Sunday, 22 May 2011

Titchwell and a Tick!

17th May

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Have we had an adventure of a day today!

First of all we had our morning walk with The Missus up in the woods and when we were charging around we spotted a red deer in front of us in the forest, so, like good little puppies we went steaming after it.

It ran off down the path and into the woods where it took a sharp left hand turn and stood still, we, being shorter and not able to see which way it went, carried on in a straight line. The deer then walked across the path behind us and carried on going into the woods!

Sneaky or wot!

Talking of sneaky, Old Two Legs promised us another run on the beach, so he took us to Titchwell RSPB site. Now as you know, RSPB have got a thing about having dogs on their reserves and normally have signs up saying 'No Dogs'!

Well this reserve had a public path leading from the road all the way through to the beach, so, OTL and us went all the way down the path to the beach and Oh Wow! It was a beach to die for!

Sand To Die For!

Happy Holly at full speed!

This Beach gets my Vote!
The sand went on for miles and the beach must have been about a quarter of a mile from the water to the top of the beach.

Holly and me ran and ran, we rolled in anything we wanted to, dug holes all over the place, then rolled in the holes as well.

OTL didn't tell us to stop and he was laughing at our games of chase and rolling around!

We had a super time and after about an hour we were both worn out and just collapsed in a heap at OTL's feet!

Lucky for us,OTL had brought our drinking bowl and some water, which we drank, and after we had finished there was more sand in our bowl from our whiskers that was on the beach, well almost!

On the way back OTL was told about a Red Neck Phalarope that had landed, so he was able to take a picture, not very clear 'cos it was too far away, but it was good enough for identification.

He also took a picture of the most ugly looking bundle of feathers that set webbed foot in the water, yep, it was a baby coot!
Baby Coot.
Holly says that it may be ugly but it's mother still loves it, which is a good thing!

As you would guess, we were so worn out by our running, we both slept all the way home!

When we got back to the caravan, we both leapt out out of the car and were supposed to run and find TM, but we saw a Sneaky Squirrel and we both chased it into the woods and up a tree!

Horror upon horror, OTL found a Tick in the fur around my nose, just clinging to my fur, so that was lucky. He said he will have to keep a close eye on us both when he brushes us!

He's good like that!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

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