Saturday, 1 July 2017

Not a Happy Puppy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Well today you find me all sort of sad.

I was woken up early this morning 'cos we had to get up the village hall to drop The Missus off for her Master Class. Then it was a case of a quick wee and a poo and then off to the vet to have my leg looked at!

We had a nine fifteen appointment but it was nine forty five by the time I was called in.

It was a different vet to the last one, seems they can't find vets anywhere, just the locum vet!

Well, this one is called Felix and we made sure we didn't crack any funnies about cats!

I was put up on the table and while Old Two Legs held my head and harness, my leg was pulled, pushed, poked and pummelled until I gave a yelp.

Then it was done all again!

In the end Felix agreed there was no grass seed stuck in my paw and he thought maybe I had bruised my paw or leg or even twisted my knee. So, OTL was given some anti inflammatory stuff to shove down my throat and I am supposed to be banned from going out for a walk!

All I got to look forward to is a wee and a poo at the bottom of the garden for a week!

The vet says that if there is still a problem then we will have to look at an x ray to check to see if I have broken any thing in my paw, but as he had poked and pulled my leg without me jumping about in pain, he didn't think that was a possibility!

So, back home we went and OTL got on with all his jobs while I relaxed on the bed trying not to move my leg, just in case I hurt it!

I think that as well as my medicine OTL should have got something for his stabbing pain in the wallet!

I'm off for an early night tonight, I've just had my medicine, mixed up with a little Ferret Milk, so I think bed will do me some good.

At the end of the week I'll have my worming tablet and then I should be back to normal again!

Claws crossed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Oh Daisy you are brave to carry on typing your diary while you have such a hurt paw. I'm sorry to hear that the vet hurt you while he was trying to find out wot was wrong. Wot will you do with no walks down on the beach? How about if OTL borrowed a pram from somewhere and popped you in it so you could go but not have to walk. It'll seem a long week for you. I do hope it feels better very soon. I know last year when I hurt my leg I was supposed to be kept in a cage and only taken in the garden on the lead, but then, if you remember, I ended up in the vets for a week anyways cos my tummy got really bad. I think that was the longest week I can remember but I hope your week goes as quickly as it can and that you don't need to go back for X-rays. I bet OTL's wallet got a battering today. Are Holly chops and the ferrets all coming to visit you and cheer you up while you're feeling so sore. I hope you're getting some extra muggings to help cheer you up. I think you're right to stay on the bed and not move, I'm sure OTL will carry you up and down the stairs and lift you on and off the bed and chairs while you're suffering. You could delegate the typing of the diary to Miss Holly chops for a few days cos we don't want you to delay your recovery. I'm off to bed soon cos of doing guarding in the morning, I'm feeling quite sad for you. Paws crossed you feel lots better soon. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Greetings my southern buddies by the sea. Oh my, Daisy! A whole week of wees in the garden and no runs on the beach or paddles in the sea. I hope the week goes quickly for you. You were very brave with that new vet (how silly to have a cat's name). It must have hurt when he pulled your legs around. I hope that the pills help you feel better and stop you being a hoppity dog. Lots of rest might be a good things as TM might take pity on you and give you some lamb's heart or chicken. I'm looking forward to reading your blog to see how you occupy your days and you'd best get OTL and Holly to tell you all about their walks on the beach.
    Bella went for her pamper at the groomers today and came back smelling like a tart and with her hair up in a pony tail with a bow. She looked really pretty - for five minutes, then she went in the garden and rolled around on her back in the grass and got tufty bits stuck in her fur and her bow fell out and her hair fell back over her eyes - Our Bella was back.
    Mum's still typing her reports but if she gets them finished tonight then she is going to take Tommy and Bella to a fun dog show tomorrow afternoon - well she'll take Bella if she can get the tufts of grass out and the bow back.
    Rest up and take care, love, licks, sniffs and woofs from Izzy and the gang xxxxxxx

  3. Oh deary me what a poorly tale that I missed being away, I do hope you were made a great big fuss of and had plenty of visitors and plenty of treats. xxxxxx