Tuesday, 13 June 2017

We are here!

See Yooo Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, McMay, McWendy, MacFreddy and Eric MacFerret here!

Well, we all arrived without any problems on the roads, no traffic jams or stuff like that. There were some road works that slowed us down but not for too long!

We arrived in Gretna and Old Two Legs and The Missus were going to spend some dosh at the Designer Centre but there were one or two minor problems. First the piping from the water tank sprang a leak and it was a big panic to find where it was leaking from! In the end OTL found it and plugged it all in again and Hey Presto!

No leaks!

Then the gas system would not light, it seems that when the van was serviced the engineer shut the gas off in a place that OTL didn't know existed! After some 'Tracing of Pipeworks' he found the valve and turned it on! Then he found that one of the gas bottles was empty!

Not a good thing to happen when you are on holiday!

So, wander around to the Office and purchase, at vast expense, a full bottle of gas!

Then OTL got his cup of tea!

We then found out that the water heater would only work on electric, not gas but that could wait until we planted the caravan by the sea side!

So, by the time OTL was ready to go shopping, the shops had all closed! Except the Co-op and the Chinese Takeaway!

Early next morning we were supposed to set off, like seven in the morning but because of a big meal of Plawn Balls and Plawn Clackers and a bottle of Champagne (Co-op's Best), they didn't wake up until eight!

So, by the time we were ready to go, it was nine!

Not to worry, we didn't have any ferries booked, it was all main roads all the way there!

When we arrived TM took us for a walk on the beach, I mean, this beach is enormous!

It goes on for ever!

It's got a river at each end of the beach and the sniffs are to die for!

On the way here we were  looking out of the window at the waves coming in straight off of the Atlantic, I mean, they were huge!

Atlantic Waves!
Lucky for us, we were going to a place where we are sheltered from these wave and instead we got smoooooth water!

Smooooth Water, Smoooooth Beach and this is only half of it!
 I mean, the beach is massive, like, it goes on forever and at each end there is a river!

Here is another bit and there is more to the right as well!
 One of the funny things was how the ferrets stood up to all this travelling. Well, every day OTL puts the ferrets in a travelling cage and heads off in the car to the beach on the Isle of Grain, so, they are used to the bumps and bangs of car journeys.

This time OTL had strung a hammock from the ceiling so that it rocked from side to side, something the ferrets loved!
Experts at snoozing!
 As soon as OTL had 'Planted' the caravan he took us all out for a walk, the ferrets, Holly and I, but not all together!

The ferrets just loved the new sniffs and the sand and the sea and the sea weed!

Holly and I just couldn't get enough of rolling in the sand!

We Rolled.

And then we Ran!
 Today OTL took us all the way down one end of the beach to where the river flowed to the sea. It wasn't deep and before she realised what she was doing, Holly Chops found herself half way across the river and thinking that the puddle was moving!

This puddle is going downhill!
 It was then that a Border Terrier came bounding up to see what we were doing and she even tried to pinch our sniff!

We soon sorted her out!

Clear Off to your side of the Border!
 Well, we have had loads of walks today and watched toe sea come in and go out and we are just worn out woofers, and that includes the ferrets as well!

More fun from the McGodwin's tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, McMay, McWendy, MacFreddy and Eric MacFerret.


  1. Afternoon little macmaties up there if the norf. So glad to hear you've arrived safely and are liking the surroundings. Now I'm not sure if it was you lot I heard singing songs on Monday but there was a chap who was a tad out of tune .......... Eric, Freddy, OTL? who is going to put their paw up? Sorry to hear about the little problems and hope that now you're sorted, there aren't any more. That beach looks lovely and look at Holly Chops getting her paws wet. Pleased to hear that the sniffs are up to standard. Talking of sniffs, there is a new sniff in my garden that has kept me busy most of the morning, it's a very rolly sniff so I've been rolling in every possible direction. Loved the pictures, them macferrets look very comfie travelling in the hammocks. Maybe OTL should get a hammock for you and Holly chops to travel in. Did you manage to mug some plawn clackers? Have a lovely holiday all and I look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello big, small and little McDuffers, glad to hear you arrived safely but so not glad to hear all your tales of woe but clever old OTL sorted it all out and hooray for the Co-op. Beautiful beach and Holly in the "puddle" and photographed too! The hammock idea for travelling is very good, how clever is that. Enjoy the sniffs and beaches, carry on enjoying yourselves now you have got over all those glitches and great success with the internetty we love to hear from you. Please send a group photo xxxxxx

  3. Dear Sue and Little Arch.... lovely to hear from you both ... just want to let you know ( little Arch please give your mum this message ) that TM will not be on Faceache very much as the internetty thing here is not very strong signals and OTL is happy to wait but TM loses her temper when it keeps timing out ! Also she has shed loads of card making work to do before July so must get on with it ! TM Will keep in touch with you both via my Diary cos she knows where your are!! xxxxxxxx

  4. Evening Mrs MacTM, I've told my mum your message, she said she knows how you feel, she's a bit impatient with fings like wot you are. Enjoy your glue and glitter flinging and my mum said don't work too hard, you're supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. Have you been plodging with Holly in the puddle wot keeps moving yet? Hope McOTL has got a nice little tipple for the evenings and that he's sharing his shortbread. My mum said watch out that you don't have too much champers incase you come out of the caravan and fall into the sea. Happy camping all. Love, licks, sniffs and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  5. I entirely agree with what Archie and his mum said, take care and find a little time for relaxation, not everyone has the virtue of patience best keep away from unvirtue feelings xxx

  6. Hi finally found you. Fred and Val from the senator caravan

  7. Hi finally found you. Fred and Val from the senator caravan