Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Snow Fairy is Back!

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Old Two Legs woke us up early for our walk, so he could get a photograph of the sun rising over the fields. Well we got to the spot and he set up his camera gear and we chased around the field. I don't think the photo was too good because the clouds hid the sun as soon as it poked it's head above the horizon!


What a day! The Missus went off to her local crop in the village hall and we settled down to watch some football before going off to visit Grandma.

Around twelve we climbed into the car but very soon it started to snow. At first Holly and I were all excited, woofing and looking out the window at everyone.

Pretty soon the snow really came down, and it started to get deep on the roads, so everyone was going slower and slower. OLT went further down towards the motorway but, when we got close the snow was falling down so much and the wind was blowing it around so hard that we couldn't even see the road. 

Dodgy stuff we thought! So did OTL. he decided we would return home because it looked, as he said, 'Too Dangerous',

We came off the slip road, but we could not even see if it was a road, there was so much snow. OTL drove back along the road but soon had to stop because there was a big traffic jam. A big truck had got stuck half way up the hill and nothing was moving at all.

Snow Jam
Nothing moved for hours.So,we amused ourselves by leaning out of the window until we were covered in snow flakes. The we woofed at the other people in the cars, especially a poodle that was in a car next to us.

He woofed back and we got a real war going on until his owner told him off........Spoilsport!

It took four hours to get up that hill!

We saw some good views on the way home and OTL stopped the car to take pictures. Here is one Holly and I like. Especially as you can see a Christmas tree on top of the church tower.

St Mary's Church

When we got back, TM had just got back from her card making day. We ran up to the door and yapped until she let us in, then we raced out to the back garden for a game of chase while OTL filled up the bird feeders.

Wot?No Bird Seed?
All in all, a good 'Adventure Saturday'!

See you tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly

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