Sunday, 22 May 2011

Holiday but OTL is still working!

13th May

Hello All,

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We have been lazy today, well sort of half lazy then.

This morning Old Two Legs has been busy on the laptop doing some work that had to be done today. Unfortunately the laptop link with the office computer keeps crashing and OTL has started saying rude things about The Computer, the Dongle, The Telephone Link and the Office Computer!

Naughty OTL!

He finished getting all wound up around mid morning and said that it would help him humour if we went for a walk in the woods. Well that's always OK by us and Holly and me went charging off chasing the Pesky Squirrels again.

After we got back from a super long walk, my leg started hurting, so much did it hurt that I could not even walk to me food bowl, even though it was full of Doggy Food.

OTL picked me up and gave my leg a rub and put me into the back of the car where Holly was resting in the sun shine. We had a snooze while OTL tried to get a picture of the Nuthatch, which never arrived!

Then it was lunch time and OTL took us all down to the local pub where they let dogs in the bar!

It was a proper grown up pub where people stood around talking about crops and the lack of rain and drank pints of local beer. (Horrible Stuff!)

OTL and TM had lunch, Holly and me fell asleep on the floor listening to everyone talking 'shop'.

TM decided she wanted to go shopping so we went to a local supermarket where TM got us a special treat of a strange Doggy Chew that looked like a sausage wrapped in rawhide and that's what is was, except it was not a sausage, it was another bit of rawhide!

Holly says that it is really some local squirrel that has been smoked and roasted then turned inside out, especially for us dogs!

I'll let you know tomorrow!

We still can't get the blog to upload, seems that they haven’t fixed what ever it is that's wrong!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

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