Sunday, 23 October 2016

Last Noisy Day on the Caravan Site!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Well, today is our last day before setting off homeward tomorrow morning. I don't think we have ever been away on holiday where it has rained almost every day!

OK, I know it is Autumn time and all that but, every day!

Still, we have seen all of the Yorkshire Dales and discovered some serious sniffs and enjoyed listening to the rain falling on the caravan roof at night!

The ferrets have had fun 'ferreting' around under the rocks on the caravan site and found a load of acorns that the squirrels have stored ready for the winter season.

Yesterday, in the field opposite the caravan site the Two Legs were marking out some tracks using plastic poles. Today we found out what it was all for!

It was a Vintage Car Rally! Only this lot decided to make it into a cross country/hill climb sort of rally!

There were loads of Austin Seven cars with different sorts of bodies on them. 

Getting along just fine!
 There were saloon cars full of families who were all bouncing up and down to try to make the wheels grip on the muddy surface!

Come on Dad, Faster!
 There were some seriously large cars as well, this Bentley looked great on the road but didn't do too well on the mud!
Getting ready to Bounce!
 It was all good fun and the small cars seemed to be the ones who got further up the hills.

We've done this before!
 There were even some left hand drive cars there as well, this one just kept on going without much bouncing at all!

Built for speed!
In the end it seemed that the old Austin Seven was the favourite for steaming up the hills!

Austin Seven 'Girl Power'!
Old Two Legs just loves old cars and wished he had one he could drive up and down the hills!

Now we are going to start packing tonight, well we will make sure out 'Treat Box' is in a safe place for the journey home tomorrow!

Bye for now and see you tomorrow when we get home!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

It's Our Birthday Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Guess Wot?

We turned on the laptop and fired it up and we saw this!
Happy Birthday Daisy!
 Wot a surprise! Google wishing us a Happy Birthday!

Holly and me are all of seven years old!

We celebrated by going on a long walk over the field and across the moor until the path disappeared and we had to go back the way we came. Still, Holly found some serious poo and I stepped into a big quaggy puddle of mud!

Izzy, Hamish and Bella came along too. Hamish found the same quaggy bit as me and Bella was looking a bit 'Damp' by the time we got back but they all had big grins on their chops!!

Great Fun!
OK, Where is Hamish, did he get out of the Quaggy Puddle?
The Missus had gone off to her second 'Master Class' so Old Two Legs had to clean us both up when we got back to the caravan!

Back at the caravan we got cleaned up and rested our weary legs while OTL shovelled Ferret Poo!

Then, as a treat, OTL took them for walks in the tree bit where there are Super Ferret Sniffs!

First is was May who just loves the sniffs!

We don't get sniffs like this on The Beach!
 Next Miss Wendy got a run on her own 'cos when they are out walking Wendy likes to get a move on but Freddy not only wants to drag his tale but he also wants to go in the opposite direction to Wendy!

No Nargles under this rock!
Freddy Boy has developed a liking for Rock Climbing since we have been here. He reckons the rocks here are more 'grippy' than at home 'cos these ones are 'Natural' and not concrete like wot we have on The Sea Wall!

Mind you, they don't have the sniff of the sea here either!

This is good 'cos I don't need Crampons!
Now you would have thought that we deserved a good dinner today, like roast chicken or a bit of steak but wot did TM leave us?

Doggy Scoff!

OTL sent TM a message suggesting Plawns and Plawn Clackers tonight as a treat, claws crossed!

OTL was working on his computer doing some programming on a radio for one of his customers when I got a sudden urge to go for a walk.

I sat in front of OTL and did my 'Talking' trick, he got the message!

On the way up to the top wall OTL stopped at an old tree, all sort of Old and Gnarled, just like OTL actually!

A Tree'ish version of OTL!
Coming back down we met up with Izzy and Co. Who were just starting their afternoon walk. Bella listened to Holly who told her of a 'Super Sniff'' just up the field and off she went!

Yep, she got a good roll while managing to eat some rabbit droppings at the same time!

Good on yer Girl!

Just behind that rock over my right shoulder, serious sniff!
Holly and I left them to it while we slowly headed back.

Holly was looking at the dales and moors but she reckoned that she preferred the West Highlands of Scotland over Yorkshire. Plus, she would have loved a beach to run on and have a dig in! 

Yeah, it's OK but I really need a mountain or two, just to spice it up!
 We haven't heard a thing from TM regarding our Chinese Takeaway so it looks like OTL will have to drive into Skipton and get one!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Off to explore The Forest of Bowland.

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

This morning was one of those 'Early Starts', you know, pitch black outside and all of a muddle inside!

We had to get up early to take The Missus to her 'Master Class' in Burnley. When we got there the place was shut and in darkness, so we had to sit in the car and wait. Funny thing was, the owners were in early as well but were at the back of the building!

As soon as they noticed their 'Star' in the car park they turned on all the lights and got the red carpet out to welcome her!

Old Two Legs Holly and I thought it was a bit over the top and couldn't wait to get out of there!

We had decided that today we would visit The Forest of Bowland, also known as the Bowland Fells,

It is supposed to be the darkest place in the UK 'cos there is very little light pollution from street lights and towns and  factories.

Just loads of trees!

We were expecting to get a run off the lead and spent some time looking for 'Foot Paths' and access to the hills. No such luck!

Wot we found were signs saying 'Welcome to the Hills' then a few yards down the road was another sign saying it was private land and woofers not welcome!

This happened three times before we found somewhere where we could have a run, on the lead. OTL decided to keep us on the lead 'cos there was a road running next to the walking area and there were too many fast cars running up and down the dale!

Even so, it wasn't a bad walk and OTL got his fancy lens out and was playing silly wottit's with 'Depth of Field' which all sounds terribly boring!

We tried to help him out but I don't think he was listening!
Hey! There's a Deep Field over there!

 The trees were well on the way to getting their Autumn colours but I think we may have got there a couple of week too early!

Still, OTL tried his best and we had a good sniff around while he was clicking away!

Still not enough colour!
We must say that he does try, you can't knock him for not trying!

Now this ones better, it leads the eye from left to right and back again to the tree trunk!
Unless of course you are left pawed and then you would go from right to left and fall in the stream!

So, just for you left pawed among us, here is one going from right to left!

A Left Pawed Picture!
There, that should keep everyone happy!

Unless you are ambidextrous and if so, this one should be OK!

Straight up the middle!
So, there you go, another two or three weeks and it will be all colour but today, no not quite!

I don't like the idea of all those early mornings, even if you do get a snooze in the afternoon!

Never mind Archie Babe you could always take over the whole bed!

Right, it is half eight and still no sign of Izzy and Co, OTL is half way down a bottle of fine Malt Whisky and TM has been snoring her head off while Holly and I have been exchanging woofs with a woofer in the caravan next to us!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Seriously Lazy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Now we have had what can be described as a Seriously Lazy Day! You see we didn't get up until late and didn't really have any plans to visit any thing local'ish!

We had been running and tearing about up and down the Dales and Old Two Legs reckons that if we went any further we would end up in the Lake District!

So, to day we decided to stay in the caravan, woofing at the other campers and their dogs!

Holly and I got taken out for our morning stroll by The Missus and OTL used the time to clean the ferrets cages.

Now, you know how we have to keep Miss May away from Fred and Wendy 'cos for some reason May and Wendy want to kill each other! Most of the time we can do this and all is peace and quiet!

Not today!

Miss May was on the loose in the caravan, pinching our 'Nodular' biscuits and hiding them in the washroom at the end of the caravan.

That was all OK and OTL got on with the Poo Shovelling.

That was until May got behind Fred and Wendy's cage and started to pick a fight. Wendy, being just as bigger 'Punch Up Merchant' as May also started to fight May through the wire bars of the cage.

Withing seconds, Wendy had forced her way in between the bars and got hold of May who in turn had grabbed Wendy by the scruff and was dragging Wendy through the bars!

OTL got to them before they could even start screaming at each other and parted them, telling them both they were a pair of terrorists!

Now Wendy had a little while settling down with Freddy when she first moved in but now they seem to spend all their time play fighting or cuddled up with each other.

OTL has decided that May really needs a big Hob to keep her in line! So, with that in mind we have been in touch with the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue and they say they have a Hob who has been or is about to be castrated!

So, providing May or the new boy doesn't take an instant dislike to each other we could have a new 'Cuddly Pair'!

After the mornings clear up and caravan cleaning we settled down to a snoozy rest while OTL and TM read a book. That was until lunch time when it was our turn to go out for a walk.

All the time we have been in Yorkshire we have had to be kept on our leads. Now that's OK but we do love a good run around off our lead.

OTL was wandering out of the caravan park with us when he spotted a sign on the other side of the road saying 'Foot Path'!

We had to climb over the wall by using some big stone blocks and then a silly small gate with a spring on it to keep it closed!

Once inside the field we saw no sheep, cattle, lamas or Yorkshire Puds.

OTL let us off our leads!

It was wonderful! Holly and I just dashed up the field and sniffed all the sniffs and even had a roll in something smelly but non staining!

We got to the other end of the field and over the wall onto the moor and we enjoyed yet another great 'Sniff and Whizz'!

Now we both had a wee but saved our Poo until we got back to the caravan site and just across from the Wardens Office we sort of 'Left Our Mark'!

It was a pity that OTL had to pick it all up!

This afternoon I managed to convince OTL I really needed another poo and we got into the field again!

It was great dashing about off the lead and we must have been out for over an hour before heading back to the van.

I didn't do a poo and I told OTL that it was just wind!

Tomorrow we got to take TM to the first 'Master Class' so that means an early start to get her there so she can get it all set up before every one arrives.

We have found a Rugby Club where we can be let off our leads and it is just a couple of miles from where we drop TM off, so we will be looking for another runaround tomorrow and with a ball if we are lucky!

We are expecting to see Izzy, Hamish and Bella tomorrow evening, loads of fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May Dun Lardin, Miss Wendy Bin Lardy and Freddy de Ferret!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

No Rain Today, Yet!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, it looks like The Missus is all prepared for her Master Class on Friday and Saturday, all the samples have been done and she can relax now!

To celebrate, we decided to visit the old Bolton Abbey down the road.

Like every car park we have seen, this one was also a mighty price, £8 for a car and two Two Legs!

Poor Old Two Legs nearly had a fit!

The only good thing was that the cost did allow you to visit the three car parks on the estate!

So, after a late breakfast, off we set looking to see the abbey without the rain!

Now, just to show that we are on OTL's side, I waited until I got into the abbey grounds before I decided I really, really needed a poo and just couldn't wait any longer!

Once I had finished OTL picked it up in a Poo Bag and put in the Green Bin hanging from the fence post.

'There' says OTL, 'Included in the price of the Car Park Ticket, they can bless that lot as well'!

Holy Poo? Now that is a new one. I have always said that the sun shines out from under my tail!

OTL dashed off over the bridge 'cos he wanted to see TM and us dance across the river on the stepping stones but because of all the rain we have had, the stones were under water and too dodgy to try crossing the river on them!

a 'Stony Road To Church!
We had a look around the grounds and OTL took a picture of the east end of the church which was a bit useless for holding any ceremonies 'cos someone had nicked the roof!

OTL says it had something to do with Henry VIII and the 'Dissolution'!

Holly said that they could have got a good price for Roofing Lead in those days!

OK, but only in the summer!
 OTL went into the bit they do use but we had to stay out side, seems we are not classed as 'Assistance Dogs' whatever they are!

Right up in the roof OTL spotted this Geezer, he thinks that it is the Green Man, a sort of Pagan God of forest and all growing things! He was supposed to get the young maidens into trouble around Spring time! 

Eh! Fancy a trip around the Maypole?
 The best carving was the one that looked like OTL, after getting a bill from the vets!

 Inside the bit they were using there were wall paintings behind the altar which looked dead posh!

St Mary and St Cuthbert
 OTL says that the place had been used for worship for eight hundred and fifty years.

You would have thought that by now they would have done more to rebuild the abbey but I suppose it is like all decorators and builders, they never seem to turn up and the price of Roofing Lead has gone through the ceiling!

Sorry, I just couldn't help that one!

Nice bit of wall painting!
There were some big stain glass windows down one side and the colours would look great when the sun shines through them!

Just look at the colours!
Once we had finished looking around we headed off into town to do some shopping 'cos us woofers had nearly run out of food and that is a situation we don't want to be in!

When we came back, OTL turned off the road and back into the abbey grounds again but this time he headed back to the Cafe.  Down the bottom of the long drive was a little hut in which sat a TL collecting £8 off every car that tried to get in!

When it came to our turn, OTL waved the parking ticket he had got before which allows us in to car park without any further cost!

This attendant looked right upset and took the parking receipt and scrawled a big blue cross on it, to show we have be in his car park!

TM says to OTL, 'why have you come in here?' OTL looks sideways and says ' 'cos I've paid for it and I just wanted to use it'!

Well, there is nothing like seeing a parking attendant with a blue pen getting upset!

If he came to TM's Master Class he could use the pen to do some 'blending' all over his tickets, but with style and an artistic flourish!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

We get a 'Free Pee'!

Hello Woofers!

We are back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

You will all be pleased to know that Holly is over her Grumbly Tum and eating for England!

Well, she made a bit of a pig of herself mugging Old Two Legs for the Chinese last night!

Today we got thrown out of the caravan 'cos The Missus was getting all inspired over Christmas Card designs. It also helped 'cos with Christmas comes snow ans snow time is 'Glitter Time' and when we got back the whole of the inside of the caravan was a thick cloud of glitter!

We are getting ahead of ourselves, so, this morning we three get thrown out and told not to come back until it's dark!

Apparently closing your eyes doesn't count!

So, off we went and the first place we stopped was on that village green where the car park cost £4!

OTL, having been caught once, did a crafty. He found a space in the High Street and parked for free!

What was even better, Holly and I did two free wee's each, so that brings the total down to £3.96 

OTL said he was going to have a wee behind the tree but there were a couple of old women sitting on the bench eating their sandwiches and watching us. OTL said that he can't go if someone is watching!

So he didn't!

Off we set, going up the Wharfdale Valley but this time we planned to come back by a different route.

We stopped off at the 'Rapids' and took a couple of pictures, all from inside the car 'cos it was raining!

The last time we came here it was just a little trickle of a stream!
 A bit further on OTL stopped the car, in the middle of the road, got out, and took this picture.

Can you imagine doing that at home!

The leaves are changing earlier up here!
A few yards further on he stopped for this one, in the middle of the road again!

You can tell there are not that many cars use this road!
In fact, we seem to see more pedestrian traffic than motor!

Bloody Motorists!
 Up on top of the moors the weather didn't seem to know what to do. The only thing we could guarantee was that it would rain on us!

It's always sunnier in the next valley!
 But when we got to the next valley!

The sun had moved on!
So, we decided to head back to the caravan and catch a few snoozes before OTL and TM go out for a meal. It is going to be something different, a pup meal!

Providing of course that they can get a table without booking!

Holly and I have got Doggy Scoff!

Just wait until they want a cuddle!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Day Out with Sis and OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Us lot again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, after yesterdays catching up on things we decided that today we would go out for a run to see the local sights, you know, rivers and sheep and hills!

It started off with Holly having a 'Grumbly Tum' which is not unusual when you consider where she sticks her nose! She hasn't really eaten anything over the last two days, which is most unlike Holly if you know what I mean!

This morning she was on the bed next to Old Two Legs who was getting tea and a biscuit as a treat.

Holly lifted her head and gave the sign to OTL that she could just nibble a little of the biscuit!

She nibbled to first bit then came back for a second and then finished off the biscuit and that meant that OTL had to ask for another one!

While OTL was begging for another biscuit Holly was chewing on the end of a Bonio Biscuit she had hidden under the pillow!

Holly Chops was on the mend!

Mind you, we all had to get 'Up Wind' of her when she went for a poo! Blimey, I don't know what she had been eating but I don't want any of it, Phew!

It was one of those where she had to get her butt washed before she was allowed into the caravan!

After getting The Ferrets all sorted and cleaned out OTL went for a run around the site for a ferret in the leaves the Camp Warden had been blowing into a pile. After the ferrets had their fun and games the leaves were all over the place again!

OTL, Holly and me set off for The Moors, leaving The Missus slapping glue and stuff all over the place!

Off we went looking for a place where we could be let off the lead and allowed to run over the moors.

Just down the road from the caravan site OTL spotted a patch of green, a river, and a car park!

He pulls off the road and into the car park which had an automated barrier thing with a notice saying 'Pay On Exit'!

We didn't pay too much attention to that 'cos we could see grass, river and DUCKS!

OTL set up the leads so we could run almost independently and we galloped about woofing at the ducks!

I did a super poo which OTL picked up in a poo bag!

We went around the green a couple of times so we could do our 'wee marking' and then headed for the car.

Once we were all in and ready to go we headed for the 'Exit Barrier'.

There was a big box thingy attached to a barrier and a notice saying 'All Day Parking £4'

Four Pound for twice around the green, two wee's and one poo, and they didn't even have a poo bid so OTL could dump the bag!

Now we have heard of 'Spending a Penny' but that is Four Hundred Wees Worth!

OTL says it is a 'Rip Off' and we agree!

Off we went further up the Wharfedale Valley which is OK if you are into photographing small water falls in the river. No big mountains or raging torrents of water jumping from high cliffs!

On the High Moors with the river down below!
 Looking the other way we could see for miles and miles into the distance!

That's a Funny Flat Topped Hill!
 The sky was blue with some clouds but where we stopped there were some really dark clouds looking for somewhere to drop all that water!

Holly says that the clouds were looking for us!
 OTL took a couple of shots and then started to drive off. I did my 'I Wanna Wee' noise that sounds like a small whine but OTL knows what I mean!

Once again he got the leads sorted so Holly and I can head off in different directions!

We bounded away across the grass tussocks dragging OTL behind. He seemed to be very worried about stepping into the freshly deposited sheep poo!

We didn't care!

So off we went and we were charging all over the place. We even spotted a couple of cairns which OTL says that are normally put on the highest point on a hill or mountain!

So that means we did a wee at the highest spot on The Moors!

We must be famous now we have done that!

We carried on driving and ended up going in a big circle until we got back to the caravan again!

OTL and TM are off to get another Chinese Takeaway and I have been told I must sit on a paper mat that soaks up any wee.

I don't think they fully trust me!

Plawn Clackers Yum Yum!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tale of a Soggy Bottom!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, a day late!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, it all started a couple or three weeks ago, I came back from a super run on the beach and a dip in the sea. Then I sort of wee'd where I don't normally, like in Old Two Legs office!

Then I did it again and it was off to see the vet, just in case.

He pondered the situation and suggested we go away and see if it returns 'cos it might just be that I had picked up a bug in the sea!

If it happened again OTL was to bring a sample of my wee for testing and it cost OTL a fiver for this plastic sample bottle and a plastic scoop to collect the wee in!

Well, nothing more happened and that was that, OTL had got himself a super Wee Collecting Kit, until Thursday evening.

OTL and The Missus left us in the caravan for an hour while they got the Chinese Takeaway and while they were gone, I did a wee on the seat.

It was soon cleared up and disinfected and I was placed on a couple of towels and a wodge of paper kitchen towel.

I did another couple of wee's without really noticing it, but OTL did, the paper changed colour!

I got all cleaned up again and proceeded to mug OTL for some King Plawns and some Plawn Clackers.

OTL telephoned the vet, our vet, and got an appointment for Saturday at 2 'o' clock.

Friday was an early night and Saturday was an early start!

Off we went, OTL and me, all the way back to see our vet.  OTL says he would rather get me into see out vet 'cos they got my whole history on the computer records.

So, there we were, at 2 'o' clock, in front of the vet with OTL telling the story of me weeing.

The vet said that we really need a sample of my wee and from his pocket, OTL produced a sample bottle with some wee that was only a couple of hours old!

The vet tested it and declared that  it was all OK. Kidneys, Bladder, Diabetes, Blood Count, White Cell Count, all OK!
Then the vet says that my loss of control is common in Lady Woofers of my age who have been Spayed! Seems we lose the production of Oestrogen which tells our brain when our bladder is full!

The vet says that we can leave it and see what happens, more soggy bottoms?

Or, we could try a months worth of pills that contain estriol  which is a Oestrogen replacement.

OTL decided on the pills 'cos he don't do Soggy Bottoms in his office!

So, back in the car and back to the caravan. We got back at eight, just in time for some Doggy Scoff and a mug at TM's dinner!

What a day!  543miles and a vet bill!

We were just a little tired, so that is why we missed yesterdays blog!

This morning it was raining, nothing new there then! Even the ferrets didn't get a run out and had to put up with trashing the caravan instead of hunting Yorkshire Puds under the rocks!

We did manage to get a run down by the river but being Sunday there were loads of Two Legs marching about in hiking boots and plastic jackets and carrying walking poles!

You know, we even saw a bunch of Mini Two Legs Scout group marching along the path by the river!

Keep Marching, Left, Left, Left, Left!
 OTL said they hadn't got around to ' Left, Right' yet!

The Aqueduct Bridge!
 It was about here by the bridge that the rain started to come down again, so, one last photo and then it was back to the van!

Looks dark in there!
Later we went into Skipton and TM brought us some casserole steak as a treat after the 'Soggy Bottom Scare'!

Well it's coming up to six and no Soggy Bottoms and I'm just about to have another pill!

See you all tomorrow and with a bit of luck we will be going over the moor following the Wharfedale Valley, providing the rain holds off!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, and Freddy de Ferret!

Friday, 14 October 2016

We are still here!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Sorry about yesterday, blame The Missus for that!

She went to a 'Double Crop', that is, one session in the morning and another session in the afternoon!

We were then ushered away and told to 'come back at four thirty'!

So, that's what we did, Old Two Legs, the ferrets, Holly and I went off exploring the area.

We went over the moors and down to Hebden Bridge, then through Denholme and onto Keighley. The towns were a bit boring but on the moors it was, um, 'Bleak' and especially when it rained, which it did for most of the day!

There was one spot we stopped at and OTL got us dressed up in our harnesses for a run and as soon as we got out the door, the rain started!

It was like that for most of the time!

We stopped at Lund's Tower and had a quick run around but it didn't last long 'cos the rain came back again!

We stopped at a roadside cafe and OTL ordered up a cup of tea for him and a sausage roll, then he ordered up two sausages for us woofers!

They didn't last long, so we started to mug OTL for his sausage roll but he had been crafty, he had sloshed a load of mustard all over the sausages!

Holly and I don't do mustard so he got to eat his sausage roll all on his own!

At four thirty we picked TM up and headed back to the caravan. The journey takes a whole hour so it was going to be late by the time we got back, TM suggested we get a 'Chinese Takeaway' instead of cooking a meal.

Sounded OK to us!

We got left in the caravan while they went off to get the meal.

On the way into town OTL had to past a tractor coming in the opposite direction and like a good driver he is, he pulled over to the side to allow the tractor and the hay baler it was towing get past.

It was at that point OTL managed to scrape the car against the stone wall that had been there for over two hundred years!

The bad news is that OTL will have to get the rear door mended and resprayed but the good news is that the wall wasn't damaged at all!

The Chinese Meal was super, King Prawns and Chow Mein and loads of Plawn Clackers!

Holly made a pig of herself and so did I!

We slept well last night!

We got woken up during the night with all that rain beating down on the roof but we soon went to sleep again!

Today we are having what TM calls a 'Lazy Day' which means OTL has to drag us Woofers out for a long walk down by the river while she does some 'Creative Crafting'!

We were only allowed back in if it was raining!

We had a wander along side the river and OTL saw a bird called a 'Dipper'. Now he has never seen one in 'Real Life' and has been looking for years!

He saw one the other day but didn't have his camera with him so he couldn't count that one but today.....................

A DIPPER!!!!!!!!!
 Mind you, the first shot wasn't the best of pictures!

A Fast Flying Dipper!
 The path was up and down like we remembered it and OTL was puffing and blowing but us woofers have what we call Four X Paw drive, so hills aren't too much trouble!

4 X Paw Drive here!
We had to stop every so often for OTL to wave the camera about at some trees and water but as there were loads of sniffs around we didn't mind him going click, click!

Wot? No Dipper?
 Mind you, we did see a family of Mandarin Ducks on the other side of the river!

A Chinese Takeaway Duck?
 We did think about chasing them but Holly pointed out that the river was not only very wet but cold and fast!

Is there a bridge nearby?
 In the end we decided to leave them for today and stick to Plawn Clackers and Peking Duck!

Another view of no Dippers!
 Right, we are off to do some late shopping, TM wants some sugar and OTL wants a woolly hat!

What ever turns you on!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Help! Our Legs are all worn out!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, after yesterday what could go wrong?

We got a message through from the man who is driving he Articulated Truck, he is in Scotland and lost somewhere near Altnaharra, where ever that is!

But he has a problem, the roads are too tight to turn around so he is off to see if some where the road goes around in a circle and comes back again!

The Missus is not a Happy Crafter!

She decided this morning that she has been 'Inspired' and set about sloshing the glue pot around the caravan.

The ferrets went back to sleep under the blanket and Old Two Legs and us got told to 'Clear Orf' and don't come back until tonight!

We headed off to see a place thingy called The Strid, yeah we reckon it should have an 'e' on the end but they do things funny up this end of the country!

So, off we set walking along side the river.

At the start of out trip we normally get rid of any unwanted weight, so, one poo bag, two puppies and three poo's later we were trotting along the river bank singing our 'Walking Songs'!

That was until we arrived at the first Poo Bin!

OTL was in a good mood 'cos he had only used one poo bag on two doggies and three poo's, anything to save a copper or two!

We reckon it must be the air up here!

So, off we went trotting along the path by the side of the river.

Now this walk OTL had decided on went up one side of the river and then all the way back to the abbey, across the river again and back to the caravan site.

What he didn't tell us was it would mean a twelve mile walk!

Twelve Woofin Miles!

Now that wasn't the only surprise we got!

We found a couple of tree trunks on the ground and a seat made out of a fallen tree trunk, all of the had money driven into the cracks!
A Munny Branch Seat?
 This was terrible! All that dosh just left in the tree for anyone to pickup!

OTL says that if he had his pliers with him he could have made a 'Withdrawal' from this branch!

On we marched for what seemed like hours and hours. Up and down the path went, some times it was like climbing a mountain and other times we thought we needed ropes and ice axes!

Finally we got back, OTL had decided of a couple of places he wanted to revisit and take photos and we had decided we needed a snooze!

Two Worn Out Woofers!
 We were 'Cream Crackered' as OTL says and the rest of the afternoon was taken up with 'Resting'!

Not sure what we are going to mug off OTL but we know the first course is King Prawns!

Now we can't remember photos from the camera  the songs we were singing but 'Itchy Paw Like That' was on the list according to OTL, so that might have been us you heard as we went past!

See you all tomorrow and OTL says he is going to get his camera out 'cos transferring pictures from the phone to the computer is driving him potty!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!