Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Monday is Fun Day!

Hello to you all!

Daisy and Holly back again.

All this Christmas thing has left us worn out. Old Two Legs said it was time we got some good fresh air and a bit of a run out. That sounded good to us, we've not had a good long walk for at least three days!

So, after our early morning walk, a brush all over and a bit of breakfast and a snoozette to settle our tummy's, OTL gathered up his walking boots and called us out to the car, 'Come on Girls'.

Adventure time!

Holly and I were in our normal place in the car, looking out of the window and sticking our tongues out at all the other drivers, we woofed at a Jack Russell who was sitting on the rear parcel shelf of his car, he went potty at us! 

We didn't care, he couldn't get to us, so we did it some more!

Then, as we went round the last corner, there it was, The Farm, Yippee!

Soon we were out and sniffing the air for the Badgers that live here.

We see no Badgers!
 A little later we met an old Spaniel who said she had not seen a badger for ages, but wished us luck with the hunt!

No Badgers Here!
Finally the hunt for Badgers ceased and we went off in search of Rabbits, but we had the same sort of results, nothing!

OTL tried to photograph a Fieldfare but we running about barking so much we scared the bird away, poor Old Two Legs, and he does try so hard to creep up on these birds!

About the only thing that he can photograph is the landscape, at least that doesn't fly or run away!

Snow Vista
We got home all tired and sleepy after that walk, OTL had to carry both Holly and me for a little way 'cos we got exhausted running around. It was good to cuddle up to OTL, his face was nice and warm on our fur, which was a little cold, wet and muddy!

Back home to a warm bed and a meal of chicken that The Missus had cooked for us.

We had another early night 'cos OTL has got to go back to work in the morning and we are going with him to keep him safe and afterwards we are off to see Grandma. Another long day!

Bye bye for now and see you all again tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly

Monday, 27 December 2010

Boxing Day Games

Hello Everyone!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We must put our paws up to being lazy little puppies today. After the Christmas Day fun with all the family we were just worn out. You know, we didn't get up until seven this morning, we got into our baskets last night and just crashed out!

Today Old Two Legs gave us some more presents to open and Holly got a Ruffty Tuffty type of toy we can both chew and play games of 'Tug' with and it stands up to our teeth, so far! 

I got a very hard rubber ball on a rope that OTL throws for us and Holly and me chase after it and have a game of 'Tug' with that as well.

There were some more nibble things that we like as well.

So, by four in the afternoon we were whacked again!

Here I am having a nibble on the 'Walking Stick' rawhide.

A Big Chew for a Little Dog!
Holly on the other hand, she had been nibbling so much that she did not eat all her dinner, still she can go back to it later on after The Missus and OTL have had their dinner.

She decided to have a snooze cuddling the 'Ruffty Tuffty' toy!

Ruffty Tuffty Holly
We have both had a super couple of days with OTL & TM, a real family time.

Now let me show you a picture of Ethan, who has got a thing about TV Controllers, on Christmas Day he was running around with the controller changing the channels on the TV and switching off the TV the other boys were playing their games on!

OTL sorted him out in the end, he took the batteries out of the controller!

Ethan just could not work out what was wrong! OTL reckons that when his birthday comes around he will buy Ethan a BIG controller with loads of lights on it but no Batteries! Sneaky or wot!


We'll be back tomorrow with more tales as OTL has promised to take us out on an adventure, but he's not saying where we will be going. He says it's a secret, not even TM knows, so it must be special if she doesn't know!!

Bye for now!

Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks to Dougal, Mary & Grant and PeeJay for the messages, not forgetting Thomas as well and a special Woof to Aggis and his family up in Scotland and all our followers on the Blog.

Holly and I have had a Brilliant day.

First of all, Father Christmas visited and left loads of presents for everyone, including Holly and me!

We know that he comes down the chimney to leave the presents but we can't work out how he got into the house 'cos the fireplace has been blocked up and there is no sign of sooty boot marks on the carpet.

We soon stopped worrying about that as we were both given our presents. There was a HUGE rawhide stick each for both Holly and me and a sock each full of chocy drops and nibblets and a squeaky bone that we will wake Old Two Legs with early in the morning!

There was loads of 'nibbles' that were on the table, so Holly and I mugged anyone who went near them. I just love the Twigglets and the small sausages on sticks were OK, after you got rid of the sticks!

Then there was Christmas Dinner, well, we have never seen such an enormous chicken, it was so big that every one got a helping and there was still loads left afterwards. Old Two Legs told us it was called Turkey. I didn't care what it's name was, it was still one giant of a chicken! 

We had some of the chicken and there was some vegetable things called Brussels Sprouts, tasted a bit funny and both Holly and me suffered from a little wind later in the day!

Merry Christmas from Daisy & Holly and our Family
There was everyone there, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents and of course, us puppies.

We got made a serious fuss of and played games with all the children. Loads of fun and chasing about left us tired little girls. We are just not used to all this excitement!

I hope your Christmas Day was as enjoyable as ours!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas Every One!!!

Hi Everyone,

We've done all our shopping, wrapped all the presents, sent all the cards except the one to you.

 Holly and I could not agree which card to put on the 'Blog', so, you have got both!

Happy Christmas from Daisy & Holly

Happy Christmas from Holly & Daisy

We both hope you have a wonderful time and all is peace with you and yours.

To all our four legged readers, it's a big WOOF from both of us to you!

Old Two Legs and The Missus ask us to say Merry Christmas to you all as well.

Love you all,

Daisy    &    Holly

Friday, 24 December 2010

Windy Day

Hello everyone!

Here we are again!

Holly and I have been out all day with The Missus. We have been 'Baby Sitting' and having some fun today with the boys, Tom & Matt. Tearing around the house and the garden. We had to be on our best behaviour 'cos the lounge has just been decorated and has new carpet, so, no muddy paws or chewing rawhide on the new suite. The Missus told us we'd be in 'Deep Poo' if we misbehaved.

So, we tried to be good little puppies all day.

Was it Boring or wot!

When we got back home Old Two Legs was pleased to see us and we were so glad to see him. We both jumped up and gave him a big wet lick on the nose!

We had chicken for dinner, one of our favourite meals and afterwards we mugged OTL for a bit of shortbread!

After all that rushing around today we decided to go off to bed early because we were both tired little girls.

OTL said we are going back tomorrow, can't wait, can we jump on the new sofa tomorrow?

Bye for now,

Daisy and Holly

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mid Week Mayhem!

Hello All,

Daisy & Holly back again!

We have been having some adventures today. First of all The Missus took us out for a walk this morning over the fields. While we were walking along there came a strange noise in the sky, we looked up an saw ten Canada Geese flying in formation. They looked so professional  flying together in a big V shape, we watched them fly past and I said, 'Don't they look good, flying together like that'.

Holly asked if they taste like chicken.

That puppy's only interested in her stomach!

We went out with Old Two Legs in the car to post some letters and take some parcels to the carriers. After doing all that he asked us where we wanted to go next, 'Over The Farm' we both decided, so off we went.

We ran all over the place and OTL took some photographs.

Winter Solstice 2010
When we got back home, a little wet and looking for a bite to eat, Holly decided to have some fun with OTL, we both jumped out of the car and rushed to the front door. I went tearing in to see TM but Holly went off down the path towards the football field. Well, OTL went after her but she would not come back and every time OTL got close she would run away again. They went all over the place, OTL calling Sit, Here, Holly, Come Here! Nice Doggy, You PICKLE.

Then he was threatening to take her tail away for a week!

It took him a half hour to get Holly back on the lead, she said she let him catch her, because she was getting a bit cold!

Gotcha again OTL!!!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A day with The Missus

A very good morning to you all!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We've been out walking with Old Two Legs and as normal, he has been snapping away with the camera. However, we didn't know he was taking our pictures as we were heading down the road to home.

So, Holly and I have a small competition for you.

Guess who is who, no prizes, unless you want one of my old chews!

Who is Who?
OTL went to see Grandma again today so we stayed all day with The Missus. She spent most of the time wrapping presents. We had fun trying to guess what was in the boxes. There was some seriously funny smells!

OTL came back and was then instructed to do loads of stuff around the house, sort of clearing up. Then he had to put a cloth on the dining table and knife & fork and stuff.
We wondered what was going on but then remembered, we got Miffy & Karen coming over for a pre 'Christmas Bash'. We don't mind because they have the whiff of Pussy Cat about them.

They've got two Pussy Cats from the local rescue centre and have given them a warm home.

These cats have their own special door to the garden, it opens when they walk up to the door, posh or wot?

We have to bark and shout to OTL & TM before we can go out. I wonder if it's too late to get a door like that for us?

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fun Day Monday

Hello to you all from Daisy & Holly,

We have been charging around in the snow again and this time we didn't get loads of snow balls sticking to our legs. So, now we can run almost flat out across the fields chasing each other.

Charging around on the snow
Holly has made a discovery. When we have our coats on, she can chase me, get along side of me, and grab my coat collar and roll me on the ground. SNEAKY OR WOT!

We went out with Old Two Legs to do some, 'Last Minute Shopping' as he calls it. Not too sure what he means but we did go to the Doggy Shop! and Oh! the Smells! They are SO Wonderful. Holly and I were going crazy. First we'd find one super smell, then find a better one, then one even more better, and then one betterer than that!!!

Heaven! it was just HEAVEN!

OTL brought some stuff but he would not let us see what it was, all he would say was,'Wait until and see what Father Christmas brings you'! 

(Father Christmas is the same as Santa Claus and he's the one with a reindeer called Rudolph that has a car brake light for a nose.)

If Father Christmas brings me a SatNav, does that mean I'll get a camel as well?

Back to the afternoon snooze before a walk and dinner. 

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Snow Fairy is Back!

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Old Two Legs woke us up early for our walk, so he could get a photograph of the sun rising over the fields. Well we got to the spot and he set up his camera gear and we chased around the field. I don't think the photo was too good because the clouds hid the sun as soon as it poked it's head above the horizon!


What a day! The Missus went off to her local crop in the village hall and we settled down to watch some football before going off to visit Grandma.

Around twelve we climbed into the car but very soon it started to snow. At first Holly and I were all excited, woofing and looking out the window at everyone.

Pretty soon the snow really came down, and it started to get deep on the roads, so everyone was going slower and slower. OLT went further down towards the motorway but, when we got close the snow was falling down so much and the wind was blowing it around so hard that we couldn't even see the road. 

Dodgy stuff we thought! So did OTL. he decided we would return home because it looked, as he said, 'Too Dangerous',

We came off the slip road, but we could not even see if it was a road, there was so much snow. OTL drove back along the road but soon had to stop because there was a big traffic jam. A big truck had got stuck half way up the hill and nothing was moving at all.

Snow Jam
Nothing moved for hours.So,we amused ourselves by leaning out of the window until we were covered in snow flakes. The we woofed at the other people in the cars, especially a poodle that was in a car next to us.

He woofed back and we got a real war going on until his owner told him off........Spoilsport!

It took four hours to get up that hill!

We saw some good views on the way home and OTL stopped the car to take pictures. Here is one Holly and I like. Especially as you can see a Christmas tree on top of the church tower.

St Mary's Church

When we got back, TM had just got back from her card making day. We ran up to the door and yapped until she let us in, then we raced out to the back garden for a game of chase while OTL filled up the bird feeders.

Wot?No Bird Seed?
All in all, a good 'Adventure Saturday'!

See you tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Making OTL Jump!

Yoo Hoo!

Daisy & Holly here again.

In our never ending quest to confound Old Two Legs, Holly and I have come up with this wonderful wheeze.

For our birthday we were each given an identical toy. It was a small, soft rubber ball that looks like a 'Space Hopper' and every time you bite it, it squeaks.

OTL likes chasing us around with these and squeaking the Hopper, we in turn run away as though we are scared and don't like the noise..........Well, it keeps him amused!

Holly and I have come up with a new game.

Holly goes into the bedroom with one of the squeakers and lies along side the bed, one paw resting on the squeaker.

Holly & Hopper.

I go into The Missus's craft room and hide in the corner with the other ball.

Daisy & Hopper
 I start off by biting my ball.........squeak.

Then Holly steps on hers...........Squeek.


I bite mine again....................squeeeak.


Holly steps on hers again..................squEEEAk.


Well we have OTL running backwards and forwards between rooms looking for us 'Squeakers'

In the end we come running out to him woofing and laughing at the same time.

Gotcha Again OTL!!!!!

Back again tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Daisy & Holly

Friday, 17 December 2010

The Wire Haired Fox Terrier comes out in us!

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We must tell you about our walk this morning. The Missus took us out and we went on our normal route out past the holiday camp.

Well, we got to the turning where we head off to the Old Barn and I spotted it first.

There, in the field, in the middle of the field, standing on its own, was the biggest old dog fox that Holly and I had ever seen.

Something clicked in our DNA, (Doggy kNows All), we both stood looking at this fox for about half second, then we were off, going like Rocket Propelled Puppies. 

Holly was slightly in front of me giving out the traditional hunting call of the WHFT (Wire Haired Fox Terrier).

We had learnt the call from our Mum, she'd have been proud of us!

The Missus had by now seen what was going on and started to call us back, (no chance!) still we chased after the fox, who by now had decided that a VFX (Very Fast eXit) was in order and proceeded to leg it across the field.

TM was jumping up and down calling us, blowing the Doggy Whistle so hard I thought she would break it!

After a while I could see that the fox knew where it was going, into a big bramble bush where I know it had several exits. I reckoned that if it got there before us it wasn't worth chasing any more.

Yep! It got there first and disappeared inside. Holly got there next and dived in, I had by then stopped and was listening to TM jumping and shouting and blowing the whistle like a thing possessed!

Ooops! I thought, we could be in trouble here! Holly was still crashing around in the brambles and making a terrible noise. I reckon the fox was at least a mile away by now, so, I slowly started back towards TM. I didn't get too close 'cos I reckoned I could be in trouble and she may take my tail away or sell me to the Dogs Home that OTL talks about.

Holly had by now calmed down a bit, and was trotting back as well, smiling from ear to ear!

Oh, WOW did you see it go? Holly said as she got back to me, Oh WOW do you see what TM doing? I said and we both looked towards The Missus who by now was as red as a Poppy and had steam coming out of her ears from blowing that Doggy Whistle, I swear it had melted, she was blowing it that hard!

OTL thought it was great fun and listened to us as we told and re told the tale while he was brushing our coats. 

He said we were Big Brave Puppies and gave us an extra Doggy Choc Drop.

After all that excitement, we both spent most of the morning asleep dreaming of Fox Hunting!

What a day!

See you all tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Photo Fun

Hi Gang!

Daisy & Holly here.

You know I told you that Old Two Legs wanted to get a picture of us looking all lovely and clean and fluffy and cute?

Well it didn't work out for OTL. He tried several things to tempt us into posing for him but Holly and I just weren't ready to have our photograph taken.

If you're not in the mood, then you are just NOT IN THE MOOD!!!

Gissa bit of Sausage
OTL tried tempting us with bits of our sausage, specially made for Doggies, we LOVE it and of course, we didn't sit still for a moment.

Holly blows a Raspberry for a bit of  Sausage
As soon as Holly was in position I would jump up and then when I was sitting down Holly would be trying to wrestle a bit of sausage from OTLs hand!

 Bet you're hiding the sausage!
Poor old OTL, in the end he gave up and stayed in his office all evening, showing off!

What do they say, Never work with Animals?

Too Right!

We got the better of OTL this time! 1 - 0 to Puppy Power!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Holly's new coat

A big hello to you all,

Daisy & Holly here.

After we've had our hair cut it seems a little colder around the tail and Old Two Legs said we could put our coat on if we felt cold. It was then that he realised that Holly didn't have a coat. So, off we went in the car up to the Doggy Shop where I got my coat.

Holly was beside herself in there, just like me she just loves the smells in that place. If you ignore the rabbit stuff and the hamster smells and the lizard, the rest is all Doggy smells, wonderful!

Holly got measured and fitted with a warm coat, she looked 'The Business', we were almost looking forward to the cold weather, just so we can wear our coats!

The Missus says it is going to get cold this weekend, so we'll be ok!!

I was watching the TV last night and one of those adverts came on showing Three camels, with men riding on their backs, OTL said it was about a thing called a SatNav. 

OK, now we have horses, camels, carpenters, pubs and SatNav's, Christmas Presents and Compost Bins.

I'm getting seriously confused here!

OTL wanted to take a picture of us looking all smart like after our haircut, but after a long day driving up to see Grandma, we all felt sort of ,well Tired, to be honest, totally Whacked Out!

So, instead of us all bright eyed and furry tailed and smiling for the camera. Here we are, cuddled up to OTL having a snooze after dinner!
Safe with OTL!

Maybe tomorrow with the photograph, after our mid morning snoozett!

Bye bye for now,

Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Monday, Chilly Monday!

Hello to you all,

We've  had a funny day today, first of all we went off with Old Two Legs for a run around the fields, boy was it chilly! The ground was hard, but that made it easier to run on and Boy, did we run! It was super having someone to play chase with who runs as fast as I do. Old Two Legs gets a up a small run then gives up, puffing and wheezing. He really should get more exercise, more walkies with us!

A little later OTL took us out in the car, for what we thought, was going to be a long walk through the woods. Were we mistaken! We turned off towards the vets place and that had me worried for starters! OTL drove past the vets, Phew! but then he turned into the kennels next door! Shock!, Horror! He was going to sell us, to the Dogs Home, all because we had been naughty and woken him up too early!

We don't like this place!

In we went, not very happy puppies. I tried to tell him we were both sorry and we wouldn't do it again. He didn't listen, handed the lead over to the girls and left us!!!

Suddenly I remembered this place, we had not been here for such a long time, at least three months, we were going to get a Hair Cut and Wash Under the Tail!

That was OK, we knew he'd hadn't sold us, he'll be back in a couple of hours, and, we'd still have our tails!

You should've seen us, we had our claws done, hair cut shampooed and set, blow dried, brushed and pampered, our hair was trimmed in the important places. (Holly said it was called a ' Mohican'!) I said it was Drafty!

We even had a squirt of Doggy Deodorant that made us smell like The Missus when she goes out somewhere special!

Well, when OTL came to pick us up we were SO pleased to see him and we promised to be good girls for him and not wake him up too early and sit at the kerb and not bark at the postman and not scratch the door and not mug him for Shortbread and, well, I reckon that was enough to be getting on with!

When we got home,The Missus, went all Goo, Goo.

You know, Oh aren't they sweet, let me cuddle them. No Way, OTL had paid a fortune for this hair cut and we had promised to stay clean and tidy, until we went for a walk over the fields.

Can we go out now?

See you tomorrow, we're off to the woods!

Daisy & Holly

Monday, 13 December 2010

Old Two Legs and Us on Sunday

Hello Again,

Daisy & Holly here!

We have had a lazy Sunday. Holly and I woke Old Two Legs up at six this morning, we decided that as it was Sunday, he could have a lay in!

OTL took us over the fields this morning, I showed Holly the new rat nests and the Rabbit Holes I've found since she was here last.

There were new smells for her as well. Then we had loads of running around the fields and didn't we get muddy!

During the morning Old Two Legs set up the Compost Bin behind the shed and took a picture of us sniffing around it so he can show The Missus on Christmas Morning just what she had got as a present.

I bet TM will be so pleased with the Compost Bin and the picture, especially as we are in the photo as well!
TM's Christmas Present!

We were wondering just how many other people would get a Compost Bin as a present.

Holly and I have been thinking about this Christmas Thing, and the Pub, Camels and stuff.
We can't make out what it's about at all. 

So, if anyone can tell us what is going on we'd be very pleased to hear from you!

Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wild Wild Woods

Hello Again,

Daisy & Holly here!

On Friday when OTL came to pick us up, Holly and I gave him a BPW, (that's a Big Puppy Welcome).

We raced up to him and licked his ears, well, Holly had one ear and I had the other!

Soon we were off with OTL in the car, we left The Missus to guard Holly's house and look after the boys.

We were driving home, singing songs and woofing at the other drivers. Holly and I were also pulling faces and sticking our tongues out as well!

When we got home OTL let us out for a sniff around the garden and afterwards we settled down to mug Old Two Legs for little bits of his Short Bread, he has that with his whisky!
We woke up at five on Saturday morning and Holly wanted a wee, so we both woke OTL with a combined chorus of , 'We Want a WEEEEEE!!!!!!'

He was not a happy OTL that early in the morning! 

Later in the day we went out in the woods on an adventure with OTL and got so muddy that he had to spend half an hour toweling us down before we could get into the car!

A Little Muddy!
We played at Mountain Climbing, I was Hillary and Holly was Tenzing

Tenzing at the Top!

Holly showed me how she can climb trees. She said she learnt it by watching pussy cats when she chased them up trees! 
Pussy Cat Holly!

On the way home we stopped at a Garden Centre, there were loads of trees like the one we've got at home. Look! I said to Holly, we got one like that, but our one twinkles!

OTL took us in, perched on his shoulders, someone said that dogs weren't allowed but he said we weren't dogs, we were his Parrots and tried to get us to say 'Who's a Pretty Girl Then?'

We both said 'Woof', which was near enough for OTL!

He brought a plastic bucket thing he called a 'Compost Bin' and said it was going to be one of TM 'Christmas Presents'

What is this Christmas Present thing? Is it something to do with the camels in the pub?

Kissy Kissy

Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Holly, Holly, Holly

A Big Hello to you all,

What a day I've had!

I got up rather early today, well somewhere around five in the morning, I just could not sleep any more. I was excited and thinking about Holly and the fun we were going to have with Old Two Legs.

I just had to share it with The Missus, so I did my 'Wake Up' woof and then woofed some more to make sure she heard me.

The Missus did not seem so excited as me, even after I jumped up and gave her a lick on the ear and told her what Holly and I were going to do. She's not very imaginative first thing in the morning!

So, I dodged past her and rushed up stairs, jumped up onto OTL's bed and licked his ear and told him about my plans, he then told me about his plans which included taking my tail away, selling me to the Dogs Home and he said I would be kept on dry biscuits and water for the rest of my life!

He doesn't mean it really, and we had a cuddle before he went back to sleep again!

It wasn't long before OTL went off to see Grandma and TM and I went off to see Holly, well, as we got closer to her house I was getting SO excited, I recognised her street and house and was woofing and whining and jumping about trying to get out of the car before TM had stopped!

Looking for Holly

The car door opened and I rushed to her front door woofing and I could hear her woofing as well! The next couple of hours was a mixed up blur of Holly and me racing around the kitchen and garden, mud, fun and fur.

What a welcome!!!

We puppy's know how to have fun!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

Friday, 10 December 2010

Cooking Daisy's Dinner

Hello There,

Daisy is back again!

I had a scare today, me and Old Two Legs were having a game of Tug with my knotted rope toy. He manages to get it off me sometimes and tiggles my tummy with it while I try to grab it, sometimes I roll over trying to get it, great fun and we laugh a lot doing it!

Well there we were playing and The Missus was doing some cooking, she left the pan on the cooker and came in to see what OTL and I doing because we were making such a noise! 

She stood there for a moment and then joined in the fun, a real three way rope Tug. After a while she went back to the kitchen, as she opened the door, smoke billowed out, she yelled FIRE!!! OTL jumped up and ran into the kitchen and closed the door.

Seems the chip pan got too hot! A close call says OTL, it seems that TM does this every so often!

Excitement over for the day, back to sleep and a think about this Twinkling Tree, Three Camels and Mr Snowy.

I think Mr Snowy may be related to the Snow Fairy but he is lasting much longer than the Snow Fairy, unless TM sets fire to him!!

Tomorrow I go to see Holly at her house and then OTL will pick us both up on his way back from Grandma's.

I am getting SO Excited!


Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's a Good News Day!

Hello Everyone,

Good News!

I've just heard The Missus talking on the telephone and it looks like Holly will be over on Friday to stay for a few days.

Old Two Legs has booked us in for a 'Shampoo & Set' as he calls it, for next week.

Holly and I call it a 'Hair Cut & Wash under the Tail'!

When we come out we look really smart, for a short while, until we go for a run across the fields!

I really look forward to Holly visiting, we have such fun chasing each other around the house. OTL is always playing with us and taking us out for walks.

Maybe Holly knows something about the Twinkling Lights and Mr Snowy and horses and the camels, I must have a chat with her about this.

I've found out some more about the Tree with the Twinkling Lights, I think it is has something to do with a party.

You see, I have been watching TV again and I keep seeing these small stories, adverts I think they're called, where people are visiting each others houses, in the snow, with jingly music and the house has Twinkling Lights and there is a tree inside with Twinkling Lights.

So, I reckon it is a party tree that brings snow and people to your house for a party.

I wonder what would happen if you didn't have a tree, that would that mean you missed out on the snow and couldn't have a party? Mmm, doesn't sound right to me, no tree, no party?

These Two Legs are strange, funny, but, definitely strange!

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What is this all about?

Hello, a confused Daisy here,

I've been looking at this tree we got down stairs, the one with the twinkling lights and wonder why Old Two Legs and The Missus have put it up.

Even more, Mr Snowy has me thinking they've really lost it, I mean, Snowy doesn't even woof at the postman!

OTL left the TV on downstairs and someone was telling 'The Christmas Story' to the children. So, I sat in his chair and watched it. Well, it wasn't diner time yet.

That will teach me, I think I am even more confused now. They started off by telling a story that involved kings and some camels, and a moving star going across a sandy desert sky.

I suppose it was a bit like the time when me and OTL saw the International Space Station go across the sky as we went out for our late night walk on the beach. Although, I didn't follow it along the beach and I didn't see any camels!

Then it all got a bit mixed up because I was just starting my second sleep and they were talking about a carpenter on a horse and stopping at a pub for the night. It was the camel in the pub I could not understand, now, anyone knows you can only bring dogs into a pub, the camel has to stay in the stables with the horses. 

The reason horses aren't allowed in pubs, is because they take up too much room at the bar!

It was then that I fell asleep and dreamt that Holly and I were riding horses and chasing camels through the woods.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find out some more!

Bye for now,


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sneaky or Wot?

Hello again,

Daisy here. 
You know, us Terriers can be very choosy about which command to obey. 

Such things as 'Walkies! or Daisy, Dinner!' well they get my full and undivided attention and I'm there like a shot.

Other times like when I hear  'come in or stop digging or put that down' well they're hardly worth turning around for.

I was out the front of the house and Old Two Legs was calling me to go indoors, I on the other hand had found a seriously interesting smell, no contest. OTL called again, no response, sniff, sniff!

Sorry, I'm deaf when sniffing!

Then The Missus called out   Holly, Holly, Holly!

Holly? Wot? Is she here?

I raced indoors expecting to see my sister waiting there. Nothing, then I searched all over the house for Holly, even in some of my secret places, I couldn't find her anywhere. 

It was then I realised that TM was just being sneaky!

That TM can be so cruel sometimes! 

Still, Holly is coming over next weekend, or so OTL says.

I can't wait!

Now about this tree thing with the twinkling lights, I'm still not sure what it is, but it looks pretty at night and if I look at it for too long, my eyes go all wobbly!

The lights! The Lights!
I'm going to do some serious listening to what OTL & TM are talking about, not that I'm going to obey them, it's just I want to find out what this tree and Mr Snowy are doing here in the house!

Bye Bye for now!


Monday, 6 December 2010

A Strange Sunday

Hi All and a big Hello To PeeJay,

I've had a Strange Sunday, it started off with some noises around half past one in the morning, (well, middle of the night as Old Two Legs likes to say!) I was not sure what is was, but it woke me up and I went into GD (Guard Dog) mode. I started to woof at the noise, very loud, one of my special GD woofs that go on a long time and get louder and longer.

OTL started barking as well, but I think he was barking at me!

It was good to have a midnight bark, but after a while I got bored and drifted off to sleep again, only grumbling every so often, just to let OTL know I was still on Guard Duty. I could hear him grumbling as well, but he does that every time he goes to sleep, The Missus calls it Snoring!

All this fun meant that I was a little tired this morning, so I retired to the 'Day Bed' a little earlier than normal surrounded by my toys and chews.

The Day Bed
There I was, all snoozy and relaxed when OTL crept out of the office, opened the loft hatch and rattled the loft ladder, then rushed up there and stated getting stuff out that I have never seen before. 

The Missus was there, giving him instructions (he says Orders!) on what to get down next.

Soon there was loads of boxes and a tree in bits, everywhere!

TM was fiddling with something she calls Snowy, well, when she finished, I could hardly believe my eyes, it glowed AND moved. I wasn't too sure about this new thing, so I gave it a woof and a grumble just to let him know who was in charge!


OTL put the tree together and hung little lights all over it, and they all twinkled!

Then TM started to hang balls and other stuff all over the tree and she warned me that I was not to touch them!

I'm not sure what this is all about but they both seem in a happy mood, so it must be good!

I'll let you know what happens.

Bye for now,