Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Another warm and snoozy day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret back with you again.

Poor Old Archie Babe, washed, sploshed, shaved and humiliated!

We get that but Old Two Legs is kind enough to do it at home, in the kitchen and with the door shut!

This morning we got banned to the office while The Missus did one of her videos. We really don't know what they are like cos they are on FaceAche and we aren't!

However, we are shown the finished card but just don't get the chance of laughing our tails off at her instructions when she is slinging the ink around!

You know we have found a computer mouse that is so splashed with ink that it looks like a nest of wasps with ink in their paws have danced all over it! 

One thing she is, is mucky!

We didn't bother with the camera today 'cos OTL has been busy with bits of paper and we ended up going out an hour and a half later than normal!

Mind you, it was still nice and warm with a gentle breeze and just for a change, we stopped by one of the benches for a rest before going into the forest!

While OTL and I were resting, Holly wandered down the path, found a sniff and rolled in it!

That would have been OK but OTL told Holly she was heading towards a wash and haircut, just like Archie Babe!

Scary or wot?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Snnezy sneezy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Another super day, it's just a shame that we will be missing out on our holiday this month. Today is the first day of Summer and we would normally be getting everything sorted, ready for a couple of weeks up in Scotland but instead, we are looking through the curtains at anyone knocking on our door and keeping away from as many Two Legs as possible when we go out walking!

If they come near us I'll do a poo on their boots!

Last night Old Two Legs got out his moth trap to catch a moth or two and to see what is about. Normally he wouldn't bother until the beginning of July but as the weather has been so worm it may have attracted some exotic moth from across the sea.

There was nothing to get too excited about, nothing big and colourful!

We got loads of these in the garden!
 As there were no moths to go Wow! over, instead we headed for the wild flowers that have grown after OTL had scattered a load of seeds last year. Dunno what this one is but it looks like a poppy but the flowers are not what we would recognise as a poppy!

Well, the pods look like a poppy if nothing else does!
In another patch there were some real poppies, well poppies that look like poppies!

The only problem is, The Missus has been squirting weed killer onto the path and it looks like the wind has blown the weed killer onto some of the poppies and killed off half of them!

Still, the seeds will drop and maybe next year we will get a full crop!

A traditional poppy!

OTL says that once he has got all this Tax Return and a couple of other jobs done, he may get out in the garden with his camera and see what he can photograph, mind you, the wind has got to drop before he starts on the flowers!

Mind you, the hayfever leaves him all snotty and grumpy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.