Wednesday, 2 August 2017

OTL's Looking at a Blaster!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Well, Archie Babe, how did it go at the Poodle Parlour? Did they shave your important places? When OTL had a go at me I had to stand very still when he was waving the scissors between my back legs!

Hey, what do you think of my tail? I reckon it is better than the Poodle Parlour does and I just love the way it folds over my back!

This is Class!
 Freddy was getting a cuddle from Old Two Legs on his way down to the beach. Freddy wanted to have a 'Selfie' of him and OTL. Now, it is a good job that OTL has got long arms 'cos there was no way Freddy could hold the camera!

Pity OTL wasn't looking at the camera!
 While Freddy was playing with the camera, Miss Wendy was off hunting Nargles in the sea weed. We thought she had found one but it turned out to be a small crab with a limp!

That was close, he was waving his claws at me!
 Pretty soon they were both back on the beach having a sniff at all new sniffs that the tide had left behind!

Well, I found this super sniff over there by the bush!
 We got back home just before it started to rain. Not very much rain really, just enough to wash the road and register on OTL's weather thingy, 1.6mm it read!

While the rain was washing the garden, OTL found one of those drying machines that are used to blow dry woofers. This thing was on Ebay and it said 'Buy Now or Make an Offer', so OTL made an offer £13.00 under the Buy Now price.

Let's see what happens, we may end up giving TM's hair dryer back!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well I ain't happy. I hate being bathed and with soap! Then I get made hot with the drier, then it starts with the clippers and ends with the scissors. Everyone says I look smart and handsome but I ain't happy. I'm not speaking to my mum. I've got to go to the vets tomorrow now as well. See if I hadn't gone to the groomers I wouldn't be going to the vets, but I do like the vets so I spose it ain't all bad. My mum thinks that maybe my back leg might be a bit sore cos I cried a little bit at the groomers when she lifted my leg. Now as for having people near my bits .......... I don't do people near my BITS! Only my mum is allowed to do my bikini line. I mean, a chaps bits are a chaps private bits and no other ladies are allowed to go near them cos they're private! It would be rude of a lady to look or touch my bits other than my mum. I do think you look very good, I think OTL has done a real good job. My tail is a bit short cos my mum says I won't let her brush it so she likes to keep it quite short, usually I have a carrot cut but I think today I've had more of a spring onion than a carrot. I don't care cos I ain't right happy. Now I'm not sure about this blaster thingy, it sounds a bit fierce to me. Loved all the pictures today. That little Freddy is a handsome chap and I saw a picture on faceache yesterday of little Eric. I think I'd stay away from crabs, they might nip so tell Miss Wendy to watch out. It's rained here all afternoon at times it's been really hissing down. I'm off now to go and sulk a bit more, you never know my mum might try to give me a treat to get me to not be in a bad mood, it works sometimes. Have a lovely evening all and enjoy any muggings and congratulate OTL on his grooming skills. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Well it has a bit wet here today as well and since about 6pm has done nothing but rain. We went to Chipping Norton today and managed a bit of dry in between the wet stuff, yesterday we saw a shop called "Passion Grooms" and thought that OTL might like the name for his new venture. I hope this blaster thingy isn't in Scotland or another long journey, there will be no fuel for your holibobs. Very cute picture of Freddy he is getting more handsome everyday. Now that gorgeous, maybe when Archie next visits he could have his tail groomed, he would love it but don't get out that blaster because I don't think he likes the sound of it. Tomorrow we plan to go to Bourton on the Water and hope that we aren't in the Water! You keep dry, hope Archies sore leg is OK, what is it with you woofers, you can't keep yourselves away from the vet. xxxxxx