Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Miss May get's some Welly and I get wet!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

It's getting better, the weather I mean, it's still very misty out to sea but the wind has dropped right away.

Trubble is, the sea mist is still with us! You know, as we drove towards the car park, we passed the church and it was all sunshine and blue skies but fifty feet further on it was all misty and we couldn't even see the sea!

We can't see the sea!
 Wot we did hear was the fog horn blasting away from over the other side of the River Medway at Sheerness!

Mournful or wot!

Still, it didn't stop us from doing a 'Sniff and Whizz' all along the beach and up the hill!

Back home we spent some time in the garden looking for the Flogs but they must have gone away 'cos there wasn't even a splash! The sun was shining and the 'Water Jar' feature on the side of the pond was pouring loads of water back into the pond and making a super little tinkling sound!

Lunchtime we reckoned it was going to be great on the beach. The tide should be in and the sun should be out!

Well one out of two 'aint bad!

The mist was still there and the fog horns were still singing!

Sheerness is still gone!
As we headed down to the beach Old Two Legs called me back and took off my harness.

That was a good sign 'cos he only does that when he doesn't me going in the water!

That was it, I flew down the hill, jumped off the Sea Wall and down the beach and straight into the water!

First swim of the year!
 I was having a great time in and out of the water until some how I managed to loose the stick OTL was trowing for me!

May and Eric we charging up and down the beach digging trenches and holes. Right up to when May found a Green Welly!

Well, being a ferret means you are very inquisitive and into every mischief you can lay your paws on!

May went right down to the end of the welly and was talking about hiding stuff down there!

This is a good hiding place for biscuits!
 It was all good fun, right up to the point when OTL said that the water was getting rather close to the welly and before long it may even float off into the North Sea!

Water is getting too close!

That was it, we all headed off up the grass hill and back to the car which was still covered in mist!

Again, as we got to the church the mist disappeared and the sun was beating down!

Back home it was snoozy time in OTL's office while he was working.

We had some fun 'cos OTL decided that as there was no orders to get out, he would go into the caravan and try to repair the light in the shower. While he was working in the shower we sat on the seats looking out the window at the Two Legs walking past. It was fun when Holly and I did out 'Woof Off' woof and made them jump especially as they didn't know from where the noise was coming from!

That sorted them out!

In the end OTL decided that the light was 'Beyond Repair' so tomorrow we are off to the caravan place to see what they have a new one in stock, more expense!

We will go with him just to help if he starts to snivel!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.