Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dog Fish or is it a Woofer Fish?

See Yooo Woofers!

It's McDaisy, McHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McWendy, MacFreddy and Eric de MacFerret!

Well wot a snoozy day we have had! It started off with someone waking us up very early by marching up and down the caravan getting card making stuff out and banging doors and drawers!

Yep, it was 'Her'!

After throwing everyone out of the caravan, including the ferrets, she decided to leave the carding until tomorrow!

And we were still not allowed back inside!

McMay and Eric came back with tales of gigantic Nelly Fish on the beach. Eric reckons it weighed at least ten pounds and maybe more! Old Two Legs wouldn't let them get too close to the Nelly Fish 'cos you don't know if all the stings were still there!

I wonder what it's name is?
Just for a change, Holly and I headed off to the right when we got to the beach and followed it all the way along until we got to the river. It looked both cold and deep, so I decided to keep dry and stayed well away from the water!

I think we'll hunt rabbits instead!
On the way back I found a Dead Dog Fish on the beach, we knew it was dead 'cos it wasn't breathing and on top of that, it wasn't moving!

OTL says it is a member of the shark family!
Later on we all went shopping, well, we left the ferrets to snooze as they said they didn't need anything in town and anyway they wanted to stay in their new cages in the awning!

Now, these cages are a sort of waterproof plastic canvas cage with zip up top and bottoms and places where you can stick the water bottle. The only problem is that they got all excited and kicked all the cat litter and the paper wipes all over the place then couldn't find anywhere to wee or poo, so they did it in the middle of the floor!

Still, the cages do mean that they get some fresh air and also they get to climb up the walls on the plastic netting!

It's a Ferret Alcatraz!
Now, since we have been down here, Miss Holly Chops has taken to getting her paws wet in the sea. Normally this madam doesn't like walking on wet grass, never mind wet sea! Is she getting all brave and will we see her having a swim before the holiday is finished?

Which way to the sea?
Mind you, after a long run on the beach chasing sticks that OTL has found, Miss McHolly Chops is normally all worn out and is in need of a place to snooze.

Where better than on the seat where The Missus is snoring her tail off!

Well, it beats chasing sticks!

See you all tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McWendy, MacFreddy and Eric de MacFerret.


  1. Evening little McMaties up there in the norf. Well it sounds like you've all had a lovely day. I bet Holly chops enjoyed her siesta, mind you probably needed one if Mrs MacTM was waking you all up early. I like the ferrets camping cages, I bet they love being in the fresh air, can they chew through them though? You don't want any escapes. That nelly fish looks vicious but I bet if all the stings have gone it would make an excellent rolly sniff. Did you manage a roll on the woofer fish? Loved all the pictures. It looks like you've got that campsite to yourselves. Hope you're getting decent muggings up there. Have a lovely evening and look forward to your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. So why were you all kicked out of the caravan so that Her Majesty could make some cards only to find that she didn't make any cards? Maybe I missed something in translation now you are in Scotland! Hotel Alcatraz looks amazing but I shared Archies concerns that they might try and eat their way out, maybe it is made of high tensile steel, OTL knows a thing or two about ferrets. Campsite looks as though you are all home alone but then you are going even further north so it is just a stop off point. Scenery looks lovely and I hope you found some good stuff in the shops and Holly looks lovely and cosy, perhaps the owner of the legs wasn't so cosy but then you said TM was asleep and dreaming of her future creations. Have a lovely time, hear from you soon. xxxxxx XX