargles are afraid of my mum and my mum won't let any nargles scare me. I hope you enjoyed your racing and hope you get some nice muggings tonight. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (brave) Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxx