Sunday, 22 May 2011

Caterpillars at Snettersham

16th May

Hi Woofers,

We're back again!

Today we have been out with Old Two Legs 'cos The Missus has been making a card for Christmas and it's only May!

According to OTL she needs a lot of time to think about it, but why does she have to snore so much?

Any way, we got in the car with OTL and went off to Snetersham RSPB site. Now normally RSPB has a total ban on doggies visiting their sites, but this one had some footpaths going through it and half of it belonged to the local angling club.

So, as OTL put it, we'll have a look and if we can get down the public footpath then we're OK!

When we arrived there were notices up saying 'Dogs on Leads' and 'Pick up your dog Mess' Holly said we don't make a mess when we are out with OTL and we are good puppies. OTL said what they mean was Dog Poo and Holly said that they should say poo then and not upset us doggies!

We were OK 'cos OTL has Poo Bags in every item of clothing he owns that has a pocket and he's always picking up our poo!

As OTL was getting all his gear out, we spotted a hairy little thing crawling across the camera box, so, OTL took a couple of pictures.

Hairy and Scary!

Caterpillar on a Charge!
Off we went, and we visited every hide and being good little puppies we behaved ourselves, until we got bored that is, then we had a play fight and OTL had to move onto the next hide!

No Birds, we're Bored!
 Well, when you run out of birds there's nothing else to do!

Next Hide Please!
On the way around we saw a mole cross our path and sort of 'swim' into the grass, well at first we were unsure what is was, then as it disappeared into the grass we both jumped onto where we thought it was and then we stuck our noses into the grass to find out if it was still there!

Those moles can move so very fast, I mean, it was gone in no time, almost faster that those Pesky Squirrels!

When we got back to the camp site, Holly and I jumped out of the car and raced around looking for those squirrels but they must have heard us coming and ran up into the trees!

After a busy day like today, we both plan to have an early night, after we've mugged OTL & TM for some of their dinner!

Bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.

OTL says we can got to the seaside tomorrow if it's not raining, too much!


Daisy & Holly

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