Wednesday, 20 June 2018

We go on an Adventure!

Hi McWoofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran back with you again after a fun filled day!

Last night it poured down but we didn't mind 'cos we were tucked up in bed snoring our tails off!

When we did awake it was all sun shine and balmy breezes!

Old Two Legs was up early cleaning the ferret cages while Holly and I stayed on the bed keeping out of the way 'cos first thing in the morning those ferrets just go completely potty!

When the ferrets are loose then this is the safest place to be!
 After all the jobs were done OTL asked if we wanted to go on and adventure?

Does a dog go Woof?

Off we set heading up the beach until we came to the small river or as they say up here, 'A Wee Burn'

Mind you, looking at the colour we thought someone had poo'd in it! That was until OTL told us it was the peat that made it that colour

Looks good enough to have a paddle in!
Once we had crossed the burn, we came across a sign post telling us what to expect at the end of our walk!

Dunno wot the Co-op or a Whelk has got to do with the walk!
As we climbed up higher through the ferns and grass we could see the whole beach and the camp site laid out before us!
It Looks Brill in the Sun Light!
There were loads of ferns along our way and at times McHolly and I couldn't see where we were going! OTL had to lead us as we hung onto our lead to make sure we didn't fall off the edge and land on the rocks below!
We should have brought our Ice Axe and Crampons!
 As we got higher we came across peat bogs and rocks. It was good fun dancing across the rocks and we didn't fall in once!
We had to be careful but in the end we made it across!
Finally we made it to the end and there on top of the highest point was what is called a Cairn, that's wot they call a Highland pile of stones!
The idea is that you add a stone to the top when you visit!
OTL says that he has added many stones to Cairns when he was climbing Munroe's, so not to miss out, we put our rock on top.

So, right at the top we placed our rock and we have called it ...........

There is is, right at the very top!
 Well, once we had got up there, telephoned The Missus to look out of the caravan and wave at us, we headed back down. This time OTL let us off our lead 'cos he reckons by now we should be careful enough not to fall in and bogs or off the cliffs!

Come on, I can sniff the way!
 OTL let us go in front to lead the way but we lost the path and had to make our new way down!

Well, this looks like fresh sheep poo!
As we passed the burn again OTL shoved McHolly and me into the burn to wash off all the peat that had stuck to our legs, McHolly didn't want to go in the water but OTL persuaded her in and she got not only her paws but her tummy wet as well!

It was a long walk back to the caravan and after a bite to eat, we fell asleep and were soon snoring our tails off!

OTL included!

We just love adventures!

See you all tomorrow!


Hi McWoofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A Plastic Bin Overload!

Hi McWoofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran! back with you again!

Well, Holly Chops has been sticking her nose in places she shouldn't and as a result, she got the 'Grumbly Tum'! You would have thought that after all that money the vet took off Old Two Legs Miss Holly would be a bit more careful!

Around five this morning The Missus was forced to take Holly out and Holly proved she got the 'Grumblies'!

By the time TM got back,she had the grumblies and it was all Holly's fault for digging her out of the caravan when she could be designing cards!!

OTL got it in the ear as well and as a punishment he was told to take TM into Campbeltown so she could do some 'relaxing shopping'!

So, off we went for our morning jog along the beach and both McHolly and I sort of 'Fell Over' and had to wriggle to get up again, OTL didn't see it that way, spoilsport that he is!

Oh Dear! I've fallen over again!
 Of course being so close to the ground when we fell over means we can spot the oddities like this thing.
But wot is is Precious?
 Maybe it is a Water Nargle Egg? McHolly wasn't too sure and said she would look it up on the Internetty Thingy when she got back to the caravan.

Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen 'cos we all got bundled into the car and off we went to Campbeltown!

TM did her shopping it the 'Nickle & Dime' emporium which is one of those shops that will sell everything accept food, but they did have some sweeties for sale!

Out she came with an arm full of Bits & Bobs while OTL had to carry these plastic boxes of differing sizes. OTL says it reminds him of a quotation he once heard, it goes something like........

Big Boxes have little boxes upon their backs to bite 'em
and little boxes have smaller boxes, and so ad infinitum!

Well, TM now has loads of boxes in boxes in boxes in boxes!

Back home McHolly and I were getting a bit hungry, I mean, we didn't have any breakfast and our little tummies were doing a rumble you could hear a mile away!

TM got the idea and cooking commenced, right up until TM decided to go to the car to count the boxes again and the smoke alarm went off.

Now, that alarm is loud and on top of that it emits a sound that goes right through you!

When it first went off I shot over OTL's shoulders and hid behind him while poor McHolly stood transfixed to the spot!

What the Woofin' 'eck is that?
It seemed that the world was being invaded by bleeping electronic things! Of course, when TM arrived back, instead of removing the item off the heat that was making the smoke alarm go off, she instead tried to silence the alarm by taking the battery out!

OTL did suggest she look to the cooker and the six foot flames that were sucked out of the caravan roof by the extractor fan!

Things do get exciting sometimes!

This last week or so we have been on a diet of either fish, rice and boiled carrot or chicken and rice and boiled carrots and to be honest, they are quite tasty.

It looks like we will be on them for some time 'cos McHolly Chops has got to loose at least one kilogramme!

I don't but am going along with McHolly as a sisterly gesture of support. The only thing I miss is the choc chip cookies and the shortbread and the twigglets and jumbones and all the other Doggy Treats!

Now we know just how poor Archie Babe feels when he is deprived of his favourite nosh!

I can't wait until she gets rid of the kilo then I can go back to a proper diet of choc chip cookies etc!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Sally's Walk!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran! back with you again!

Well, today has been a sunny day with just a little cloud but so far, no rain, but the forecast says there is a chance of rain before midnight but by then we will be tucked up with full tummies and snoring our tails off!

Back to today.

First thing this morning The Missus took Holly and I out for a walk on the beach, there was no one about at all!

We got back just after Old Two Legs had fallen out of bed and was staggering into the shower!

He decided that he would take Monty and Wendy out for a walk after finishing cleaning their cage but before taking May and Eric out!

Of course being ferrets they had a great time digging holes in the sand!

It's about the only time Wendy doesn't attack Monty!
 Mind you, Monty doesn't let his guard drop, Wendy has a habit of creeping up on him and giving him a quick nip behind the ear!

Now, where has she gone now?
 OK, all together now..................................SHE'S BEHIIIIND YOOOOOOO!

We don't have that trouble with May and Eric, they sorted out ages ago that she was in charge!

Don't stray too far dear, I don't want you getting lost!
On our way into the caravan park down a long and winding track there are some signposts pointing out foot paths that form part of the Kintyre Way which is a walking path for those hardy Two Legs who want to spend their holidays marching the pathways and tending blistered feet at night!

One of these paths also had a sign saying 'Sally's Walk'. Last year we saw this but never explored the path 'cos it was so warm and the sea was so inviting that we just didn't have the time!

This year we decided to investigate!

Leaving The Missus 'sorting out' her card making stuff we set off.

Now as I said before, this is part of the Kintyre Way and most of it is on the flat, so no mountains to climb!

To be honest, it is more like a forest path with a few flowers on each side of the path and tree lined in other parts.

A nice gentle path lined with flowers which set OTL's hay fever off!
There were patches of pine tree plantations which seem to fall over as a result of storms rather than harvesting!

Here be Nargles!
 Where the trees were scattered all about in a 'Natural' way, there were many different broad leaf trees including Oak, Ash, Silver Birch and Beech.

The path wasn't very wide but it seemed well kept, however, we didn't see any rabbits!

It would be OK if we could get off these leads!
OTL said he couldn't let us off the lead 'cos the were fields with sheep and lambs munching away on the grass. You think they would get fed up with grass, I mean, us woofers only eat grass if we get a tummy upset!

We got back to the caravan and OTL then took us down to the beach where we got to get off the lead!

I managed to get we half way up my tummy while Holly stayed up the top of the beach sniffing the dried sea weed!

What ever turns you on as they say!

Not sure what we got planned for tomorrow, TM said she wanted to get some more plastic boxes, Holly reckons there will not be enough room in the car for use AND the boxes!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan

Sunday, 17 June 2018

A Long Walk Along The Beach!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan! back again!

Well now, being today is Fathers Day we decided to leave Old Two Legs asleep in bed for an extra fifteen minutes! Then we jumped on top of him and gave his ear a massive big lick!

After the Ferrets got their cages cleaned out and they had a rampage around the caravan we got another run on the beach. OTL had the Throwing Stick and a new plastic ball from the ferrets toy box, we had a super game of Chase the Ball!

Being plastic and a bit heavier, that means it went higher and further than that tennis ball!

There were some Nelly Fish on the beach but smaller that the ones we saw the other day!

Holly Found a dead starfish, we knew it was dead 'cos it was cold, brittle and stiff!

Ere! Me legs fallen off!
I had a deep paddle in the river and I was looking for the salmon that were supposed to be travelling up stream. I didn't see any at all, so that means we have got cod chops today!

All I want is a little fishy on my little dishy!
Being on holiday has it's benefits, like, we can bully OTL into taking us for a walk any time we want.

Once we had enjoyed a little snooze McHolly and I did out 'Walkies!' and off we were again!

This time we went right down the end of the beach, across the stream and up into the rocky bits!

Holly got all big and brave and suggested we take off over the rocky bits and up to the top of the mountain!

Hey Lads, I go this good idea for an Adventure!
OTL and I had a look at the path she was planning on taking and decided it would be too slippery on the seaweed and rocks, so, this time McHolly Chops Got out voted!

Not on your Nelly!
We headed back along the beach and got a little ahead of OTL, in fact he was miles behind and to give you an idea just how far we were ahead, those two spots on the beach, well, that's McHolly and McMe!

McHolly Dog and McMe!
After we got back to the caravan, it was the ferrets turn for a run but MacMay and MacWendy decided they would pass on this walk and instead retire to bed.

Not so Monty McSporran and Eric de McFerret, although they didn't go out at the same time, they did get their run on the beach and through the grass!

Eric De McFerret McFerreting in the grass!
Eric started off on the wet sand but after a few moments the water seeped through to his tummy and then he was off like a cat with a woofer up it's tail!

Next It was Monty McSporran who was out for a little rampage. He started off in the grass, got carried down to the wet sand and rampaged all the way back to the caravan!

This is just great, a rampage through the grass looking for McNargles!
Monty reckons the best bit is when he reaches the sand and gets to dig as bigger hole as he wants, only he still hasn't got the hang of supporting the timbers that hold the roof up!

OK, here comes Mort MacSporran hunting for Nargles!

Mort just loves digging in the sand as much as Miss MacMay!

This afternoon the rain came back, well more of a drizzle than heavy rain but that gave us an excuse to have a snooze on the sofa!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporran!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Shopping Day Today!

Away The Noo!

It's us back again, McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Well, we woke up to the rain crashing down onto the caravan roof, wot a noise!

You know, it even woke Old Two Legs up and he can normally sleep through The Missus sorting out her craft stuff, and that makes a lot of noise!

We headed out for a walk first thing, complete with our rain coats on and to be honest, all we could manage was a wee!

After the wee it was straight back to the caravan and onto the bed that was still warm from when OTL had been snoozing!

It rained for most of the morning and when it did stop we got a walk with OTL but only just across the road way, a quick wee and a poo then back to the caravan at top speed!

The shopping trip into Campbeltown was a bit boring, we couldn't get out of the car 'cos there were double yellow lines everywhere and OTL didn't want to get a ticket, unlike the locals who were under the impression that double yellow lines were reserved for parking on!

We didn't get any treats, no doggy shops! A Co-op and a funny Tesco's bolted onto a garage we found but as much as we asked, no Annette TL could be found!

Back home there was a 'Window' of no rain so we went out for a run on the beach and OTL brought the ball throwing stick. I twas great fun chasing the ball but I got carried away and gave the ball a good Mullering!

Needless to say, the ball is not feeling very well, in fact it felt like it was going to pieces!

A Chewing Good Ball but it's now dead!
Well, to add insult to injury, the rain started again and off we went back to to caravan! When we got through the gate Holly and I caught the sniff of a rabbit and rain or no, we were after it like a rat up a drainpipe!

We didn't catch it, the rabbit disappeared into gorse bush and that was it, nothing to look forward to except a telling off from OTL!

The rain had started to ease but we could see on the horizon, a big squall of a shower heading our way!

It's going to get wet again!
 Sunshine had been promised for late this afternoon so we might get a run with the ball throwing stick 'cos OTL has found a ball that just about fits into the stick!

Claws crossed we won't get too excited and chew this one up!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Friday, 15 June 2018

The Day After The Storm!

Away The Noooo!

Here we are again, McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Well, wot a couple of days we have just had! Very strong wind and rain by the bucket load!

After all the, this morning when we checked, there was just one awning stake that had been pulled out of the ground!

It is still cloudy here but not too cold. I think we might get a couple of days dry weather before we get some more rain to wash the dust off the caravan!

Today The Missus has decided to slosh the glue about and has been making a terrible mess everywhere! You know, I have been having difficulty finding a place to snooze!

How am I going to roll over?
Mind you, Old Two Legs purchased, at great expense, one of those ball throwing sticks. It's just great! It means he can hurl a tennis ball for miles and Holly and I go tearing after it!

We had such a game this morning and even Holly managed to pinch the ball from me at one stage!

We had such fun that at eleven thirty I pretended I had the Grumble Tum and was in urgent need of a walk but as soon as we got to the beach I started to jump up at OTL doing my 'Throw the Ball' dance.

The big problem was, in his rush to get me and my Grumbly Tum out, he had forgotten the throwing stick!

I will have to reduce the 'Urgency' next time!

Still, we had the whole beach to ourselves and I even went in for a paddle!

Don't you just hate crowded beaches!
 All the ferrets went out to the beach, Wendy and Monty were not too impressed but May and Eric had a super time ferreting in the grass after racing along the sandy beach!

Ferret racing on the beach!
 This afternoon there were a couple of showers but we didn't mind, let's face it, we don't come to Scotland for the sunshine!

Tomorrow it looks like there is another load of rain arriving, so we will be going out in the car down to Cambletown to do some shopping, who knows, we might get some treats!

We were glad to see Auntie Sue has managed to control her iPlod Internetty Thingy Wottsit, we were getting worried she had fallen off the side of the world!

See you all tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wot the Hector was that all about

Hi Woofers!

The Heeland Mob here again! McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Well fans, we have had a proper storm up here in the West Highlands, the storm named Hector came blasting in from The West and sent the caravan rocking and rolling all over the place!
It was a good job that Old Two Legs had put a big strap across the waning to stop it from being blown away!
There was so much rain that there were big puddles inside the awning!

We cuddled up with OTL last night and stayed in the same place all night long!

This morning it was still blowing like mad, OTL says that it was forecast to reach fifty or sixty miles an hour with gusts up to seventy!

Where we are, we are protected by a big hill to the west, so we didn't get the full force of the storm!

First thing this morning The Missus took us out for our morning wee and got all dressed up in the wet weather gear, except, she didn't put her wellies on, instead she went out in her dancing pumps!

Soppy TM came back with soggy socks!

The ferrets were awake and Eric was having fun winding Holly up safe that he was inside the cage!

Who's a Wimpy Woofer?
 We tried not to rise to the bait but Holly did mumble something about Ferret on Fried Bread being just right for breakfast!

Ferret on Fried bread with a couple of slices of bacon and some mushrooms on the side and fried tomatoes!
Because of the rain and wind the ferrets had to have their morning rampage in the the caravan. Now that is not so bad really 'cos Holly and I are put up on the bed while the ferrets charge about up and down the caravan. We leave then to it and as long as they don't climb up onto the bed we are content to just watch them!

Eric trying to help TM do the washing up!
 After the breakfast was served, (Lactose free milk and some Brambles Biscuits) it was then time to rampage around the caravan!

Let's see how fast I can go from one side to the other, without falling off!
 Once all the cages have been cleaned and ferrets reinstalled, it was time for our late morning walk along the beach. The rain had stopped and the wind was still blowing but we were in need of a run and OTL wanted some fresh air as well!

Off we went!

Tide coming in , wind blowing the sand but it's not cold!
 Being a beach, there were loads of sniffs on the sand and well, a woofer  has just got to do wot a woofer has got to do!

This is just great, and OTL hasn't told me to stop either!
 We went for a long walk up the beach, about half a mile, Holly and I were on the watch out for rabbits but they stayed in their warrens, maybe they don't like wind!

Getting close to High Tide
Holly and I are still on this Chicken and Rice diet, no nibbles off of OTL's plate or bits of bacon of TM's plate, it really is hard on a woofer!

Mind you, Holly's Grumbly Tum seems to have cleared up, so the right results have happened!

Now OTL says that Holly has got to loose a whole kilogramme 'cos she is just too porky, well actually it was the vet who said she had to loose weight!

You can really go off vets when they say things like that!

With a bit of luck the wind will have dropped tomorrow so we can all have a run on the beach without getting blown over!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

McGodwins are here!

Hello Woofers!

It's the Heeland Mob here! McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSpporan up in sunny Scotland!

Well, what a trip, we left very early on Monday, on the road by eight and trolling along the M25 and through the Dartford Tunnel, then it happened, queues of traffic caused by speed restrictions, crashing vans, HGV trucks playing bumper cars!

Well, at least we get to chat with the ferrets!
So, instead of arriving at Gretna by about one, we didn't get there until six!

Well, that mucked up The Missuses plans to empty the craft shops in the Designer Centre!

Distraught, she had to resort to drowning her sorrows in a bottle of Bollinger Champagne with her fish and chips, (The Chinese was shut!)

No Plawn Clackers, No Plawn Balls and not even a chip, I think I'm dying!
 She slept well that night!

Mind you, Old Two Legs had a slurp and he slept well!

Holly was set for a good night as well, until TM pinched the duvet cover!

It's a Dogs Life!
We were up at the crack of dawn again and OTL decided he wanted a shower, so, with his gear wrapped up in a towel he staggered off to the camp site showers clutching the key to open the door!

Being half asleep, he tried the ladies showers first and was cursing 'cos the door wouldn't open but just in time he spotted the picture of a lady!

Once in the correct shower room he set about getting a shower, money in the slot, turn on the water and step in. Only problem was, he had forgotten to bring his shower gel! Lucky for him, someone had left an almost empty bottle on top of the money machine so, with a little bit of care he managed to add some water to the contents of the bottle and 'Splash it all Over'!

After the shower he got dressed, finding he had also forgotten his clean socks and toothbrush!

He really doesn't do early morning decisions!

Not to worry, we were on the road by seven thirty and off to sunny Carradale Bay!

The trip was a bit boring really 'cos unlike on the motorway, no one took any notice of us blowing raspberries at them through the side window, mainly 'cos they were going the other way!

Holly and I decided to wind up OTL and every few minutes we asked 'Are we there yet?'

Are we there yet?
It was great when he sad 'YES!'

We planted the caravan and before the awning went up OTL took us for a run on the beach. The tide was half way out but we still had a great paddle, even McHolly Chops went in far enough to get her knees wet!

Just what the vet ordered, a paddle in the sea!
Holly was chasing anything that moved and when OTL threw a stone into the water she almost forgot she doesn't do water!

My turn with the stone!
We spotted our first Nelly Fish and McHolly Chops said it was called a 'Hot Cross Nelly Fish' on account of the markings!

A Hot Cross Nelly Fish?
After we had our run OTL got the ferrets out and they had a chance to stretch their lugs on the beach and in the long grass on the beach. OTL calls it Marram Grass!

The ferrets love diving in and out, even Miss MacWendy stopped attacking Monty McSporran!

Get going or I'll bite your tail!
 Eric was having a great time ferreting around in the grass, of course, Miss McMay, having seen it all before tried instructing him on where to sniff but Eric, being Eric, did his own thing!

No! Going this way thanks!

OTL didn't mind 'cos while he was walking the ferrets, it gave TM time to unload the stuff from inside the caravan and have a cup of teat waiting for when he got back!

This is the way you unpack!
 The water was just right but we had to leave it to go shopping for food and stuff. On the way back we entered the caravan site down a forest path. Now, because there hasn't been any rain for about three weeks, the path was rather dry and dusty. So, down the forest path we went and ahead of us were a couple of Old Two Legs, even older than TM and OTL. OTL had slowed the car to a very slow crawl and the TL's had moved over to the side of the road. OTL crept past them and they waved their walking sticks at him in thanks. But not for long 'cos the caravan created a sort of vortex under the flooring and blew the dust up into the air, leaving the two TL's spluttering in the dust storm behind us!

It was lucky they didn't chase after OTL and shake their sticks at him some more!

Towards the evening the sea started to get a bit 'Choppy' and we saw there were some White Horses on the waves, we think the weather is reverting to Scottish Weather!

Well, the wind keeps the midges away!
Today when we woke up we could see that the day was going to a cloudy one plus, we had been advised that the Scottish Electricity Board were installing a new run of electricity cable, so the means 'No Power' all day!

Not only is there no power but the Wi-Fi was off as well and the mobile phone cell was running on low power to conserve the battery backup!

What was worse, we had to go out for a wee in the wet!

Looks good but it will get worse over the next twenty four hours!
 So, we have a wet holiday to look forward to but that doesn't worry us too much, TM is on her third bottle of Bolly and OTL is working his way down a fine bottle of Laphroaig with a couple of bottles of the local brew in reserve!

See you all tomorrow, providing we are not swept out to sea!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSpporan.