Sunday, 22 May 2011

A day with OTL and the Nuthatch

15th May

Hello to you all,

It's us back again!

The Missus got up at two thirty and went off to her Dawn Chorus thing at Minnis Mere, we stayed in bed!

So did Old Two Legs and we all had a super snooze and stayed in bed past our normal getting up time!

We went out for our morning walk and I spotted a squirrel ahead of us on the path in the wood, so, off I went, tearing up the path so fast there was a cloud of dust behind me!

I was getting close and thought I would get it this time 'cos I was not barking.

Trouble was, I think the squirrel heard the thump of my paws on the the path or was just lucky, 'cos right at the last moment, it looked behind and saw me!

The squirrel did a sharp left hand exit and went into a pile of branches by the side of the path. In I charged after it but it seemed to have disappeared!

What I did not know, and OTL could see, was the squirrel had jumped up on top of the branches and jumped over the top of me and shot off into the woods on the other side of the path!

OTL was laughing his head off while Holly and me were diving in and out of the branches looking for the pesky squirrel!

After a breakfast of chicken we spent some time photographing a Nuthatch that was nesting in a bird box. Trouble was, because it not sunny, that meant that OTL could not use a fast enough shutter speed and the Nuthatch looked a little 'fuzzy' around the edges!

Nuthatch #1

Nuthatch #2
Better luck next time OTL!

Today was spent either asleep in the car or charging around Thetford Forest looking for squirrels and other Monsters!

OTL say's we should have another day down the beach digging holes in the sand, so if the sun shines we may do that tomorrow or the next day!

Bye bye for now and we'll be back tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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