Sunday, 22 May 2011

Holkham National Nature Reserve and a Wren

18th May

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here once more.

We went out with Old Two Legs again today and had a very long walk!

He found a place called Holkham National Nature Reserve. Now looking at the map, it had a very long and wide beach, so, we were looking forward to another hole digging day!

First of all,when we got there we found that there was a charge for parking the car, £5 for all day or £3.50 for three hours. OTL was not happy, calling them a bunch of robbers and highway men!

After he poured money into the ticket machine and got a bit of paper to stick in the window of the car, we set off for the beach.

Shock! Horror! Curses!

Big notices saying 'No Dogs Allowed On The Beach'

That was it, OTL was not a Happy Puppy, he then started to mutter things about highway robbers and unfair prejudice against against us dogs, but what was worse was he only found out about the 'No Dogs' rule, AFTER he had paid out nearly all his pocket money of the car park charge!

So, after consulting the map we discovered that there were two bird hides about two or three miles down a path behind the beach, through a load of trees, so off we went, OTL loaded up with all our stuff and his camera gear.

Well, it was a very long two miles to the first hide and by the time we got there we were all worn out and thirsty, so staying in the hide was a good idea, we had a nibble to eat and a drink of water and a look at the birds. Unfortunately, the birds were miles away across the fields and hardly visible to us puppies, so we had a snooze on the floor while OTL watched with his binoculars.

This hide had a flashy path up to it, Holly and I were running up and down just for fun!
Good for running on!
We also heard a Wren singing in the bushes outside the hide and OTL got some pictures, but the bird again was a little too far away for a good clear picture, but it was worth looking at!

Singing Wren
Holly and I went chasing into the woods looking for squirrels and I almost got lost again, it was only OTL calling and whistling that helped me find them again!

Holly found a large pond and a tree and suggested we jump from the tree and then go for a swim, but the water was all smelly and we thought OTL would complain about the smell on the way home, so we stayed out!

Let's jump from here!
Tomorrow, we are going to take The Missus to Titchwell RSPB so we can have a play on the beach while OTL does some serious bird watching!

See you tomorrow and we will tell you how we got on,


Daisy & Holly

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