Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Back Again!

Yo! Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Now, I know you are all wondering what happened yesterday?

Well, as you know, I had an appointment with the vet to check up on my wee. It was a bit out of balance the last time it got checked, six weeks ago.

OTL had made the appointment for late in the day and he had to collect a sample of wee.

He had purchased, at great expense, a 'Wee Collector' onto which he mounted the plastic sample bottle.

Normally he takes me out for a walk and keeps the lead on me so that when I stop for a wee, he shoves the collector under my backside and collects a bottle full!

This time Holly and I thought we would have some fun and I sort of crossed my legs and refused to wee!

Holly did say that as I didn't feel like a wee, she could donate a drop or two to help out!

OTL said it wasn't the idea and told me to 'Get a Move On and Produce...........Or Else!

Well when we got to the vets we were late and had to wait and when we did go in I was pushed, poked and fiddled with!

My wee was inspected and a cardboard strip was dipped into the bottle and it then changed colour!

The cardboard strip, not the bottle or the wee!

After some more poking and pulling I was declared to be, Fit and Healthy!

By the time we got back and we all had our dinner, it was too late to do the blog and we were all tired and ready for bed!

This morning there were some big puddles on the road but we didn't hear and thunder last night, so we must have been really tired last night!

The sea was still a bit choppy but at least the rain had gone!

No swimming today!
 We met up with some of the lads and they all thought it was great fun when we told them about the saga of The Wee!

Just how long are these Two Legs going to stand here talking?
 Now, on our way down to the beach I had to stop for a poo and while I was busy, Holly decided to head off in front of everyone for a private wee. Trouble was, she got lost in the long grass and ended up going the wrong way and she was heading deeper into the trees!

We got to the beach and OTL started giving his 'Loud Whistle' which gives us his location and somewhere to head towards!

Of course, when she finally arrived at the Sea Wall, she said she knew where we were all the time!

Oh Yeah?
 Lunchtime it was getting cloudy and we thought that there may be some more rain but it held off giving Fred and Wendy time to get their run in down on the beach.

Really, we should bring our beds down here and do some sun bathing!
Heading back to the car we came across a family walking there dog. The dog looked like a greyhound type with sharp teeth and a glint it his eye which scared the ferrets!

OTL picked up the ferrets and of course the family were all Ooohing and Arrreing over the ferrets. The father said that he had filmed OTL three or four years ago and the film was used by the council advertising Rochester!

That was one day when  just Holly and I were out with OTL.

I always said we were famous!

We have not heard any more news about Izzy's mum so she must be having fun with her fellow patients in the hospital, dancing up and down the ward?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Phewwww I'm glad everything is alright down there. I was a bit worried yesterday. I'm very pleased to hear about your wee. I know you're famous, I tell all my woofer mates I know some very famous woofers, it impresses them. I met up with quite a few of my woofer mates yesterday and we discussed the local sniffs. Now last night I got in a bit of bother, it was raining and so the froggies were all out and about in the garden, we had a lot of fun playing whizz and hop. Now there was one, you always get one, and it wouldn't play so I was just about to come in when my mum was calling and do you know wot that sneaky frog did? Well it jumped up and turned over so that it was on it's back, now can you guess who got told off and accused of putting it on it's back.......... yep, it was me. My mum was very cross and she put me in my own bed, well I didn't stay there so when she turned the light off I snuck up on the bed. I think my mum felt a bit guilty for telling me off cos I soon got my cuddle. I was very upset though at being told I was naughty and I didn't do anything wrong, it was that sneaky frog and I got the blame. I'm keeping my eye out for him and I won't be letting him join in my games ever again. We heard the thunder here but it's still quite warm. Glad to hear that Wendy and Freddy managed to get down on the beach today. Fancy Holly chops wandering off into the deeper grass, mind I bet the sniffs were good. Hope you all have a lovely evening and enjoy any muggings. Hope Izzy's mum gets to go home soon cos I reckon the woofers are missing her. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

    1. As if little never does wrong Archie would mess about with a frog! xx

    2. See Mrs Sue, you know I'm a good boy xx

  2. Archie, his mum and I, indeed half of the world have been worrying about Holly and the snippers, imagining all sorts of terrible things. Turns out it was all your fault not weeing on demand, still it was the right sort of wee and the vet was happy, a happy vet is a happy wallet in this case! You must have been tired, we were woken up about 3 am by bangs and flashes followed by some rain. Your coast looks a bit choppy so best not to swim, nice to see your mates were out. Holly will be on her lead if she doesn't behave herself, fancy getting lost in the long grass, never know what nargle or monsters are waiting. Nice to see you were able to write your Diary and your latest was nothing to do with a plasterers bath xxxxxx

  3. Izzy's mum is home and getting lots of cuddles. But she had to take it easy and not do too much too soon. We all wish her well xxxx