Thursday, 20 July 2017

It has been a Wet One!

Hi Ho! Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Today it has been 'One of those Days'!

You know, stick a paw out the door and it is raining.

Try again later, stick your paw out and 'Splosh!' It's raining again!

This morning we had our rain coats on and it rained, and it rained, and it rained again!

Holly and I didn't really fancy this wet stuff and decided that we should go back to the car but Old Two Legs made us do our stuff before allowing us to head back!

Mind you, the ferrets didn't seem to mind and they got good and soaked diving in and out of the wet grass!

Lunchtime it was about the same. Rain followed by more rain!

I thought this was supposed to be Summer!
Freddy and Wendy insisted on riding in the ferret bag until the last bit before the car park and then pretended they had walked all the way!

Sneaky Ferrets!

The little car has gone in for bodywork repairs, a new bumper and other damage caused by a hooligan rock, according the The Missus!

We should get that back tomorrow, claws crossed!

I'm off downstairs now to see what is for dinner, maybe chicken again!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well it rained here for a little while first thing, then it was just very cloudy, my mum wanted me to go for a walk but I decided half way up the path that I could smell rain so I turned round and went back. I agreed to go out this afternoon when the sun came out, mainly cos my mum said she'd take me up the shop to see Brenda and get a treat. Now, talking of Brenda, do you know wot that little Milly did yesterday? Well Milly is very little, and yesterday she was sniffing under a hedge when all of a sudden Brenda spotted Milly running up the road, seems she managed to slip out of her collar and do a runner. Poor Brenda, she's 74 and it's been a while since she's had a run, Brenda went running up the road and called Milly, Milly stopped and looked over her shoulder then carried on running and turned the corner. Well by this time poor Brenda was crying and some locals said they would help find her. For nearly 2 hours they scoured the streets and the lakes. Anyways, my next door neighbour had a call from Milly's previous owners, seems that although Brenda put thru the change of address on Milly's microchip, the microchip people haven't actually changed it yet. Someone had found Milly and taken her to the vets where I used to go, they rang the microchip people, who rang Milly's old owner, her rang Barbara my next door neighbour, who then told Brenda and took her to collect Milly, then to a shop to buy a new collar for that naughty runaway. Poor Brenda gave me extra cuddles today and told me wot a good boy I am. Now, I've warned my mum if she tells me off cos them naughty frogs lay on their backs and tell her I did it, then I'm off, I know where Brenda lives and I'll go live with her cos she needs a good boy. Oooohhh my paws are tired typing all that. I'm glad the ferrets managed to get out today. Now you've just got to train OTL so that he doesn't want to walk in the rain, you could tell him you'll run away to someone who doesn't make you walk in the rain. Hope the little car is home on time tomorrow and glad to hear that Izzy's mum managed to get home to her pack. Have a lovely evening all and enjoy any muggings and paws crossed you got some chicken for your scoff. I'm off for an early night, I'm on guard duty in the morning and I've got to give my boy lots of licks tomorrow cos it's his birthday. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (overworked) Arch and Mr (bone idle) Nipper xxxxxxxxx

    1. Happy birthday to your boy for tomorrow xx

    2. Happy birthday to your boy for tomorrow xx

    3. Happy birthday to your boy tomorrow xx

    4. Thank you all, I'll pass it on with my licks xxx

  2. Thank you little Arch for telling us the Story about Millie running away Poor Brenda, it must have been so upsetting for her but alls well that ends well and l hope Brenda and Millie have extra cuddles each xxx hugs to you Little fella and love to mum xxx

  3. What a day for news it has been, where do I start?
    Firstly glad Izzy's mum is home, take care of her Izzy and make sure she behaves herself, it won't be easy xx
    Then, how awful for Brenda that Millie escaped and the micro chip people made it so hard for her to be reunited, so glad that she was stopped running and hope the new collar is better xx
    Now Daisy, Michael has had his wallet pilfered by the Opticians, we both are in need of new glasses and have spent a couple of hours this morning getting measured up! We have to wait two weeks so it is a good job I can see your Diary! We had really heavy rain twice but were indoors so stayed dry while we treated ourselves to lunch of jacket potatoes with tuna and sweetcorn, a £1 each in Asda, Gillingham. Hoping tomorrow is nice because I am taking Michael out for a "day before his birthday" treat, part of it could only be a Friday so having cooked him Oozy Risotto with seared prawns and lemon accompanied by asparagus with crispy garlic he gets to go out tomorrow. I knew you wouldn't like it and there weren't enough of those plawn things to share. Then we had Magnum ice creams and wine, very nice, note to self: Read Daisy's Diary while still awake!
    Hope the little car is better and that the renegade rock keeps itself to itself. Hope your dinner muggings were good as well. xxxxxx

  4. We'll everyone's been very busy. Little Millie was very cheeky running off but poor Brenda who was so worried. I'm glad the story has a happy ending. My mum and dad had to put lots of fencing under our hedge because I like to find gaps and run over the road to our neighbour Hazel which scares my TLs a lot...but Hazel does give me bits of beef when I visit.
    My mum has been poorly with a cough and went to the doctor today who said she had a bronchial infection and gave her antibiotics. The Doc checked her wound and said it was healing nicely. It's a great big line going up the middle of her back. I'm keeping her company by sticking to her side like glue and I give warning growls to the rest of the pack to tell them to be gentle with her.
    You had a lot f rain again but we had only one very heavy shower which cleared all the moss from the gutter down the pipe and onto the path. My dad was really happy coz now he doesn't have to go up the scary big ladder to clean it out.
    Hope you have a suuier day tomorrow. Licks, woods, sniffs and woods from Izzy & the pack. Xxxxxxxx